CEO of female goddess section: what kind of woman suitable for entrepreneurship

cloud network hunting note: in the era of entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs are still small, but there are still have “ambition” career women are emerging in the industry. Compared with the male, female entrepreneurship what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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today is girl day. Tomorrow is a goddess, but for me as a woman, is a good day celebration, can sometimes really hate the gender attributes, because it is a woman, so weak in many things, such as can’t pee standing up, have to wear a bra, each month bleeding, afraid of being left after old ah, fight dozen however male rascal ah, and so on…… But as a woman, was the husband’s money, the husband’s room, by the husband keeps, is also the social special care for women. It happened there is such a woman, have their own careers and pursue, motivation as a man, the woman often life is not easy…

do poineering work up to now know a lot of outstanding women entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs in the vc circles still belongs to the rare animals, belonging to the common occasionally lifters after the big masters. Our investors throw around 40, only an average of five women, founder of an organization statistics, proportion of male and female entrepreneurs are now. In this world full of male hormones, women exactly how to fight?

first discuss the source of the problem, why do women=silly?

why women=silly?

social discrimination against women, is not a day for two days, said the driver, for example, you can think of? All kinds of reverse video is out of the ditch. As if a woman only appearance, but high level on the world, good cooking skills to chain his men. Woman outside in the struggle, the man at home to take care of the children, said would be cowardly; Women rely on men raised, mop the floor cooking at home raising children, is a good shu virtuous. This society is generally believed that women may be weak, so give women opportunities and relatively little respect, a woman to succeed, must pay many times the man’s efforts. But a woman’s silly, is often the result of spoiled as a child out of several sister took a toilet, a light bulb, open a computer? Poor son to raise, female to eutrophic, any risk is difficult thing, don’t let the girls try, girls will think computer is man’s mission god has given to a woman’s talent is the ability for help, so how many college boys, by computer vanished into the female inside the bedroom, bubble to the girl? In fact the most commonly used gimmick also however be restart and 360 key repair. Girls, the more dependent on others, the more the beginning ability is poor, the ability to solve the problem is the worse, encounter problems will call dad, as an adult is to find a boyfriend.

and entrepreneurship really can’t have this kind of lazy spirit, we must try to solve all question, the man’s thinking path is trial and error – study – trial and error – done, the logic of thinking of a woman for help – trial and error – turned – trial and error – fix, entrepreneurship is not to deal with the problem of known, but in solving the problem of the unknown, their research, analysis, trial and error of solution is to solve the problems of the unknown, and to help it solutions can only solve the problem of the known, so most particularly strong dependence of girl, is not suitable for business, unless you are a special sister, can repair a toilet, repairing the electric light bulb.

then discuss again, what kind of woman suitable for entrepreneurship?

what kind of woman suitable for entrepreneurship?

is not to say that the toilet trim light bulb woman is suitable for business, but that women have this ability to solve problems, is the venture capital. Because business is like personality, wringer, one pass a level, must personally have upgrade, no one can help you to the end.

in addition to the ability to solve problems, you must also be good at insight into question origin, because if known only to solve the problem, you are just a good performer, such as the boss said small beautiful ah, give me a cup of tea, if you can end a cup of tea for the boss, you are a bottom performers; Can you know pu-erh tea and tieguanyin, the boss is like you are a have insight into ability of practitioners; And if you know what the boss motive was to refreshing tea, you take the initiative to recommend the kopi luwak, this is the deep insight into the ability of problem, you can control the boss, the promotion the wife of shop-owner. Woman ride a man, men control the world, is based on the deeper insight into ability.

in addition to find problems and problem solving skills, women entrepreneurs need, is a good husband, or there is no husband, otherwise it may lead to family conflicts to deepen, eventually. Because of the narrow escape game, facing difficulties and pressure are very unusual, I’m a male entrepreneurs friends, got home at 12 PM, wrapped in a blanket lying on the floor to the direction. More scary ah, women entrepreneurs are the majority of the mood embodies in neuroticism, and had no family, like me, entrepreneurial 2 ~ 3 months, catch the wedding of the front of the previous year, home decoration of the house, the wedding, I what all don’t tube, marriage still talk to VC financing, the day before the day is basically attended the just, if it weren’t for my husband used to be entrepreneurs, also cannot be so inclusive me, think that year his business, I always blame him for a long time not to go home, work overtime too serious, don’t make a phone call is not texting, now upon me to repeat the same story, and he has been to treat me with tolerance and encourage reckless, really not easy.

advantage of women entrepreneurs and where is it?

it is said that women are sensitive, but in fact it is a good at sense motive, found that the ability to detail change, if the husband to cheat, women tend to through a variety of clues found, big to the change of the whereabouts, small to the change of tone. This is because a woman and a man’s mind is different, so women tend to be good at communication, more a good listener and everyone’s looking forward to more adept at mining, taking care of everyone’s difficulties, listen to the opinion of most people, then make your own decision.

and held in a large organization operation, a woman is to get the player, organized systematic work plan arrangement, the distribution of tasks, set priorities. Entrepreneurship is not a person alone, of course, can put the power of the organization to the maximum, can really achieve the final victory.

women are good at encourage others, for within the team, partners, belong to have the ability to type pf just let him, don’t encourage also run fast; Core backbone ability but often need to cheer, to let the ability to translate into huge contribution for business; Circumstances, staff members need through training and help them grow into core backbone, presentation skills and vision.

women can use the means of weakness, occasionally to seek help, access to resources. Investors have asked me to negotiate with some partners, will be restricted to the identity of the woman will be put to good use does not open? Actually is not completely, but occasionally can take advantage of the weakness of way, make active initiation to pull you out of impulse.

appearance level whether your advantage?

I have been in a China share activities, director asked me why I don’t put the hair up, because I covered her eyes covered with hair, is not enough, “she explains. After the conversation gave me big stimulus, I was once a firm hair, because every day to promote all sorts of things, need to give people a sense of courage citizen. I told Kent image talked too much the importance of the problem, he felt that even the VP is a CEO, still looks like what to wear is not important, but I think of decent himself up, is a kind of basic respect, Yang LAN had slippers into the western restaurant, was an old lady, and he said not enough grace and elegant enough, is not respect for others.

decent, have grade, understand collocation, know how to dress up oneself, can further enhance temperament. Because, really, in this world are no ugly women, only lazy woman, how to find the best, is a knowledge, when you put your best present, your confidence, your ability to do things will improve several steps.

in addition to the external, internal precipitation and temperament, is the true definition of grace, I prefer a few women, are all abdomen has fuhai gas from China, for example, Yang LAN, such as Liang Ning. Sit together, chatting only weather chat homely, this kind of woman is easy to let a person tired, there will always be a fresh and interesting knowledge or point of view, is a treasure, but you are digging forever, will be forever curiosity, will be forever desire.

in the end, the woman is time to improve their status in river’s lake, don’t have husband around all day, even if he can love you for a period of time, can support you all your life, you don’t want you is his shadow, just tea drinks for p&g’s aunt, still need to equality, have a common language, there are unknown, so the feelings of the persistent.

a woman is not born stupid, but spoiled, try even if the husband is not at home, oneself also can put the toilet repaired! Try to put your keen sense of smell, coordination ability, weakness, don’t all used to tie up the husband, but on the job! Try a more in-depth understanding of your environment, in addition to basic task, also can take the initiative to find problems, solve the problem! Try to maintain themselves, improve their grade, read a book, look at the exhibition, improve their temperament!

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