Cloud adaptation: refused to zombie App, across the screen to browse times incubator

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the mobile Internet era, whatever the type of site, will have their mobile site requirements. If the browser on the mobile end directly open the original website address, will face terminal display font image size does not match, the navigation bar, interface display such problems as incomplete; And based on the mobile phone or other App terminal equipment development, is the enterprise of mainstream media solution, but if it is not like a micro letter weibo, QQ, maps and other high frequency use App products, such as long development period, operating cost high performance-to-price ratio is very low. In addition, the App is a lot of people in the industry for information island, predicament distribution, information can’t share at any time, search engine can’t grab, and the information cannot be spread widely App are faced with the problem.

it is the only a winner-take-all PC, Mac, iPhone, the mainstream, Android and Windows Phone platform, cross-platform language. HTML 5 2014 terminal hot again to verify people structure of lightweight, fast, informative information browsing experience requirements. WeChat super App are closely combined with HTML 5 running environment, users browse the web on super App is even more frequency than independent of the browser.

based on HTML 5, cloud adaptation provides another solution. Cloud adapter based on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing platform, using HTML 5 PC sites across the screen adaptation. Adaptive approach, the original url unchanged, let users get the PC with the mobile phone of the same user experience. Fragmentation solved the mobile terminal screen size, screen resolution is not unified, the browser differentiation of adaptation problem, and different terminal and system automatic recognition adaptation, save mobile development, design, promotion and operational costs.

cloud adapter is geared to the needs of the community IT enterprises and electricity enterprises and large media, has been for more than 1 billion web site to implement the traditional PC all kinds of mobile terminal adapter, currently the main customers are lenovo, Siemens, IDG, business class is very serious funds and media state, CSDN, Chinese entrepreneur network, etc. Cloud after adaptation, not only the text, images, video adapter, also let interactive function adaptation, to provide seamless support form and register function. For mobile terminal marketing of enterprise, can stimulate the increase of users; For the media industry, which can monitor to the mobile data, check the exposure and click-through rates, realize the value of advertising. And the whole process, depending on the complexity, the basic can be implemented within a day or a week’s time.

cloud adaptation of COO Gao Jing believed that the mobile Internet is rapidly changing, startup leather itself is always in own life, otherwise will be replaced by others. Business model, only constantly adapt to following the trend. After two years of development, cloud adapted to provide enterprises with adapter service accumulated a across the screen in the process of the front end of the commonly used web components, open source, make the domestic first base it across the screen front frame – Amaze UI, let developers are free to use. The new economy rules mentioned a point of view, a successful enterprise is difficult to control because they have a “combination of skills”, however similar BAT this giant, combination skills will also become an obstacle to the further innovation of enterprise, trial-and-error cost is too high. For cloud adapted this kind of startup, small resistance, and form new, most can adjust the direction, to adapt to the environment, change and reverse the heart of a subject.

Amaze UI for HTML 5, modularity, lightweight mobile first across the screen of the front frame, by resolution, encapsulates some commonly used web components, such as wheel box, text box, and so on, to let any front-end developers are free to copy the code, to write these components across the screen into your own web pages. Amaze the UI contains nearly 20 CSS components, 10 JS components, there are 17 contains nearly 60’s Widgets. Based on the development of HTML 5 heating up again, making Amaze UI2014 year launched four months after the end of August, to gain more than 2000 stars in making tagging, among the domestic open source software Top5 charts.

“because Amaze UI well understand China’s demand for developers, the front-end developers often in repeated across the screen, adaptation of heavy and complicated problem, the problem such as the slow progress. But different from abroad, in China, open source is still in the bud, many open source projects are the lack of specialized team. Will Amaze UI free, in fact, can further promote the development of adaptation of cloud applications, to achieve further growth of users, by offering free to use the front end of the framework, let it word of mouth, to build their own framework based open source ecosystem, later it will make a great imagination, “Gao Jing convective cloud network said.

in addition, Gao Jing also told hunting cloud network, domestic ideology of open source technology is not enough, a lot of mature technology mainly closed within their own company, so that cause the whole industry chain in the technically difficult to mutual benefit each other, so it calls for the developers can contribute actively sharing, components, to promote the construction of open source ecosystem.

cloud adaptation Chen Benfeng was the founder of Microsoft Internet explorer U.S. headquarters is the core members of the research and development (IE8, IE 9, IE 10), hkust xunfei start-up team members. Co-founder Gao Jing is responsible for the business team, graduated from Harvard University business school/Hong Kong university of science and technology; Responsible for the sales of the first, is Google sales team “best employee of the year”; The designer is Gao Yan BlueTrainMobile designer. At present, the cloud adapter is preparing the B round of funding.

in the future, the browser will be completely different, the concept may be in the future, the users only need to find an HTML web page content an aggregate entry, without having to download can easily get all kinds of application information, and that perhaps the clouds are adaptation and Amaze the UI in do the imagination of incubator in the future.