Car networking, and it also has given rise to what entrepreneurial opportunities?

cloud network hunting note: automobile industry today, the vigorous development of science and technology, Internet car has gradually into our life. When car combined with Internet of things, it sparks of how? Let us follow the Jasper, the founder and CEO Jahangir Mohammed together to look at this another “spark”.

not long ago, when you buy a new car manufacturers seldom contact with you, unless you need to sell you another car again. The Internet of things are changing the status quo. Using the technology of Internet of things “connected car” make itself become the vehicle a hub for ecosystem, numerous benefits for consumers, including to strengthen safety car, provide a richer user experience, and a set of new products. From the Angle of manufacturers, this also is helpful for manufacturers to establish good customer relations and increase income.

in the world, cash 23 million vehicles have been connected to the Internet, and that number is expected to increase to 152 million. Back in the history, GM has always been auto additional service core leader, such as OnStar (OnStar safety services). In the past year, the new vehicles are equipped with 4 g mobile hotspot, and in the future, there will be more service into reality.

auto manufacturers to cater to this trend, at the same time, new vehicles will be equipped with value-added Internet of things devices. Let’s take a look at the new Internet car service and Internet of things become new ecosystem system based the reason.

mobile hotspot

driving a car should be disconnected days gone forever. Nowadays, many automakers introduced function of vehicle-mounted mobile hotspot, provide real-time connection service for drivers and passengers. In addition, gm and audi by audi Internet service for vehicles equipped with Gemalto mobile hotspot. And ford motor through blackberry QNX (on-board system) driver’s Sync 3 (on-board entertainment communication system), has covered more than 30 million cars and 30 million models.

it is because the car manufacturers are developing can via the Internet platform, connected mobile operators for passengers is expected to connect car-mounted network, the use of computers, smart phones and tablet computers to watch movies, browsing the web and access to social media. And the driver, of course very happy to see carmakers such wonderful driving experience.

online update

auto software update online is similar to today’s smartphone software update. The vehicle’s software updates via a wireless connection is complete, which makes the carmaker and the vehicle to realize the direct connection, instead of through distributors.

to be able to do so is very important. Because in the past year alone, there is more than 60 million vehicles have been recalled in the United States, many are due to software failure. For car owners and car manufacturers, recall costs and burden extremely serious.

many automakers are stepping up the pace of research and development of online services. Thanks to Gemalto audi, can through online technology in audi interconnection services provide parking space and price information. While gm use online technology to update the bluetooth platform, and through the OnStar embedded connection platform. Online update has gradually become a new standard in the auto industry. Chrysler Uconnect (Chrysler), Mercedes – Benz mbrace (mercedes-benz, BMW ConnectedDrive (BMW connected drive) and Toyota Entune (Toyota Entune system) are regular online push firmware update to fix its product software vulnerabilities.

Information entertainment

there is no doubt that cars have been able to make our phone via bluetooth and navigation, but can make us get rid of the cell phone while driving, use of streaming media application to entertainment? Realize uninterrupted connection through the Internet of things, today’s interconnected automobile manufacturers to provide a new interface for consumers to interact with services and Pandora streaming media content service.

the Internet of things platform also allows content providers to liquidate his service, and for automotive environment optimization content of the Internet. Car manufacturers, advanced content providers, and even the entity shop can use of the Internet of things, let owner free trial of their services and products. OnStar new AtYourService function directly brought business to the car. When the driver is still on the way to the driver and businesses closely linked together. Internet coupon service such as RetailMeNot and Entertainment, the Book can be directly to the car on the direction of the dealer shopping preferential curls to the car’s dashboard.

and Internet of things is not only to provide services for automobile, it can also make providers track vehicles usage patterns, inform the driver to try new features or upgrade services at the right time. Thus, Internet has become a help a strategic platform for the delivery and liquidation of these services.

personal and auto safety

security is still consider one of the most important factor when people buy a car. Now the Internet of things can make interconnection car always have security, even after the accident. For example, the Internet of things can let Volkswagen Car – Net with services such as have all-weather 24-hour automatic crash notification function, thus automatically inform emergency services when had a Car accident.

these may help functions are completely relies on the connection of reliable, low latency, because notice delay (emergency medical notification) or not is directly related to the life safety.

based on the amount of insurance

the Internet also has created based on the amount of insurance (UBI) this new value added services. The behavior of the services by tracking the driver, build personalized insurance rates for each driver. Insurance company previously confined to according to age, average mileage, accidents and calculate general factors, such as the rate of history, while the Internet offers a wide range of customization.

, for example, Allstate (Allstate) Drivewise procedures through small equipment to collect a installed in the car driver’s driving style. The device phone data points including speed, braking and driving time. By collecting the data, Allstate driver customized insurance rates for each, to encourage safe driving behavior and reduce the insurance premiums. Allstate also Airbiquity and interconnected car service providers (global car networking giant) reached a cooperation, to further develop and utilize the Allstate road driving data rescue program.

now appeared many startup based on collecting data for the driver. Such as startups Mojio commercial plug type module can be through the embedded wireless connection will QiCheLian to the cloud, and every minute to upload hundreds of data points, related to the auto tracking from the brakes to auto lock and a series of things. Mojio will use these data points and provide interconnection car service partners, such as can be measured by Concur gasoline consumption per mile, through Glympse provide GPS tracking (location-based services).

new business models

the Internet of things is the car into a powerful hub, can let developers, manufacturers and service providers to provide value-added services, and effectively change their relationship with the consumer.

networking services to strengthen the relationship between manufacturers and consumers, to enhance the brand loyalty, and at the same time in the life cycle of car developed new source of income. Carmakers can real-time monitoring consumer experience, strengthen product quality and research potential after sales opportunities. Service providers, in turn, also has the power to open platform application development, and thus innovation for drivers and passengers.

with the powerful Internet, carmakers are let user experience on the leading edge of the sublimation, based on the Internet of things services will establish a new business model. Automobile consumption is no longer a one-off consumption behavior, but to create a ecological system can be realized continuous delivery and service.

as more and more products from companies become more like the Internet of things services company, the success of the Internet industry will be the beacon to many other markets.

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