CEO “role theory” : excellent entrepreneurial CEO should be the most diligent customer service

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as chief executive of Groove, Alex Turnbull, personal experiences, to do customer service, he reply to every E-mail, every customer questions for them, the process must be hard. This article expounds why he one by one to you to do customer service, how to do and after doing some feeling.

customer service people usually will not be CEO level tube. Then we will prove that this view is wrong.

will let a person feel annoyed by criticism. But it was not all is like this. When critics are from what you respect the person, we will feel worse, it will hit your inner sensitive self-respect. But, frankly, if you want to progress, to listen to and accept criticism is the most direct and effective way.

if you want to let people give important feedback information is very difficult, but my goal is to find someone for me to do so.

early last year, our team to muster all his strength to rush forward.

we are committed to killer features in research and development, it is important that I need to complete to ensure that these new features is definitely our industry the most prominent.

but, in addition to cost more than 60 hours a week on looking to the future, I didn’t even do anything substantial, and I need to do too much.

I didn’t spend enough time on the new product, did not handle the customer service E-mail, which is particularly important in early for me.

during that time, I didn’t really notice the importance of customer service, only is the little things.

and our App small holes, mild user experience problems has angered some clients.

these problems pile up slowly. One day, I received a letter from the customer, is also a friend’s email, it deeply moved me.

he is right. I’ve been back, struggle with some irrelevant things, this is a huge mistake.

that night I suffer from insomnia, been thinking about that email. The next morning, I decided to put our products back to the right track.

as a result, I began to involve to do it…


in the next six months, I joined the customer service team, spent more than 20 hours a week do customer service, it is important that I began to frequent use of Groove.

I reply E-mail, record, and team work to solve the problem.

I help customers to better understand the Groove, whenever someone has satisfied with my service, I was overjoyed.

at the same time, when people choose silently leave, I will also heartache, but I know the Groove may not be suitable for them.

from beginning to end, I paid close attention to our products, customers, business, although a long period of time, I missed them.

service for more than 20 hours a week after 3 PM “feeling”

over the years, I do a better service to survive. But in the company set up soon, I no longer do customer service and is committed to research and development of new products.

when I looking back on it, summarizes the following:

do a good job in customer service, and hard “, “

I would have know this, but the actual experience it is not the same, because you did a year ago, the results you fail and feel the pain again.

there is no doubt: customer service is one of the most difficult job in the company all.

you communicate with every customer, through the simple everyday catalogs to solve the problem, and at the same time, you will also face some of the heat users, their business is because your App can’t normal operation.

as a founder, these things happen that would hurt me, because sometimes really is my fault.

of course, good customer service management software system made easier, but the root of the customer service lies in your patience, determination, compassion.

has the role of “changing”

I always want to go to define CEO required to bear the responsibility and obligation. But, in fact, since I began to do the CEO, my role is in constant transformation, no key tasks are set in stone.

I think, in short, the CEO’s job is in any case, in a given period of time, for the benefit of the company to obtain the highest returns. Any others cannot solve the problem, the CEO will stand up in the first place.

this request applies to all employees, especially those major is special, for example, a back-end developer, interface designers.

in the beginning, I need to spend most of their time with the team work together, to establish the rudiment of our products.

once the task is finished, I need to close contact with customers, understand their ideas, App into valuable goods to them.

then, I want to hire key positions and talents to help us continue to develop.

after that, we need to intensify propaganda, establish important cooperation, let us more on the growth of a step.

then, I went back to the role of service and customer development, on the premise of profit maximization is committed to get the insight required, make our products realize the transformation from good to great.

I don’t know what is my next role, but I believe it will be clear soon.

“see” and “feel” the customer complaints, absolutely different

even if I don’t do customer service, I always see the existing problems and loopholes.

but when I had to be in the face of customer complaints, and to understand them and to respond to upset the customer, I deeply felt the pain of them better. One small problem is likely to accumulate on other things, evolved into a in the process of I communicate with customer directly, you might find yourself very headache problem.

the same, compared with the simple look at the list of requirements, reply again and again the same proposal that the add new functions, will make you more clearly what the user is the most urgent need.

it makes me understand again, make product decisions between people and people and clients every day is a great differences. When doing the client development I also realized, which completely changed the way we think about the new product development.

when service will promote the development of your clients will provide you with the best product recommendations.

even beyond my learned from customers, I felt the lack of loopholes and brought them from the Groove of the pain. I have read the bug report into the reality of living, it makes me feel very frustrated. I will not be able to solve their problems as soon as possible and feel guilty.

but in the next few months, I learned what I saw, and apply it directly to our product development and planning meeting. We cancel the developer time arrangement, not only to repair some holes; Compared with product features, they have a higher priority to the development condition.

we slow down the pace of the development of new functions, to consolidate we already have.

six months later, it was completely different. About the stability of the complaints are gone. The bug report also gradually reduced. Clients come to love our products, I finally got the approval again.

this experience is valuable, in fact, I still doing service work, and, as long as good for the company, I will continue to do it.

Groove never like now so good, a large part of the reason is that I learned to do customer service.


response for users “important”

about Groove, and our team than anyone else, I have no better qualified than they answer 99% of the questions.

however, a lot of customers in their inbox saw my name is very surprised. A customer said, can get the CEO’s email let her feel Groove there really is in concerned about the idea of customers.

we have in understanding the customer’s idea, and have been doing so, but as it turns out, have the CEO do service work, customers will be more obvious feel our sincerity.

I established a better relationship with customer, and strengthened their links with the Groove. When reply email after about Groove development prospect, I a and expected result is obtained; By E-mail to establish the trust to help us get more customers.

theory extension: don’t let the successful corrosion you

part of this article is about the CEO do importance of customer service, also is extremely important.

no matter how big is you now, is to insist and keep a close touch their own products.

this looks for granted (can not but use your own product? But when you’re in the temptation, it’s easy to forget that the most obvious thing.

I hope this article can remind you.

the more you get, the more you get the more important, because when you don’t have to worry about trivial things, to expand the idea of career will begin to erode, you slowly occupied you used to test and use their products.

don’t let this happen.

I am also very busy, but I insist on every day in the morning and evening to do customer service work.

if you can find the time to use your product, you can do it.

you should for yourself, your business, your customer is responsible for.

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