Blood and tears of the lesson: my two entrepreneurship is such a failure

hunting cloud note: failure is the mother of success is the cliche, this sentence is the road to success is mostly are similar, and lost the way each have each lessons and experiences, this article on self-knowledge on a young entrepreneurs to come to the conclusion that the failure of their own business nine lessons, provide reference for the fellow entrepreneurs and thinking.

real entrepreneurship should be: after careful thinking and quantitative calculation is clear as long as you do know it will prospect is very good, if have any worries and doubts, are the project does not have enough confidence, and then think about how to solve this or that kind of process, in fact just convince yourself, give myself courage. Make it a thing, most people should be follow.

casino-style entrepreneurship, or is lying to oneself, is either lying to others.


first entrepreneurship: a fiasco.

09 before leaving the university, my friends and I made a website that sells baby products and clothing. Team division of labor clear, complete, assumed but enough money, technology is a little short of but enough startup, no shortage of channels. But at the time of 9 months away.

at that time, actually we are not doing much, mainly is to sell goods. In 200000, thanks. Although small, but very heartache, then reflect on a lot, never forget:

1. The plan about the book, may be very difficult in execution. The direction of the fatal problem is often not big, but the accumulation of a lot of details.

example: good photo. This thing, and we didn’t do it at the end of the day. Especially the baby clothes, can’t use hemp beans, cannot use model, flat didn’t feel. After all, the TMD is bad. Such as such things very much. So, the project’s overall quality, it is a lot of details.

2. Do not understand industry, or know is not comprehensive, will often bring had never thought about the problem.

example: we do baby supplies, clothing. Because university in changshu, a lot of brand of infant child’s headquarters are in changshu, jiangsu province, there are also several relatively large brand of hosting operating companies. We talk about the several. Fatal question is: in the clothing industry, each type of clothes, at the time of purchase, must want to color, size and complete. A particular model, for example, there are three size, three color, so, you will each to a set of replenish onr’s stock.

before we do, just don’t know the rules of the industry, so the sales profit good size, switch back to a pile of bad sales size.

3. No attention to the core of the above.

example: at first, we focus on the site experience, commodity packaging, pictures, product variety complete, etc. Electronic commerce the most core part: to sell. Didn’t do something real.

e-commerce, light and electronic commerce. We should put most of the attention to boost sales, but we are all waste on many isn’t so important aspect.

4. Expectations for the project, more optimistic than they actually are.

example: before the decision to shut down, we can turnover at around $1400 a day, (though rarely but also good). After calculated the findings do not make money.

5. Most of the biggest problems, don’t understand the insist, give up easily.

in fact, all of the above problems, is not a problem, our team ability to complete, although hard, but enough money, although do not perfect, but later sales. At least see a beam of light.

we are the biggest problem is that, in the face of so many frustrating problems later, after the calculate is not making money. After just each have more tempting offer, we have decided to give up!!!!!!!!!!

actually, in now, it seems, at that time, if we stick to it, it should be the scenery is pretty good!

however, it always pays to young before they can become mature. Thank you so much for the experience.


: the second undertaking a disgrace.

after a period of time. I again according to the bear. Feel on the thinking and skills are lacking.

and just met former partners. Soon the time determined to do a web site.

two months ago leave, also reflect a lot:

6. Shares, dividends, and so on, it doesn’t count, to black and white. There are even contract doesn’t work, want to polish eyes, choice of partner.

as a junior partner, and the main problem such as agreed between stock dividends, investors haven’t been able to implement the company’s articles of association, agreement. In the end, to shut down directly. Very frustrated.

7. The choice of employees, if not both ability of cattle, and appropriate. So to find the most suitable person, not find skills cattle and then attempt to let him into the right person.

the more thought, in founding team, everyone want to be in charge of the part can acquire. Their things to make her be the best. Such ability requirement. But it is not that important.

is the most important thing. If your employees, with entrepreneurial mindset. Put the things in mind.

after work, what all don’t remember, don’t care about people, resolute don’t, once found to be such a person, stop immediately.

responsible for employees, for he is responsible for the project. Pay to employees in return for his pay for the project.

if you did it, he can’t. Then leave.

sometimes, entrepreneurship has to say some commitment. Commitment in the future.

how many entrepreneurs have to convince people who do not believe that promise his promise. My answer is: don’t believe, don’t stay.

yes, business leader is always a description of the future, draw some pie. But everyone should understand that pie is made to eat together. Do not to come out, it is pie, do come out, is the future.

so, want to choose the most suitable person, ability, attitude is good enough, enough, enough trust, this project team. Willing to pay, willing to make achievements together, and then share the results.

8. Should choose to have the market of imagination.

4 months to get revenue, later also received more than twenty. In the first year.

this time, I was frustrated, found that this project be the best, only few million a year.

this market space, really is small. We expected is actually must level.

just, we expect the wrong.

even after get rid of the cost, can’t take the team is responsible for the rest of the profits to me. How to give them a better, how to let them settle down.

9. The team leader must be better than anyone efforts, and let the other team members know and acknowledge the efforts of the leader.

I made a mistake.

I used to work at night, very late every night, the night during the day. Just lazy.

but, some colleagues, nima learned to me during the day of leisure, ignore I stay up until I die!!!!!!!!!!!

after a long time, not so good for people, will not suitable for more. Suitable for people, also can have ideas. Remember that.

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