Car to listen to treasure: listen FM launched “zero discharge” listening to the radio network intelligent hardware

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today, mobile Internet, traditional media is in decline, and radio not only not decline, and getting better and better, is the development of the auto industry to save the audio, it is also the car the only safe recognized form of entertainment. From 2013 to 2014, the rapid development of mobile audio, two years, the koala FM, dragonflies FM radio, the Himalayan mobile radio was born, and there are close to “$” class of users, and earlier development of music player APP, already became the standard application of each phone. Mobile users have formed the habit of moving to listen to.

listen FM, have been studied by the current Chinese people most in need of audio exactly is what person, is actually the owners of the crowd. In this era of will not, listen caught the user’s demand gap. Listen more have already developed the first generation of intelligent hardware products based on UBS mouth “listen more? V radio “. On listening FM5000 download thousands of users, the hardware in the eight months achieved sales of 210000 units. On this basis, in order to meet user needs more, listen more developed based on listen to treasure (ii) car cigarette lighter car audio hardware.

compared to common radio, vulgar boring advertisement occupied the listeners ears, especially in three or four line city, all over the sky of the advertising is filled with audience’s ears; In addition, the content of the CDS is limited, the USB updates trival, bluetooth connection effect is poor, some problems such as driving operation safety, far cannot meet the entertainment needs of people inside the car.

in the first generation v station, I met a lot of fun technology dilemma: many models do not fit, such as BMW and rover; Data synchronization off mobile phone network and so on. Carefully polished for eight months later, not only solved the user dissatisfaction, but also realize the technological innovation. A new version of car audio intelligent hardware can realize intelligent detection relay implemented Internet audio content by mobile phones, update, and synchronization. Users only need to install App on your phone and insert the hardware computer Internet music and program control can be realized to listen to and control.

on the hardware configuration, “car to listen to treasure” the quality of the best so far FM chip Quintic 8007 b, and the most optimal in intelligent hardware chip solutions – qualcomm AR9331, used on the transmission of WIFI – DIRECT technology, support top HI – FI sound quality. Support CD level quality music, can help the user to obtain better than traditional radio listening quality.

according to hunt cloud network, which can realize the free flow of listening to the radio network intelligent hardware for 199, and from now on in the official website of and KnewOne accept reservation, in succession at the end of march. In addition, February 6, 2015 conference, listen more also released a “car to listen to treasure” corporate customized version, fashion and “anchor win-win plan”.

among them, “listen to treasure” customized version is listen more plan for enterprise brands custom, at present already with ChanTianFang, jin yong, YiBaoLiang launched cooperation, at the same time planning and car home, 360, China helped launch joint customized version, help enterprise brand publicity. And fashion edition is based on the car USB development, is the first generation of on-board network radio listening radio “V” upgrade, also the continuation of the USB drivers operating habits, price from 99 yuan.

“anchor win-win plan” is listening to launch a series of earned income, attracting fans and platform promotion plan for the host. So far, according to official figures listen FM platform download user 50 million, platform covers more than 2000 anchor in listen more platforms from all over the world.

the mobile Internet rapid development, push terminal to the PAD, smart phones, wearable device transformation. Future mobile stations for apparently user usage scenarios, including vehicle and wearable devices. Each big mobile station to be completed, the car before and after the market, and the vehicle intelligent hardware is each battleground. Koala FM and byd, DS6, jaguar land rover and other 20 brands, realize the front loading, after loading the market cooperation and Himalayan station has announced and wisdom song technology create new on-board entertainment experience. Listen FM also through intelligent hardware into the car environment, in the form of a main car entertainment market. In addition, the koala FM car intelligent sound – the koala has started production.