, came to power in a week, management is still “Steve ballmer, Microsoft’s”

cloud network hunting note: Bill Gates of Microsoft empire must have known no one answers. After retiring, gates empire legend still strongly. Now how to Microsoft, and think of the current CEO, is reversed course and is also often acquire it?

in August 2013, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Steve Ballmer, as long as the board of directors to find a suitable successor, he will choose officially retired from the Microsoft board of directors. Then, Microsoft’s new CEO twists and turns and the long road to find the beginning. But at that time, his successor has not selected. Therefore, ballmer promised to agency, deadline for a year, until a new CEO is selected.

in Microsoft’s search for a new CEO on the long way, so many prestigious name was a barrage of pushing out. Rumours of ford CEO Alan Mulally (Alan Mulally) as an external candidate is often put forward, and nokia CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) and former Microsoft executive Tony Bates (Tony Bates)) – for Microsoft to buy nokia and Skype, two people also is considered to be one of the hottest internal candidates.

in the competitive sport, who on earth? In the end, the board of directors chose sethi,, (Satya Nadella) as the new CEO of the company. Della is Indian, before, a former Microsoft executive vice President, director of cloud computing and enterprise group. (note: cloud network editor king hunting, Microsoft’s truly one of a number of important technical developers, these techniques include database, Windows server and developer tools. He is responsible for Microsoft Azure cloud services is respected in the industry, known as replacement for Amazon cloud services. Since 1992 in Microsoft office, because its discreet, slowly but surely style was influenced by the company and the love and respect. In Microsoft such an intrigue, infighting in the company, can have the existence of such a person, is a unicorn horns phoenix feathers.

, has got a degree in electrical engineering, computer science and a master’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). He developed in Microsoft’s online services and server and tools division department plays an important role. , made it the perfect combination of professional technical and business knowledge, partly prompted, your promotion for Microsoft’s new CEO. Further, the office, also meet those who called for a leader should be a Microsoft requirements of technical experts, founder Bill Gates is a real technical experts, but Steve ballmer is not the case. , at the same time, also puts forward a kind of satisfy investors management thought.

perhaps the most remarkable is that he and Steve ballmer is very different. , no ballmer loud decibels or passionate stage of tension, and a hair and think today try and punish him. As Microsoft’s spokesperson, Della, humble, meets the needs of Microsoft’s corporate image.

, the Microsoft of The Times, is the sublimation of ballmer era version?

in the first few months, Della he took for himself in the first year of good plan is determined. Then, less than two months time, Microsoft has successfully implemented early rumors, but has always been considered unthinkable: suit issued for the platform of Office applications.

it was billed as Microsoft’s big change. What is the change? The only care about Windows but suppress the old Microsoft Office time is over. Now, instead, a voluntary as any platform provides a new type of Microsoft software. During the period of Steve ballmer in power, for the release Office is seen as a wishful thinking. But signs herald a now, it is belong to the age of ballmer has ended. And some of the early signs will show that, the rule of will and former ballmer is different.

of course, in view of the announcement of its Office software is not really in the emperor,, CEO of 52 days of successful development. In fact, it has been a long time ago began to research and development, our forward can be traced back to Steve ballmer during the CEO. This dominated by, new Microsoft actually has been followed Mr Ballmer also lead the pace.

since the first day of the CEO, was regarded as a Microsoft Della “cloud, mobile first” company. And, in the company at the beginning of the fiscal year 2015, he was in a public email detailed elaborated this point. On the surface, ballmer expect Microsoft to become “equipment and services company, this is a big change, but when I see some deeper, it is only the old Microsoft in a new coat.

in terms of “equipment”, has been committed to Microsoft may be defined as a hardware company, Surface, Xbox and from nokia mobile phone business stays the same. This commitment has actually been comprehensive development: in October last year, the company successfully launched its first wearable equipment Microsoft Band; And this past January, the company announced its holographic virtual reality helmet HoloLens (is not listed). Actually, even Mr Ballmer did not “down”, both products will be under the leadership of Mr. Ballmer began to thrive.

in the same way, in terms of “service”, the purpose of Microsoft’s cloud computing product research and development, such as the Azure and Office 365, it is for the sale of the equipment. For the iPhone, the research and development of Office application of combined service for sale, and Android applications need to Office 365 subscription service to unlock its full function.

Steve ballmer – “equipment and services” business concept, and prior to “go all out in the cloud”, has been playing an important role. In the present, ballmer’s these ideas have been sublimated to, “the basis of the cloud, mobile first” label.

he became CEO, and in July, has introduced its first major initiatives: the company announced massive layoffs. The job cuts, resulting in 18000 people lost their jobs. Before that, Microsoft in April last year to $7.2 billion of “bargain” bought a nokia mobile phone sector, so Microsoft total received from the nokia phones, 25000 employees. So in the list of layoffs, about 12500 people from nokia mobile devices and services, accounted for 70% of the total number of layoffs. Acquisition is less than one year will be layoffs, cruel let the personage inside course of study of Microsoft, SOB unceasingly. Microsoft officials said nokia’s successful acquisition, staff turnover is a kind of inevitable result.

the rest was laid of employees is the original Microsoft employees, across the Microsoft and each department. Microsoft officials say is to improve the company’s “flexibility”. In fact, Microsoft’s corporate restructuring in ballmer had announced a month before retirement.

the same Microsoft dream: an OS “chuang world”

in announced job cuts after a month, in financial analysts call, again by the media cooing, praise him to give up the tactics of ballmer, ushered in a new direction: an integrated operating system was born.

this has become a Microsoft Windows, Windows RT and Windows Phone lineup of the terminator. In fact, it is also a development efforts. For years, Microsoft has been working hard to create a new single operating system, it will cover the traditional PC, tablet, seal equipment, mobile phones, such as support for a wide range of device types.

Windows release 10 surprise, make a plan to bear. This to visible and came back with a single Windows just let Mr. Ballmer “Windows everywhere,” a blueprint to completion.

relative to Steve ballmer, perhaps, in the first ever able to empathise. On mobile phones and small tablets release of Windows, the cheap authorization and exempt from licensing fees in the industry is request, therefore many people think that this led Microsoft took a solid step. It has important strategic significance, it allows Microsoft to reach consumers at a low price and the market, whereas in the past Microsoft may not do this. To truly achieve the purpose of the “Windows everywhere”, lower the price is can be said to be very important. If so, Mr Emperor, Della management during the Microsoft in order to this goal, than Steve ballmer made greater commitment.

people err. To err is human. , of course, there have been mistakes. A congress, women in the tech industry when he thought of thoughtful to say that “women should adapt to changing times, there will be a good fortune” who did not ask for a raise, the reaction was shock, is even more angry.


, immediately aware of their mistakes, and further explained in an E-mail to staff, said before is “totally wrong” (for the women to ask for a raise Suggestions), and then “slurred speech.

in the emperor,, under the management of Microsoft has been followed and Steve ballmer almost the same as the leadership of the track. This is not to say that, inaction. Shape, and created the company’s cloud computing. He just hasn’t really change, because the company’s top management seems to also do not feel he needs to change.

in general, the industry’s response to run Microsoft, far more positive than when ballmer. With some minor term adjustment and the inauguration of a new CEO, has outlined the company’s vision, the new CEO represents the excitement and vitality, not so much as represents a careful and thoughtful. Even though they are essentially the same, but the “new” Microsoft is still considered more intelligent than the “old” Microsoft, more concentrated.

to meet with a few good quarter, Microsoft’s shares were from time to time as $50 — a level since Steve ballmer as CEO after the first month of have never seen. Experienced early, rule, and face the most recent quarter results released, the sharp decline in the optimism seems to have also.

last year despite the downturn in the PC market, Microsoft’s performance is due to the updating cycle of Windows XP by encouraging, but also stimulate the development of the Windows business. Have already passed, now update cycle Windows financial performance can well reflect the PC market boom (or low mi). Cabbage of the price drop down again.

in the long run, Microsoft’s hope is its new focus, no matter what you call it “the equipment and services” or “cloud, mobile first” — can be make up of excessive dependence on PC sales. This shift may be, was appointed the CEO of one of the best reason. Because was the founder of the company internal cloud computing under the old system, so as the leader of the new company, is the most appropriate. New Microsoft may were blowing the horns, former CEO but new CEO gives its visibility and reputation has never experienced before.


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