ClassPass mode gradually hot and cool gym membership on a second?

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in the United States, launched in June, 2013, has won a total of $54 million in financing, and valuation of $200 million. A template for ClassPass start-ups boom in the domestic rapid development, appeared such as followers. Jas cool gym memberships and hunting cloud network attention works with ClassPass “the” whole into patterns.

jas cool cool card was Beijing space-time information exchange technology co., LTD., launched in 2006, products, business philosophy is “sharing break-up”. Purpose is want to platform integrating fitness venues and realization of the sharing of venues offer splitting the sales to consumers, and then through the platform allows users to obtain cost-effective fitness products at low price.

the gym membership products on the market, there are two big pain points: one is to do gym membership is impulsive consumption, most users spend more than 2000 yuan in a piece of fitness card, to the number of less than 10 times a year, causing tremendous waste, lack of fitness consumption flexibility; 2 it is locked by a single store, can’t cross shops across the city, there is no freedom.

jas cool, senior vice President li qiang said in an interview with hunting cloud network, “the team has done the user consumption analysis shows a user to go to the gym consumption up to 20 times a year, or even 5% of users have finished gym membership is a have never been to, cause the waste of funds and resources.” Therefore, based on the understanding of the user, and cool and fitness venues bargaining, batch purchasing fitness classes to share the platform will be split, year after launch will be effected according to the time consumption, monthly consumption, personalization of gym membership products, giving users greater freedom and flexibility.

in May 2007, jas cool launched the first general across venues fitness swimming card – $300 a season pass for fitness. Users get 3 months of cool fitness consumer rights, can work together in the cool gym discretionary, up to 30 times. Jas cool and launch personality after exercise packages, users can choose their own often go to five fitness merchants, and determine the amount of their consumption and cycle. Cool will be based on user data for fitness, giving users more low price, do the user-centric cost-effective fitness products.

with the thermal refining the city main institutions, small and medium-sized sports fitness and cool chain fitness venues as breakthrough. So with the domestic each big chain fitness brand reached cooperation, including wales fitness, one million wade fitness, fitness, birds “haosha gym, times the force of science and technology, etc. In addition to the chain of gym, there is a certain scale of formal venue is their chosen object. For the formal venue selection standard, li qiang, also summarizes the three points: a business area of over 300 square meters, standardized services, fixed venues temporarily renting.

partners and a number of resources + unlimited consumption + high autonomy is ClassPass produces one of the reasons that attract sexual to users, at this point, cool also did, but why the development of it in a few years ago does not bring big orgasm? The problem also is instructive.

the author also mentioned the problem when communicate with li qiang, he thinks it’s important because of limitations. American fitness low cost, high treatment cost, mature fitness environment brought ClassPass good market development, but the environment for the Chinese market is not mature, it brought some obstacles to the development of jas cool before. In addition, ClassPass users to provide a platform for the exchange, share each other between users recommend interesting exercise classes, their ideas, to increase user stickiness, jas cool can draw lessons from in this respect.

in addition, as the information disclosed by the ClassPass, continue to maintain stable cooperation relations, and fitness business platform is the key to the quality of service. Is also the most difficult and the most difficult to grasp, this pattern also determine ClassPass future destiny. Said li qiang, cool eight years of exploration, came to the conclusion that not only provide members with gym membership service, also can provide fitness merchants member service management system, which makes the cool and merchants cooperation more closely.

for future plans, Li Jiangze want to do big users, on the basis of expanding the scale of the enterprise customer consumption for fitness, it is also elegant and cool for the prepaid the unique advantages of third-party payment licences.

currently cool covers swimming, yoga and so on more than 100 categories, service scope mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, wuhan. A member of the service scale has reached millions (including personal users and enterprise users), sports leisure businesses have more than 1000.

after eight years of exploration, plus user movement data accumulation, powerful merchants resources makes li qiang to jas cool fitness development is full of confidence in the future. “Exercise is a very large market, and with the improving of the community-based fitness, specialization is recognized by more and more users.” Li qiang to hunt cloud network, according to “elegant and cool card App has been launched, in mid-april will launch a national fitness products, most valuable three months fitness of 288 yuan, can be in the hundreds of high-end chain fitness venues general in the home. Next, we will rapidly increase cooperation venues, let the user the choice of more and more freedom.” ClassPass pattern emerging, have also brought cool, great attention. Li qiang, said recently in many investment institutions have been in contact with jas cool negotiations fitness cooperation matters.

jas cool ClassPass card with eight years practice, it seems still very optimistic, but there are differences of culture and thought, so how to guarantee the user viscosity and repeat purchase rate, and how to expand businesses should continue to focus on problems.

the author thinks that jas cool card is similar to the public comments on the development path of model, fitness can O2O development like restaurant O2O, jas cool card can be established as the public comments on the last stand out, cool gym memberships, operating 8 years, whether on a second, I think is worth waiting for.