China’s “neighbors” into VC hottest nuggets

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cloud network hunting note: in this paper, in accordance with the old original wu (Ebihara) in Singapore yesterday at the 2015 Asian leaders summit in the speech of the supplemented finishing. The old original for Asian market have a positive view of the future development of science and technology, speech to close to the big event of the year in Asia has also carried on the brief analysis. Old Mr Is famous investment institutions Rebright sea Partners, a founding partner, the agency main current strategic investment in southeast Asia market as a center of gravity.

in the past decade, China and Japan the main beneficiaries of the investment. Two major economies at the same time to divert capital to the world’s third-largest economy at that time, out of the situation now is rare.

however, in the second decade of the 21st century, the situation gradually changed: in 2013, a Japanese investment in China before the enthusiasm, began to foreign investment from China to southeast Asia. On the other hand, the U.S. continues to invest the capital in the Chinese market at the same time, slowly but firmly to strengthen investment in India.

this is wind direction change of investment over the past five years that snaps. Asian technology market and to understand the past year, believes the next article will give you a satisfactory answer.

southeast Asia market is booming

in recent years, southeast Asia, the feng shui treasure-house, gave birth to a lot of financing on an unprecedented scale.

Lazada (southeast Asia network electricity) for $1.25 billion valuation, successful financing from Singapore sovereign wealth fund temasek holdings of $250 million. As far as I know, this is one of the biggest in the history of southeast Asia. Lazada and Rocket Internet support behind at the same time, which owns a 23.8% stake.

Lazada years product (GMV) it is estimated that the total will be $270 million, that is, its value is almost four times the year of the total amount of commodities trading. Temasek, the heroic, so dare to deal or no deal for a small business in the global electricity investment market is one of the few.

meanwhile, Indonesia electric business champions Tokopedia also successful financing of $100 million, including America’s leading venture capital giant sequoia capital and Japan telecom and Internet softbank. Tokopedia valuation was not disclosed, but softbank, related data show that Tokopedia commodity trading last year totaled $100 million.

another 2014 financing from GrabTaxi sensation in southeast Asia. The taxi software every command from its $250 million investment in a big way. Though softbank company valuations are confidential, but according to a report in the Wall Street, the figure had reached $1 billion.

to get rid of the above mentioned financing case, southeast Asia and many last year the company successful financing level is worth billions of dollars, such as Indonesia electricity Bukalapak Redmart with Singapore general electric business.

the prosperity of southeast Asia technology market in recent years, we can see that southeast Asia is progress. In recent years to attract the total supply of Singapore far more than Japan. Only $2013 a year to reach 1.7 billion, 2014 are more likely to be based on the on the double.

as an aside, I discuss the purpose of Singapore, and not limit the theme of my talk narrowly to Singapore start-ups. Loose but you all know, Singapore business environment is a paradise for startups, more representative is discussed.

Chinese startups with a view to global expansion

alibaba group investment in Singapore postal clearly marked the expansion ambitions. The group recently announced that ali global speed sell tong opening service in Indonesia. Above shows the alibaba not only focus on seeking both in the new business partners, more will be long-term perspective on the southeast Asia market.

Singapore post is not the only the transnational investment object of alibaba group. Remove the alibaba in China a lot of investment, such as foreign Lyft, large game studios Kabam, etc. Also enjoy the economic support of alibaba. And alibaba, far from being the only Chinese focus on technology giants to expand the market.

if tencent also actively seek foreign investment opportunities. Its portfolio companies including Japan’s game developers Aiming CJ group and South Korea.

so active focus on baidu, though not as good as the former two expansion, the foreign investment is to be reckoned with. Only on the Uber pre-ipo investment reached $600 million, of course both sides not to confirm the news.

the place on put together is narrated, 2014 marks the turning point of the China science and technology giant enterprise foreign investment.

India – the next electricity heaven

India growth momentum in recent years, more GDP forecasts predict that India will overtake the United States in 2030 to 2030.

and electronic business it, India’s largest commodity trading last year totaled $3 billion. It aims to reach 8 billion in 2015.

although this number is still not with Japan’s largest electricity lotte last year to $16.7 billion in total trade in goods. But if want to change the Angle, India’s biggest electricity is fast growth for half of Japan’s largest electricity business scale, compared with lotte, annual growth it is almost three times the former. Who also dare not assert whether it will surpass in the soon future lotte.

the company’s estimated $10 billion in financing, its high growth prospects for its won the Singapore government direct investment co., LTD. (GIC) and other institutions of the $1 billion investment. The Wall Street journal said it this estimate so far all the pre – IPO companies ranked fifth in the valuation.

the massive influx of foreign investment is India, is it get it billion dollar funding during the same month, well-known electrical contractor Amazon founder Jeff Bezos close to bangalore, symbolically to Amazon India issued a check for $2 billion.

in addition, India’s biggest mobile payment service provider PayTM obtained from alibaba the large investment, the symbol of the Chinese company is slowly into a traditionally dominated by the two countries capital markets.

A big difference in Asia

mentioned above the upside down all occurred in 12 months, it is not hard to see, we are living in Asia is metamorphosis. The United States of Asia investment strategy, it is too big change, continue to benefit from the investment, but also affects the pulse of the Asian economy in itself. Adjust strategy investors aggressive expansion in China, targeting southeast Asia, India and the United States. Gradually in the international market by investors to investors.

India’s economic growth to be reckoned with. Southeast Asia also is no longer a haven for investors in Japan, its strong growth momentum of the butterfly effect, caused by enough to lead to the development of various industry giant.

Japan will inevitably face more competition. The main investment direction as southeast Asia, a concern for China and India is relatively less.

there are exceptions to every universal laws, however, softbank, chairman and CEO masayoshi son in this column, he is the majority shareholder of numerous start-up companies in Asia. As China’s alibaba, Snapdeal Tokopedia, Indonesia and India,

in softbank in other areas also has, such as southeast Asia with taxi GrabTaxi software, it has more Sprint telecommunications companies in the United States.

masayoshi son was in Japan as a public idol. A big thing, but prosperity alone is far less than a person’s head. Japan should actively to invest in Asia, in order to avoid the worm take China and the United States.

market is destined to become the world’s largest technology companies in Asia, and China technology giant required to achieve this purpose, Singapore’s sovereign funds go hand in hand, together with the rapid development of India and southeast Asia as the power.

I believe the second decade in the 21st century is the golden age of Asia in the technology industry.

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