Car Plus: locate new owner instant dating platform


there are about 137 million car ownership in our country at present, 105 million private cars, more than 217 million driver’s license, all in the pursuit of high efficiency and convenient Internet era, the interests of the owners group appeal must after polymerization in collective voice can be resorted to. For such a large user owners and prospective owners group launched vertical social platform is of great necessity, car Plus aimed at the concept of “instant and strange and social”, focused on instant social new owners.

car Plus there are four big functions, users can be based on the geographical position launching session at any time and place, make the new owners friends, to join the group at the same time, participate in the party and offline auto-driving event, another car Plus a earthquakes function, cyclists can users find the vibration at the same time, in the circle of cyclists, the user can focus on the trends at any time, so to speak, the functions and characteristics of the current car Plus like Momo initial stage, but the former points to the targeted customer is more vertical group of owners, users need to provide the relevant documents to prove that the owner identity (audit mechanism is not yet perfect) at present, however, car Plus team told cloud network, hunting for some want to car car lovers can also register success, these groups are defined as “owner”.

wu river, founder & amp; CEO, a former sohu swim swim page operations business data center director, changyou RC voice subsidiary lobby department manager. Team from sohu, jinshan, and domestic well-known Internet companies, long-term in the Internet industry is engaged in the marketing, product management and data analysis, etc. Car open online, Plus product yet are closed, there are beta, 3000 people, is in talks to angel round.

now about the social platform is roughly divided into three categories, one is the home of car, car, such as community sharing type; Second is the WeChat, weibo as a carrier of communication platform, platform above existing user groups widely, information is scattered, news timely.

the third kind is the car Plus, star people socially more vertical platform. Current car Plus biggest competition is the star, similar patterns. The difference is that the car of other cyclists can be found by searching for a licence. Both products at the start-up stage, but the model has high homogeneity, in the next stage of development, and is a pr PK battle.

wu river told cloud network: hunting “car Plus will with severe vertical juyou group chat and characteristic style attract users quickly, the business model, in the short term will not access any for-profit value-added services, focusing on grinding products, rely on word of mouth and vertical accumulation of service users. The user after reaching a certain size, construction from three directions; The first: value-added services such as car Plus members. Second, o2o links online automobile service market, car beauty, for example, cyclists drive, etc. Third, automotive electrical business guides the direction of business development.”

products: car Plus
Company: guangzhou card chet information technology co., LTD.

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