College market O2O wind, 59 store announced obtain 30 million yuan A round of funding

(article/who 闫森)

campus market were quickly became a mohican, hold a user’s flow entrance. Electricity, finance, logistics, social. Yesterday started the regionalization of life services platform in colleges and universities. Online campus supermarket announced eight days online get fosun brothers tens of millions of yuan to finance capital investment of the Pre – A round. Recently, the campus O2O platform store also announced the completed 59 from lenovo jun lian deep venture capital and the joint investment of thirty million yuan A round of funding.

in hunting cloud network, concentration of the campus project finance news recently, circle of friends anyone: tuyere. Entrepreneurs gather, flow entrance, platform thinking. Was afraid that when the time comes with enough students.

, in the form of online stores from convenience FMCG, Family Family Mart (online) from convenience stores and retail to fruit, breakfast, and then to the category and even virtual services.

tell hunting cloud network team, in addition to 59 minutes will reach distribution mode, 59 store innovative launched “will send $5, 9 minutes of” late service asset light way, students can rely on platform, through the bedroom shop in the form of the same building of college students “nine minutes shall be of service. These for the platform, improve the efficiency of the distribution, at the same time without self-run logistics, but the store of 59 test on college students’ management ability and the technical order processing ability. On the 59 store at present a total of nearly 3000 students.

team, Shanghai jiaotong university Zhou Kunpeng is ship ocean and architectural engineering professional graduate student, is also a school of business of the first class, Zhou Kunpeng partners is also bright young jiaotong university of technology, the technology, the team is very confident, IT management systems are the technical team of a complete set of independent development, every college real-time inventory, sales and sales trends can be real-time monitoring, to inventory, warehouse inventory to ensure dynamic balance. Technology development is not difficult, difficult in logical order, difficult in actual combat operations from the details of the technical performance.

the current operational data, 59 store has done for the whole of Shanghai, hangzhou, average daily orders nearly, peak orders has broken twenty thousand.