Can’t stand the customer service telephone service? Vivid with your new model for $300 billion

for most of us, negotiating with the customer service representative’s such a boring job. You are forced to repeat with down the line from anonymous personal information, until they can beyond reasonable doubt to accept who you are and your complaint is really not so important. But it is what we want to endure, we have had to endure.

Vivid want to utterly disrupt the process. Its smartphone applications are integrated into the company’s call center solutions, on your mobile phone and tablet in the form of visual display all the menu options. A problem, no matter when the user taps the mobile phone, as long as the view menu, select the adapter problem, then you’ll get more thoroughly, including pictures and sound problems. If need to contact the human voice, then the application will be via VoIP phone connection is established, and give a forecast of waiting time, and in the process of waiting, users can also continue to routine tasks. Once a connection is established, will give warning prompt the user to start a conversation.

the start-up company in Pakistan, but now based in London, is the app sales to corporate customers, these customers need to be able to apply this as a portal to name their own customer service.

stir $300 billion industry

Vivid co-founder and CEO Omer Khan had contact with Manchester city council in the UK for 45 minutes at the centre of the spirit of waiting, the conceptual idea. He also stay in such as Telenor, merrill lynch and barclays company and verify the effectiveness of the proposed ideas. “Worldwide, the contact center is a $300 billion industry,” he said. “I know the opportunity to provide a better solution is very obvious, because the existing processes to cover up the effectiveness of the customer service philosophy, for the most should help end users, it is frustrating and time consuming.”

according to Khan, the existing practice is extremely outdated and obsolete, they established since the 1990 s when changed again. He confidently declared that his solution for reducing waiting time by 10 times, and lost about 35% of the incoming flow. “At the same time let the clients more meaningfully participate in interaction, for infrastructure development, money and resources saving is huge,” he added.

money, more money, and then bankruptcy

9, according to the plan originally in Lahore, Pakistan incubation, Vivid seed money in two separate occasions, but was turned down by the founder of both. “In January 2014 and August 2014, we get the investment plan,” Khan said. “However, due to their low valuations and high stakes, both we all did not accept it.” Only in November 2014, when the company receives no matter there is still in the initial stake in appropriate quotation, Vivid accepted the investment. Investors portfolio including Sunbridge venture, rosemount group, telefonica, and Conrad lab at $350000. Cash is for Khan, because he is using the most of his savings to burn money, and fear of bankruptcy.

however, refused to investment for the first time is not without cost. Lost a co-founder, Vivid Riz Chandna, because he could not afford to pay his student loans, and lack of consistent cash flow, and forced to look at other companies. Because Khan can no longer pay salary, half of the original employees resigned. Despite these setbacks, he still insist on down, and hold on. “Business like a cockroach,” he joked.

at this point, Khan also have wanted to give the new entrepreneurs some advice. “Money is not will be very difficult, especially if you have a game changing products or solutions,” he said. “The key is, you don’t accept the damage of your offer. Believe in yourself, your team, as well as you think. Money will come to you.”

Vivid future iterations include to provide value-added service option for corporate users, including video content, had them, users will be able to participate when waiting to connect to the call center. Some examples are: chat application, company information, music, games, and video. This, however, is integrated into the Vivid architecture is still some distance. Now, Khan is committed to his ideas, and focusing on improving the service level, index and engaged in business development. “Time is too short, should not be put on hold,” said he with a pun.

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