Car sire: based on the geographical location and evaluation system of the car after market service platform

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wash the car industry last year, much attention has been paid to subsidies “war” was once even is seen as a taxi subsidies software after another round of automobile market after war. Auto after market service carried out in full swing, such as hunting cloud network previously reported , , and . “Your majesty” hunting cloud network reported today another O2O auto after market services. car your next directly to talk about A round of funding (team since the angel round).

your majesty belongs to set immediately information technology co., LTD., 12 APP is launched in December 2014, the founder of Jiang Yulin has 9 years of experience in automobile after service market, ZuoHui as the first batch of taobao, has rich experience in the Internet. The whole team has years of experience in auto after market services.

Jiang Yulin told hunting cloud network: “due to years of experience in automobile after service market, feel the drivers maintain a difficult problem, I want to be a software” solve troubles of subsidy people “, this is the origins of the name “your majesty”. This is is the objective of company efforts is also a long-term orientation.”

car your majesty is a o2o platform based on geographic location and evaluation system. Focus on automobile after service market, provide owners with washing the car, car beauty, car maintenance, decorative refitting and trailer to rescue and other services. Car majesty for both businesses and consumers set up a platform, all the services are experience before payment.

your current service scope in chengdu, guiyang, there are eight hundreds of merchants, in stores are mining, the current users close to ten thousand. Jiang Yulin told hunting cloud network: “because of strong regional restriction, different areas of the same type software can’t compete. Later if there is a same type company development to the same area, so competition and cooperation are inseparable forever.”

choose our merchants, in order to ensure that the user experience, and meet various requirements of users, the car majesty and 4 s shop and mom-and-pop stores are the object of the cooperation , but will strictly review its qualification and applicable range of services. Jiang Yulin told hunting cloud network: “ car your majesty is a platform for integration of merchants and customers, not to take the initiative to formulate a set of standards and evaluation system restrict merchants can serve as an invisible rope, and your majesty platform will have corresponding measures to restrict illegal merchant .”

however, I do not think of, now chengdu about auto after market service project has a lot of, the car your majesty should do is to seize the offline service at present stage, to develop a merchant’s service attitude and quality standard, if the user experience is good, will continue to choose the family businesses, the viscosity is not a problem.

when it comes to future development direction, Jiang Yulin said: “in no hurry to the pursuit of pure scale, geographic expansion, to explore the development mode of right, start from a recent line second-tier cities. Guidelines will be considered, but will be based on the operation of the entire product development.”

car your majesty at this stage have not profit , profit model also is exploring, Jiang Yulin to hunt cloud network, said: “ any pattern are not established, the company created the original intention is not to focus on profit, but want to use the spread of the Internet and transparency, let users keep good, your car really do this, after profit will certainly have.”