Cloud inventory: hunting more than the bracelet near the tuyere “smart clothes”


recently, li ning company announced the rice and millet investment of China science and technology cooperation. Cooperation among the first to launch two smart shoes. Li ning in the face of losses every year, finally choose another way, will your product intelligence. After the cooperation with millet, li ning can build a leading the fashion trend, with both cost-effective and table appearance level “in the running shoes we don’t know. But want to intelligent motion or smart clothing shoes more than li ning, millet. Before, many predecessors. Now and in the future, I believe there will be more enterprises in this field.

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as early as in the previous year on March 10, the search giant Google is displayed on the SXSW conference a talking shoes. The shoes with a pair of ordinary shoes as the base, fitted with microcontrollers, accelerometer and gyroscope, pressure sensors, fittings such as speakers and bluetooth chip, connect mobile phone can make shoes update your active state. Placed in all parts of the shoe body sensor can collect shoes sport information and issue a nifty voice comments, smart shoes at the same time can also be connected to the mobile phone application, binding the user own Google + page, and real-time by the shoes through your mobile phone in your Google + profile update the status to pay attention to your friends know your motion state at any time.

on March 18, 2013, millet technology CEO lei jun says to sell millet card intelligent canvas shoes. Millet smart shoes will match with millet mobile phone use, the future smart shoes, put on millet and millet mobile phone together, main function is to calculate the user’s information such as the running distance. Not only can measure the route, but also can measure heart rate when running, etc., cost-effective route, emphasis on outdoor sports. Unfortunately, since we have not seen the millet canvas shoes, is not smart.

Ishuu recently launched on Indiegogo platform, a Volvorii Timeless intelligent high heels all the raise of the project. High-heeled shoes with black and white two kinds of style, flexible e-ink screen is integrated in the vamp, sole with bluetooth module, low power consumption allows users to smartphones and application to edit want to display images. The project is currently on Indiegogo raise, the reserve price for $149, then rose to $199, now has amounted to $249. Raise success, if the product is expected to officially listed in December 2015.

it’s worth mentioning and can already have a certain sales of intelligent GPS shoes. This type of positioning shoes generally designed for children. Built-in GPS module mainly shoes, LBS of base station location and lithium battery, through the integrated chip integrated together. 361 and zte joint third-party vendors have to make the finished product. Peak, xtep and other leading brands in the research and development of closely, too. But the problem of high cost has been restricting its development speed.

according to the survey, now more than more than 33% of the 65 – year – old old are subjected to the threat of a fall. Now, foreign appeared a called B – intelligent shoes, Shoe can help older adults when walking balance, thus reducing the possibility of a fall. When normal stand tended to be fixed with one foot in the future, and B – shoes Shoe intelligence is to rely on the principle of balance to help the elderly. B – Shoe sole installed insole pressure sensor, drive unit, rechargeable batteries and microprocessor, and through the proprietary intelligent algorithm to determine whether to need to adjust.

smart shoes, we take a look at the tall smart clothes.

Glofaster developed a blazer, and built-in electronic devices can collect all kinds of physical data. Users can set speed and heart rate level such as the goal, the lights will be flashing to provide feedback on the cuff. Its purpose is to let users need to glance over at the lights to understand condition, through a reasonable adjustment to improve fitness effect thereby. But this coat isn’t cheap, including sensor costs 285 pounds ($418). Gartner estimates, smart clothes product shipments will exceed 26 million pieces in 2016. It seems market really not small.

Athos launched smart garment contains a Athos Core small chips and multiple sensors, can sends the data to the intelligent mobile phone via bluetooth. This little device weighs less than 20 grams, and can be used for more than 10 hours. In addition to send information, Athos can also through the built-in six axis accelerometer measurement exercise. Products built inside a large number of sensor which can detect the user’s heart rate, breathing rate, muscle activity even the EMG sensor. After a period of experience, these products have been very popular with the athletes.

at the beginning of 2013, foreign Radiate Athletics company developed a thermal T-shirt. The sporty heat-sensing T-shirt heat-sensitive technology using the U.S. space agency, NASA. Every small temperature difference in different depth color display, and color and slightly fluorescence effect. Once the user set in motion, this T-shirt immediately induction heat coming from the body’s muscles, eventually embodies in the color change of the clothes, let a person easily instantly discern the outline of the muscle. Need to pay the price of $30-600 supporters to “reserve”. The shading tactility is said to be quite good, but hunt cloud network editing function slightly less it feel to you.

Hexoskin do smart products has been quite famous. Take this a smart T-shirt, it integrates biosensor, can let users to participate in regular physical exercise to monitor their exercise schedule. This T-shirt integration has a variety of sensors, data can collect 42000 per minute. Hexoskin, as it were, will be able to collect related to user and user training schedule is quite detailed data. During the day, Hexoskin can measure heart rate, heart rate changes/recovery, steps, calories, and respiratory and other data, And in the evening, it can also track the sleep and the environment, including sleeping posture, and heart rate and breathing. All these data will be via bluetooth synchronization to form a complete set of the application, or upload online, real-time view for remote coach. Now Hexoskin atmosphere with long sleeves and vest, men and women different versions, such as selling price from $399 (RMB 3500).

fashion brand Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) also take this time to launch the first wearable