Cloud artisan net: avoid mediation, free electricity designer recruitment and mobile office platform


” cloud artisan net is a free electricity designer recruitment and mobile office platform, the biggest bright spot is that employers will host a monthly salary of all payments to designer, designer income will greatly exceed the current market average. Front end product, based on cloud artisan, the employer can be designer interview, hosting wages, designers can induction, office online. Cloud as the backend network products for mobile office system, employers can through the platform and real-time interaction designers, online arrangement work, and to achieve attendance, leave, pause, complaints, resignation, dismissal and a series of functions, the late APP will launch, employers can through remote mobile management more designers. Cloud artisan network in line with let shops decorate a more professional and more simple platform mission, according to the demand of choose and employ persons employers match the corresponding level, the purpose of the class designer, designer can work in any location, employers can through the platform directly managed wages, employment, online management designer.

cloud artisan net founding team mostly comes from the BAT large Internet companies, such as CEO, he worked for the alibaba group, chih-chien wang’s finance founded in 2011, leaving some electricity design company, the implementation of the turnover from 0 to 20 million 3 years of growth, in February 2013 for the first time in the industry put forward art monthly products, and start the cloud artisan net project at the end of 2014. COO zhi-yu Lin from alipay users group, since its establishment in 2011, more than 200 people have formed a team of designers, at the same time set up three electricity design industry standard, the process of management system, system designers, etc. Zhi-yu Lin is responsible for leading cloud artisan network platform architecture. CTO xu-dong hu, a former technical director of a large Internet company, responsible for cloud artisan network technical architecture and development work.

COO zhi-yu Lin said that online full-time, mobile office, will be suitable for the electronic commerce environment in China. E-commerce is 15 years before means the circulation of commodities through the Internet channel middlemen flattening, after 15 years will be by means of the mobile Internet service intermediaries are destroyed. Quickly take a taxi home, beavers, 58 home applications are doing similar things, but the biggest difference is that they are for the C class consumers, and network with class B cloud artisan merchants. Class C products user scale is big, burn, guest unit price is low, with fragments of time. Merchants and class B products user scale slightly narrow but very precise, no money, high guest unit price (average 5000 yuan/month), with full time, and the viscosity is extremely high, must pay salary each month.

and cloud artisan network mode seems to be similar to the pig eight quit to network, in most of the services become institutions, lack of standards and services, complaints. Cloud artisan network to do is break the institutions, establish a standard. At present not officially launch platform, since early December 2014 closed, stylist users, about 100 people, employers subscribers 200, turnover of more than 1 million yuan per month. Many employers have even half a year, the year salary hosting. Target employer number 10000, 2015, designers, more than 3000 people active users platform transactions will reach $5, at the same time realize the mobile. Late platform would get their hands on electricity third-party services in other industries. In early 2014, the company has obtained the Oriental millions angel investment.