Carving ye: doing O2O, why do I like on medicine to financing?

note: hunting cloud as is known to all, carving the ye is a very good at marketing themselves and their characters of the project, the number in micro letter public recently announced in beaver home complete C round of nearly $50 million in financing, and explain its under the condition of the money to finance. Below for the full text, micro letter of content from the public number:

/ carved ye wen

at noon today, got a call from our FA etheric capital general, urged me to quickly find a printer, I because on a business trip in the hotel, had to run to the front desk and print the paper, the so-called “contract signature pages 9”, then the signature, take photos, artwork is sent to the general, and then she said, “ye, ok, beaver family C round TS file, even if to take effect.”

I surprise discovery, have to wait until this year on March 11, is the beaver’s home online in a week, even within a year, we completed the three rounds of financing, and this round of nearly $three hundred million valuation, melting almost nearly $50 million — in response to venture capital industry, the financing amount not boast forces – and, of course, water injection between four thousand hundred and five thousand, I will choose the latter, listening to good ~

(trivia: the United States listed on amazon in 1997, the $438 million valuation, raised $54 million, if not calculate inflation, only a little more than a beaver family C round today.)

the beaver home led by a line famous vc company, another to vote. A round of IDG and B round of broadband capital continue to vote (for the confidence, the two actually also threw A little), I am also with invested $7.5 million in the whole (very honest oh, penny money didn’t say much!) But I like the part, all the shares in the option pool, all for the team… Well, good, rich is capricious.

however, I am in beaver family shares after C round, leaves in percentage, lost the “absolute holding” status (of course, the relative control is still the same ~), compared to the fu the essence oil and carved ye beef brisket I are two pieces of business up to more than ninety percent of the shares, why I diluted so quickly this time so much to knead?

the horse last article, let’s talk about this.

a recent book, “from zero to a” Peter Thiel, from the point of view, the book fu the essence oil and ye beef brisket business, belong to from the sort of – “1 to 10” profit model is very mature, you have to do is “better” than others, and “how to just calculate better” is actually a conclusion. But beavers are certainly the sort of “from zero to a” business, beaver family pattern, the United States all have no! Although domestic O2O “” beauty industry today is busy, but literally, originate from the beaver created the situation, to attract numerous imitators, O2O beauty industry how to do next? How to develop? How to make money? They all stared with, wait for beaver home next move miles ~

… Oh, actually I also don’t know!

in other words, I also depend on imagination, trial and error!

back in those days, ma also don’t know how QQ profitable. Li and Zhou Hongyi also don’t know how to liquidate the search traffic, the only difference is that li have more patience, and Zhou Hongyi early 3721 this time is greater than baidu flow east east to sell now… But what is clear is that if something crazy growth, the income and consumers, so this thing must have value, if who still can’t see how to make money, is OK, it has a great value!

beaver home crazy losing money right now, but rapidly growing! Peak has a day more than eight thousand single, after the Spring Festival, day ChanGuo, can be broken easily – why VC beaver’s home? Because beaver’s home in the field of beauty industry O2O, single volume has more than the second to the tenth combined! (this sentence fu oil contributed ~) and gap, the more bigger. Two weeks ago, there’s a copycat beaver family’s door nail, client privately asked us, if you’d like to buy them, without him, capital chain broke.

this is the Matthew effect, vc first name only, if the second and first gap is small, the vc is also willing to try (such as classified information that block of 58, while the first, but the market is still rush). But the second and first difference is too much, no one wants to see, have you ever seen a vc willing to inquire about who is “second” Chinese oil?

so, brand if you do, I will, for example, in case of fu oil find a niche market, slowly but surely, a single arch, not crash, fu, after all, do business “slow” nearly nine years; Platform if you do, I’ll use beaver lead by example, how fast can run fast run, do big plate to say again first. In the words of lei jun, “ looking for a super big market, raise money to burn, and then find a superb talent a desperate man spell .”

do platform is too dangerous, tell from the probability, survive is small probability event. Don’t forget, I’m coming from “electricity”, as the driest in about 2011, to get the financing of electric business platform, a total of 46, today? More than 90% of all dead! Pit dead VC harsh…

no accident of words, two years later, the mortality of the O2O not less than the electric business platform, that is to say, today, the vast majority of O2O startups is likely in the second half of this year will enter the death phase. Sing to ZuoXiaoZu mantra, “think of this my heart is broken… “Tough as ye, also not don’t worry, we are desperately trying to 12 to 15 hours a day, one thousand capital chain break, play a” sudden death “is what?

so, at the dilute, must melt down round round, and in accordance with our rhythm, now estimates that in the summer, beaver family round begins to D… The enterprise has a good figure, you have to “cup”! Finished finished D and E, E and F… Last time to participate in an activity, a free try eating paste, puerarin powder, I want to exercise the taste buds open, even to eat three bowls, eat only know that call what “mi” brand, function is breast enhancement, so-called litre glass artifact… No wonder recently carved ye chest obvious secondary development. (note that for the ads here.

back “from zero to one,” the beaver family opened the door nail, but on the surface is the nail from the store service is a door to door service, but the logic behind change greatly, move to the “service”, it sounds nothing, can consider very fear, traditional stores, pay a high rent to buy “flow”, but actually cover within two kilometers of traffic sources but. Now have a O2O mode, a manicurist theoretical radius is the city, and top craftsman can be across the country – there is a case in last week, a beaver family registered makeup artist, through the APP to a single in Shanghai, a single ten thousand yuan! Then he would fly away, fly back to the evening, in the morning to see, if he is in Beijing, probably only on the day after a one thousand yuan of small single, and have the O2O mode, plane tickets, he has left eight thousand! Radius of activity, is no longer a craftsman.

while consumers more screaming, after the Spring Festival, beavers will launch “queen package”, the APP once order, incredibly beautiful full set: selected randomly from the scope of the city you like manicurist, stylist, makeup artist, arrived at the same time, with one, three to one service, don’t waste a minute, then you can go to the Party – finishing night returned home, beautician arrived on the synchronization, makeup all need not oneself start work, the key is: is the most successful in homemade beauty, doing the doing asleep just great! To not go to beauty salon, as in the past done beauty like a thief, unable to make up and secretly go home. Wait a moment, in fact, the Party planner, also from the beaver’s home, and the scene of the Party “with”, is the photographer, also from beaver home… Complete set! Full beauty industry!

create the new “customer value”, is “from zero to a value of” .

in the past, beauty salon, nail salons, beauty salons, makeup artist studios, Party planner, photography studio, these are split , completely impossible to have any together – think that quote, “the customer does not want to buy a drill, he just want to buy the hole on the wall.” While ago, a mm want to attend a Party can be dead tired, separately to so many places, tired and expensive, and trouble, asymmetric information, the price is not transparent, no evaluation system, distinguish good or bad. Never in the history of “beauty industry one-stop distribution form, beaver family is doing this now, the beauty industry, almost every aspect of an APP.

from zero to one.

five years later, maybe the beauty salon, hairdressing salon, nail salons will disappear in the street more than… Can’t, the last two years I DaoLao the deepest word is “bring the advanced productivity of the advanced production relations”, the beaver home beauty industry practitioners, into “the brand”, excuse me, are also a person, is for people to work harder, more diligent or your own business? Still use to say? So the beaver home these artisans, don’t push, super professionalism, nothing more, “advanced production relations” with me! She in the struggle for your own name! They all is a personal entrepreneurial mindset! So, beaver family represents more cow force productivity – at least on this planet, your manicurist, hairdressers, beauticians are never seen strong productivity!

from zero to one.

in the end, but I wish you all a happy in the New Year, the extra words grumbling: I’m so hard to write, click-through rates will not too high, at least holding milk tea is the high liu, a moment in love, and break up, the composite… Mama ah, aesthetic is not tired? ! Also every time, brush with my friends. This year, talking is better than a business or gossip attract eyeball. Remember beaver family great mission, “ let craftsmen have life guard since brand “, I suffer some grievance calculate what? The waves, I simply “coming out” forget it, and lose yourself, I’m going to when the first, and then when the attack! Hum! ~

from zero to one.