Cloud the hui: a real estate the raised platform, to cut into the real estate finance

(text/sun ce)

the real estate field of the raise at present is still in its early stages, also belong to the blue ocean. There are a lot of companies have been attention to this area and has begun to action, including ping an good room, vanke group and other local tyrants type, also have through innovation into the mode of entrepreneurial “the dream silk” the company, including the cloud the remit.

cloud the remit of product positioning is the way through the raise to complete some of the real estate project investment, development and operation. Four people founded by Dai Feng instant, hunting cloud network understand that cloud the remit founding team from areas such as investment, real estate, the Internet, have relatively rich work experience.

“I chose real estate the raise, is the early market, large; Both can be combined with the team before working experience more rapid accumulation of resources. We hope to build a Internet + housing + finance with the combination of a platform.” Founder Dai Fengli said.

the real estate industry is a capital intensive industry, for residential projects, expectations are cut off part of the developer financing costs. In particular, after the land developers will use bank or trust company to finance development projects, the financing cost is about 15%. If the developer needed funds provided by the raise future owner has two advantages, a save the developer financing costs and reduce the late selling pressure; 2 can to some extent the future owner, will benefit proportion from 15% to 15%.

for commercial real estate project, the clouds will generally choose the remit all hotels or residential complex apartment project, raise similar property of the two forms. Screening program will give priority to select with the lease item recommendation to investors, investors can enjoy two aspects of income, rental income and appreciation income of assets, and through which promote the process of real estate securitization. But there is a premise, cloud the exchange platform has the ability to assess the tenant continuous performance ability, the raise standards and conform to the platform.

the results there are two kinds of circumstances, raise raise success, one is the project started. Take the way of investors and developers to set up a joint venture jointly owned property, or all investors to buy a single room per person and the collective entrusted to developers unified management, everyone hold property; The second is not successful, the raise is platform return investors funds, projects don’t start financing or take other way start.

“the cloud the main rival is good room safe and peace good room has now completed the raising scale of 2000-30 million. Other early stage start-ups as I do, of course a lot of companies have layout, compared to these companies, I was the first commercial projects as starting projects, threshold is higher, it also benefited from the team before the accumulated experience and ability to integrate resources.” Dai Fengli hunting cloud network to that, of course, the whole real estate all the raise in the exploration stage, there are opportunities.

it is known that cloud the remit is to carry out a orange crystal hotel is located in jiangsu changzhou raise project, all the earnings is expected at 15%, is currently underway. Dai Fengli to hunt cloud network, according to the current platform has just launched a month, registered users around 1000, most users by offline promotion ways.

the cloud of the hui business model relies mainly on the service charge, and about 2% to 3%. Planning for the future, “after being the raised platform taking shape, we could choose one or two real estate direction to build a closed-loop management, such as pension apartment or talents apartment and so on, also will be extended on other real estate financial products, such as real estate P2P, real estate supply chain finance, mortgage of MBS, etc.” Dai Fengli said.

cloud network think hunting, real estate investment the raise is essentially, the current investment environment of real estate industry is not very positive. Real estate the raise pattern the hardest part among them should be part of the promotion, the current a-share market is prosperous, attracted A large part of investment consciousness and the ability of investors, the real estate industry investment environment recovery in sight, how to attract investors, how to improve the activity of the platform should be the primary problem to be solved.

in addition, in the process of compete with large companies, cloud the remit is not dominant. Disadvantaged than resources, capital, brand, the only possible breakthrough lies in the team’s implementation and the operating strategy of decision-making team planning. For cloud the hui’s performance in competition in the market, still need time to prove, remains to be seen.

cloud the remit previously did not have financing, is now looking for an angel round.