Cloud hunting time machine (2) : intelligence lives in “all men are mortal”

cloud network hunting note: hunting cloud network will be in the future within a week, continuous launch feature article titled “time machine” cloud hunting. The topic for your inventory including music, health, games, television, automobile, etc., traditional industries in the process of the development of lineage, by the science and technology, IT, Internet technology) “disruptive innovation”. We hope that through this series, “a brief history of” article for you to grasp the future development of the corresponding industry to provide content for reference and inspiration.

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the idea of smart home already initiation, but to really realize it is not so simple. With the continuous development of science and technology, let the dream into reality has become increasingly likely. The history of smart home really long, but also worth exploring.

for early adopters, establishes a set of complete function of smart home management system is just technicians naive; But in the past few years, this kind of unrealistic ideas seem to have become possible. Review the past few decades, think again in the movie “back to the future 2” Marty McFly owned 2015 the appearance of the kitchen, feel the idea is more close to reality? , of course, the film failed to interpret what is real smart home, some people might be surprised some innovation to the existing – and now we may not be flying gas plate, but we can control our refrigerator, using our mobile control heating and lighting as well as use voice commands to cook.

2015 CES conference popular theme is the Internet of things, a new trend of science and technology, can be expected to science and technology into daily life supplies, let those items you peacetime unexpected automation. In fact, such as samsung, LG, SONY company wish is: in the future, make smart products throughout every corner of the home, from the alarm clock to washing machines, dryers, as if they can communicate with each other, each other in series work; Your home television screens and computer Windows interface can be induced to your daily activities; And the music and sound system in the headset is a seamless connection, like the music in the headphones are directly to the stereo. In a few years, the magic’s intelligent house has more mature.

now, alone intelligent home appliances have everywhere, but if these products are working in tandem, so this is the “smart home”. In fact, samsung has had the smart fridge; SONY also has a smart TV – but they now or later they can connect with each other, work together? If they can do it one day, the proverb “if walls could talk” should be given new meaning.

1915 – 1920 – home machines start

machine was introduced into the family is growing labor shortage in order to help solve the problems, such as sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, food processor). Advertising the power machine is referred to as “electricity” spring cleaning. This is in the first instance of family USES electricity technology, the prospect of power machine in furniture industry so open.

1939 years – to predict the future of the smart home

“future home appliance” in the popular mechanics magazine, this article describes the kitchen device is this: when you cook, you can also pass the device receives the short wave radio frequencies, so when you are cooking, you can also understand the news and information in the first place.

1966 years – the first home “computer”

ECHO IV is a home automation machine, it can be used to calculate the shopping list, indoor temperature control room, switch to control the home appliances. But for this device is the real success of a lot of questions still exist, and it has one drawback: big.

19 century the beginning of the 70 s – automation

X10 is a very simple system, this system is the use of home electric wire establish a connection between all kinds of household appliances. However, because the system is done rely on wire, it is easy to wave disturbance, practicality is not strong.

1984 years — to lay a good foundation for the development of smart home

the builders association has set up a special interest groups, called “smart home” they advocate the design concept of combining technology and household design; Some people also call according to this concept design of buildings “computer architecture” (cybertecture) – combining computer control and architectural design.

19 century 90 s – intelligent household concept has become a popular culture

the idea of a smart home is quite popular in the 1890 s, the movie “dream house deceit in shadow” zhong the house of the smart home system was controlled by the owner of the house, he is a shameless guy. But in the Disney electric

the shadow of the embodied in “smart home” is a family friendly intelligent household concept.

2010 years — Nest intelligence lives in the new era of open

Tony Fadell, a former head of apple iPod, Nest Labs (Nest) is the smart home company founded by him. He thinks that the existing family automation products is too heavy, just simple technology into products. Therefore, the establishment of the company opened a new era of development of smart home, such as thermostat connected to the wireless network and smoke alarms.

2012 SmartThings, home automation company founded

SmartThings commitment to design a able to connect to the application of any electrical device in the home, also on Kickstarter raised $1.2 million for it (ashton cookie is one of the investors). With this app, can let you have a closer relationship between the household electrical appliances. By 2013, SmartThings had the shipping more than 10000 smart home control device.

CES 2013

this is the first home automation and tangible intelligent household products, at the international consumer electronics show. Belkin company launched WeMo home automation equipment, these devices can provide wireless sensor network module. One of the product is intelligent electric switch, it is an intelligent plug, lies between the wall socket and the plug of the power unit. The user can through the smartphone control switch. Chain mode through the network, the user can do more than just open and close switch so simple. Two years ago, Tom Coates, designed a house can connect Twitter and intelligent household, born in real-time social media “broadcast” school furniture “induction” to the room temperature, weather and environment changes.

2013 years – Microsoft released iot lab

iot laboratory is Microsoft launched a new platform, designed to allow researchers to better study on line equipment and the use of other physical space in the family. Laboratory provides a virtual dashboard to monitor and control different connection equipment, and set the standards for the application of related to the building. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull