China’s capital flows to Israel: & quot; Look east & quot; The business strategy and the underlying logic behind

this past March 23, in Israel’s top VC fund JVP annual meeting, JVP managing partner Kobi grandly announced that alibaba group becomes fund the JVP seven strategic investors. At the same time, alibaba has also sent a nearly 20 senior executives (including paying treasure to business) and team of technical experts attending the JVP fund for annual meeting, in-depth industry trends and technology exchange.

JVP, managing partner of Bryant rosen garten (Kobi Rozengarten) in the company’s annual meeting on Monday announced the investment transactions, but did not disclose details. According to Israeli Calcalist famous financial website said the investment scale of about tens of millions of dollars. JVP is Israel’s well-known venture capital investment group, currently managed by the amount of capital of about $1 billion. Calcalist also said that the investment is that alibaba investment risk investment funds overseas for the first time. The incident caused Israel and China’s major website and the media attention and report.

in 2014, qihoo as a strategic investor in JVP seven funds. That same year, cheng jing mother funds as the JVP 7 period in another important investors to join. In early 2015, alibaba becomes fund last the JVP seven strategic investors. JVP is Israel’s top VC funds, especially in the network security, big data and cloud computing, the next generation network architecture, digital media, and other fields has a very professional investment team. And Cisco, EMC, Intel, Siemens, GE, qualcomm, international high-tech companies such as deutsche telekom have investment cooperation. JVP seven CyActive fund investment company, officially announced the Paypal company acquisitions by the United States a week ago, CyActive company is discovered by the earliest JVP incubator, incubator and investment, from the JVP investment into the exit, when less than 16 months of investment value added dozens of times.

alibaba the JVP, investment of the fund is not the case, the Chinese capital has in the high-tech industry investment and the layout of all Israel. So far, ali, tencent, baidu and qihoo, a line of China’s big Internet companies are almost invested in Israel’s top vc fund, and direct investment projects at the same time. And ping an group, cheng jing mother funds as specialized investment institutions in China, together with China’s top Internet company, walking in the forefront of the investment in Israel. Which cheng jing mother platform of professional investment institutions to make use of the advantages of Israel’s top VC and PE is a systematic, ecological chain investment and coverage, has invested in JVP, Vintage, Viola, CPI, and many other Israel venture capital.

so through China’s top Internet companies and professional investment institutions of collective investment Israel’s venture capital industry, we can see what kind of business strategy and the underlying logic behind?

1. Israel and China in the market, capital, core competence has very strong complementary

the lack of a huge domestic market, and the innovation with science and technology innovation as the real power of Israel, which determine the Israeli innovation enterprises must go abroad, exported to overseas to seek market and capital.

in the past, Israel’s innovation enterprises are based on market and capital as the main target of the United States. As the release of China’s rise, the market potential and capital accumulation, China’s industry in the market, capital and core ability and the innovation of Israel enterprises with a full range of complementary. Therefore, with the connection of Israel’s scientific and technological innovation resources, capital and market will be for China’s new energy industry and capital input and continuous growth.

2. Israel with continuous innovation of the ecological system to support long-term investment returns

Israel’s innovation superiority and innovation ecosystem is cultivated after decades of effort, both from the national level of education, the universal military service personnel training mechanism, the survival and development of a crisis consciousness, innovative culture, military, and science and technology in the field of huge investment, perfect business support system for innovation, these are all Israel have sustained, long-term innovation ability, which is why the cause of the long-term capital and industrial capital in favor of Israel.

3. For China’s capital market mechanism of capital investment provides a clear support of Israel

a lot of American companies, particularly large, multinational technology group Israeli innovations, has become the most major investors and acquirers, through its acquisition of Israel science and technology innovation enterprise, the group of companies and listed companies for their own constantly introducing new products and technologies from Israel, to support its continued growth of capital value. The China’s Internet companies with investment, Israel will also raise their ability of continuous innovation.

imagining the future, more and more listed companies from China began to realize that Israel’s unique capital value and opportunity, consciously investing layout, whether the future will gradually formed a Chinese listed company investment and acquisition of companies Israel innovation of new industry chain.