Can’t buy apple table? Make a right

cloud network hunting day June 7 reported these products including top 1977 Apple computer and Apple II.

imagine if you met this kind of retro Apple II Watch will be how?

probably spent a month time this watch design, the project is a have a love of geek DIY project: 3 d printing. It has an impressive design! Senior custom preset the micro controller. The design of the countless clever function to perform!

don’t dismiss it! Under this kind of 3 d printing shell but they rhyme, (the color of the shell like try light sunlight faded beige) it contains a Teensy micro controller (note: cloud network editor king hunting Teensy is a very small based on USB interface and fully functional single-chip microcomputer development system, it can achieve a variety of types of project development and design), a 1.8 -inch LCD display, and can be rechargeable battery, and can emit various beeping boh boh 2 w small trumpet sound. It even has a tiny for floppy disk with the floppy disk drive. Although these are looks tall but nothing useful.

and because Apple Watch is the crown of “digital” hat to complete the design, so more its added a rotating button to implement the navigation and the function of the input.

maybe it is not impressive enough, so Aleator777 in order to make it a unique item vw’s wrist, he does not intend to a standstill. Instead, he hopes to launch a accurately to every step of the navigation products, which will of course include the need to establish files and software.

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