Boss: core employees job-hopping, will talk about eight topics

hunting cloud network May 28 (compile: Sun Yang)

work is operations team. Therefore, the core employee job-hopping is bosses don’t want to meet or caught off guard. Eight American youth entrepreneur association member told us that at this time we should talk to employees.

The first:

do you have any requirements have not been satisfied?

ask them what is the driving reason. Pay too little? The burden is too light? Less attention? Most of the time is very good solve this problem, just some misunderstanding between both sides.

this is your last chance and is leaving employees openly. Continue to persuade them to leave or not the key point is why job-hopping. And if is to want to burden you or to learn some new areas of content, to retain some of hope; But if it is not satisfied with the work environment or profession is not wrong, as the other job.

2: if you are a magic brush, what do you want to use magic to the company improve?

a person move, does not find a job without passion. Than directly using the euphemism ask method throws “where you our dissatisfaction” is better. Is likely to be the “former employees” heartfelt words will help in dealing with similar problems later.

unless some simple questions, otherwise it is best not to retain staff in the form of begging. Who is not short of the earth will not turn. Companies need to have a good sense of belonging and loyalty of employees, but not you trying repeatedly to retain the “ye”.


add how much money we can make you stay?

this is different from person to person, we will according to the input and output than evaluate the value of the employees. If the employee value is very high, we will quote the original condition of double or even triple. This approach is especially suitable for “oratory, accessible, one will be hard to get” senior sales personnel.

I think hiring is about money, don’t be impulsive, right price will naturally will they left behind.

4: other home we can’t provide what treatment?

some people actually still want to continue to intend to move left, this is only talk about conditions of stunt. Ask them other companies can provide additional benefits, and both sides negotiate solutions.

5: our company have any place need to improve?

whether employees are due to the heart of anger, have better options, or have a new goal in life and leave, we all want to let him make Suggestions to improve the working conditions for employees. This shows your humility and an open self-improvement attitude, employees will give you honest response.

6: what is the root of the problem?

first take a look at this problem can be solved, if not, then see if the company itself has a problem. If is just a question of money, then discuss and see if it is able to find a mutually satisfactory conditions.

7: do you really consider?

I will ask my staff: “do you really want to good?” I understand their goals in life and will help them to analyze their decision whether can let them is getting closer and closer to the target.

8: can you tell me why?

I don’t think any boss will ask this question. Fortunately, we have not the core employees choose to leave so far. If really some quit, I would understand the reason to them. Only when we know the reason, we can find the root cause of the problem, through consultation, to prescribe appropriate conditions to solve the problem,

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