British meggie: AR was applied to electronic commerce, online virtual dressing experience of ascension

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with the more and more high technology level, the virtual dressing technology is applied to life in the scene has become a necessity. Through the virtual dressing technology, not only can look, conveniently see products with different effect on humans, also can adjust to want to achieve the effect of individuation, so that users can experience a kind of spiritual satisfaction, is also a virtual dressing technology can pay more attention to the user’s experience, towards intelligence, automation direction.

cloud network hunting has focused on “the meggie” virtual dress system is a good example. British meggie is a start-up company in domestic, the current focus on the glasses of virtual test technology. Company two founding partner Zhu Yucong, Li Xiaobo technical ideas put forward in 2011, with the maturity of network environment and the market, in the research and development project project was officially launched in 2013. After half A year development be completed by the end of 2013 the first prototypes, team by early 2 people development to more than A dozen people professional research and development personnel, at present, the meggie has complete laboratory angel rounds of investment capital in broadband data, is melts the PRE – A stage of financing.

it is understood that the virtual dressing technology as early as the beginning of 2000 is considered to be the standard technology for improving online user experience, but because of the limitations of technology, has not been widely applied in the country. Today, the British meggie team will focus on AR virtual Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality Technique, referred to as AR) applied to the electronic commerce dress, successfully conquer the facial recognition, monocular camera depth information algorithm, the two-dimensional partial cover the technical problems such as 3 d. Zhu Yucong hunting cloud network interview, said the whole team in the field of computer vision, artificial intelligence and so on for more than a decade of experience, in order to launch such as real-time virtual apparel technology, monocular camera gesture recognition, face recognition technology products, and repackage commercially.

in terms of the current market, most of the technical team is blocked in the depth of the monocular camera access to information (technical implementation, performance, resources) to be obtained, the 2 d local will cover the algorithm of 3 d for a lot of teams would be a big challenge, the efficiency and effect of 3 d real-time rendering affect experience effect, the comprehensive efficiency and is technical limitations in the optimization of various platforms.

the meggie’s current main products are used for real-time virtual dressing technology of improving apparel online shopping experience, through the technology, the future users online apparel products of choose and buy, can realize the online like reality to look into the mirror to try try effect, as a dress to an auxiliary means of choose and buy, whether can see the color and style is suitable for oneself, to solve the “I” in the online to wear very nice. Zhu Yucong told hunting cloud network: “British meggie is currently the only can realize mobile terminal and web experience technology company, monocular camera depth information acquisition technology is a great technical threshold, because the technology is complex, many of the founding team is blocked by the threshold.”

the meggie team owns top computer vision technology, its biggest advantage is wide-ranging technical field, in face recognition, image recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, 3 d real-time rendering engine, etc, have deeper patent technology research and related technology, the advantages in the application of IT products of the future advantages will be more and more obvious, virtual reality, augmented reality, computer vision, interactive design of multidisciplinary expertise in interdisciplinary communication, no corresponding technical reserves and research, IT is difficult to make product.

noted the meggie’s profit way, Zhu Yucong said, “to the SDK to each big electricity free use, according to certain technology licensing fees charged by the user use, in this way a partnership with the world’s biggest electricity companies. Then cooperate with traditional clothing enterprises, help the electricity distribution to the world, we only need to provide the background processing orders, and collect a certain proportion according to the volume of technical services. “

about the future development goals, to hunt Zhu Yucong cloud network, according to the “relying on in virtual technology in the field of professional technology, through the way of the SDK license, to become the world’s largest apparel network distribution channels, the company’s future will also put this technology in apparel business development within each niche.”