Carving ye: talk about O2O business mission, strategies, and tactics

the author: carving ye

just write down the topic, read child mind suddenly reminded of qian zhongshu’s “talk about art record”, the opening, “more than pleased to talk about art, and is the only who have compatriots, talk a little up and down the… “For me, why do like to talk about strategy? Because I will not other ah… Estimation of my readers, there are many like me, belong to “limbs simple, mind developed”, but as you know, any tactical, should be subject to the strategic guidance, and shall comply with the direction of the mission and strategy. Affiliation to make wrong, you will become I said before, “won the battle, lost the war”, is very terrible.

say first enterprise mission, the most “illusory” this thing. Actually, too small start-ups, are often the “guide”, catch a chance to make money matters, so often have you thought about what the mission of “what is our business”. But sooner or later one day, you have to face this problem, if through the start-up phase, companies began to some development, you do not to think about this question, you and your friends didn’t fly, still only know where I can make money as far as where to run… Ran ran, the estimate is lost.

take home beavers, for example, the mission is “the liberation of craftsmen all over the world, let them have a lifetime to protect the brand” -? Listening to “virtual” enough? But you have to know, I talked about the “strategic choice”, must revolve around the mission of “virtual” to line, if a strategic listen very cool, but violates the mission of “artisans, the brand”, no matter how to also won’t adopted by us, let alone be born at the tactical level to perform.

and the establishment of the mission, but also a benefit, which is able to “across the wins and losses” – as you all know, beaver home because don’t accept manicurist commissions, for a while can’t make any money, every month is losses, so the internal staff also trouble ah, won’t make profit, high wages didn’t also way, but why do you guess they also have high morale to the roof? Want me to say a sense of mission “brainwashing” played a big role! Take yesterday (January 15), make a “month”, on the day of 7424, 1.06 million turnover actually paid, on the day of the highest manicurist Wendy made fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars a day! But most happy is our internal employee, although many of them a month income also than the manicurist day, but because they believe that the concept of “liberation craftsmen”, heartfelt joy, overflow on her brow.

mission is how to guide the strategy? Let’s talk detail for the whole – a points of the strategies, not only to tell myself what to do “, “more” what not to do “to tell the staff! and beaver’s home, for example, since it is “the liberation of craftsmen”, then the corresponding is “not a craftsman can’t liberation we!” …… Well, that sounds so weird, craftsman is what? Suffix, simple says, is “teacher”, is usually a craftsman, such as teachers, cooks, hairdressers, manicurist, stylists, doctors, lawyers,… And suffixes without division, is usually not craftsmen, but all at sixes and sevens: such as the driver, waiter, cleaning aunt uncle, mechanic, porter, express delivery, security uncle brother… So Chinese is really profound! Did you see? Express little elder brother is very cute, but it is not part of our mission to “liberate express brother” this one, is mainly because they are not “craftsmen”, also can’t have “the brand”, even if we want to liberation, they are powerless.

service or commodity, points of the “product” and “non-standard”, such as taxi drivers and aunt cleaning services, is the “standard”, the customer won’t have any extra expectations, as long as the platform management specification, looks almost anyone’s service. Does not exist a taxi than another taxi “more excellence”, or a cleaning aunt than another aunt cleaning cleaning “better”… In the product service, there is only “pass” and “fail”, the role of the platform is to destroy those who “failed” server, but the “pass”, after ascending space is not too big.

beaver home is doing “non-standard” service, the same style, different manicurist to do, may be the result is “basically satisfied”, or “very satisfied”, even “super surprise”! Because the nail, after all, is an “art”! In addition, manicurist is often half a psychological consultant, a manicure and customer chat, when you say this kind of “the art of communication chatting”, how to regulate? How to do standardization? Each person’s “talent” is parents give, is completely different.

these are different, “gene” of different will lead to the entire team. There will be a fool dream combines the advantages of apple and dell? A laptop, both apple’s process, aesthetic experience, detail, and the low cost and low price of dell computer? Come on, these are two extreme! Either you make apple, make every aspect, but inevitably is high cost and higher price; Or simply rushed into the cheap, ensure the quality of basic premise, what is squeezing costs of orientation, will attract a lot of people love and buy – but you are unable to combine the two, who think so, is not only a strategic ignorance, and even IQ is grim.

do standard or non-standard service, there is such a strategic choice — to do the service, the core is the “personality”, all the pursuit of “pass”, the pursuit of “cost leadership”, the pursuit of “service consistency, uniformity, price”; Do non-standard services, the core is to pursue “carry forward the personality, the pursuit of” leading by word of mouth “, the pursuit of “service differentiation and diversification” price.

why I often laugh at those who see the manicurist and cleaning aunt together on the platform? Because this kind of mistake, it is said above, both want to pursue the perfection and the high price of apple, and want to pursuit of dell’s supply chain play and low cost… Have a dream? Team genes don’t allow you to this kind of “internal conflict” play! “Is the pursuit of consistent and outstanding individual character”, “is the pursuit of low cost and prominent differentiation”, CEO at a meeting in the morning said that we must pursue the highest quality in the industry, COO in the afternoon and he said to cut costs is the central task of everyone… Why don’t you put nine Yin true through and sun plays a practice, is not afraid of staff internal disorder, greenery and crazy?

so, a clear strategy is the trade-off between the judgment, must know you don’t do it. O2O, for one, have many options – from the consumer to judge the perspective, you choose the “random decision” services, is hard to provide “prudence”; You choose an industry type “link”, is hard to provide a “closed loop” packaging services, although the former easy orders quickly, but the latter can provide higher gross margin…

give you a basic judgment model: in a variety of service areas of O2O, often is the case, the first type, single quantity of fierce and rapid, tend to be “standard service”, “high frequency” and “link”, “consumer random decisions”, “service to all people”, “low price low margin”, such as drops, quick take a taxi, hungry, room, etc.

similar beaver home beauty industry (nail art, beautiful eyelash, modelling, beauty, etc.) and bear the door massage, is the second type, is the “non-standard” service, “a low frequency time”, “closed loop”, “consumer prudent decisions”, “service narrow and all the people”, “high guest unit price higher gross margin”, such as , this type, single measure usually are not so fast, at least you can’t hungry and drabs fast that day millions of single than quantity, beaver family killing himself did a year to get to the day before and after the Spring Festival of ten thousand single… To think is very poor!

the third type is caught in the middle, such as cleaning the aunt, several analysis Angle and the first kind of similar, but not “link”, but “closed loop”, at least the aunt help, e jie, 58 home than they are all closed loop, meaning that: from recruitment, training, looking for a single, security monitoring, payment, after-sales etc. Everything is controlled by platform. note, once playing a “closed loop”, don’t assume a single volume grow too fierce, grow too quickly may well be a dead end… Meh? You see, in 2010, when electricity is the most dazzling pair, jingdong and every guest is ultra high speed development, but you see, a few years later, jingdong still live well, the value of $30 billion. Every guest is contraction to under 300 people – the largest eset is jingdong is to do a “link”, retail, you buy a millet generation in jingdong, calorific value is too large, you will only scold millet jingdong dry what? Jingdong as long as to ensure the quality goods, low prices, fast delivery, word of mouth is completed. But every guest? Brand is what you do, the fabric is you choose, the paragraph is your design, process details are you control, even the wind up to express is old to… Play closed loop does not matter, but development too fast, any link chain, consumers have to scold you! People are not gods, how is it possible on the premise of rapid development, countless link all make perfect? Not about the amount is not important, (Cha, the quantity is too slow, the vc will not give you money!) Do the closed-loop model, however, at least you have to understand: the quantity and quality, is equally important. Any out of control, it is early death and afterlife of life…

there are a lot of O2O entrepreneurs, it is the third type, such as carradine maintenance car door, multiple characteristics is more like the second category, but it happened that the service itself is a “standard”, (they are not difficult repair, but an oil change, filters and other routine maintenance service)… In brief, the methodology above gives everyone, please make your own accordingly, had the basic judgment, will be able to make a strategic choice.

as for the transition from strategy to tactics, it is so simple… I usually sleep to nature to wake, but get up early today, because the tactical requirement, I have to attend a “manicurist gold camp opening ceremony,” this is why? Mainly because, from the mission, we are going to make nail ShiJianLi “the brand”, strategically, “non-standard” service to highlight each more craftsmen’s personality, and narrow the crowd a lot of demand, so the ground to the tactics, the “gold camp,” asked estee lauder trainer teach manicurist how to keep it to yourself and the 08 Olympic etiquette training division, please give them training manners, please last month more than 70000 yuan monthly income of celebrity manicurist, improve guest unit price, and keep the secret of customer loyalty, and Japan’s top nail art masters “masters” inspiration “advanced courses…

all in all, the line down, must be logically consistent. If, with the high cost of training cleaning aunt, unless you can put the cleaning it sold 150 yuan an hour… In turn you use cleaning aunt that “big Bob boom” means training manicurist, believe me, it would be a disaster, any good manicurist (or take a craftsman with dignity), can’t stand that kind of insult.

tactics don’t obey the strategy, strategic mission does not belong to, as long as the time stretched, let alone the O2O, no enterprise can survive for a long time all over the world… I hope this article, to to inspire O2O business friend on the road, of course, as always, many entrepreneurs probably all want to see the actual combat dry himself and his friends, the more clear their strategic path, every tactical behavior, don’t crash, but beg a single arch, direction of not afraid of road far, eventually top victory; The competitors don’t see hope, continue to go on the wrong road, west east walks, left and right and right, more walk more wide… Ha ha ha ha ha.