Blog the undead, “blog spirit” shin

cloud network hunting note: can you imagine the blogosphere doyen Andrew Sullivan’s retirement? Does this mean that the rage of blog will be dismal end? Or new players such as Facebook competitor? Opinions vary, talk about, even the U.S. President barack Obama do not help. Blog whether live or die, however, take you to find out in this paper.

in the free blogosphere immersed years of Daily Dish (blog news sites) founder, Andrew Sullivan retired as a “blog”! This caused the society’s huge response, controversial, sorry, fortunately,, the people mourned the well-known blog’s dead, what is more expressed outrage (no matter and no one will follow). And I think Andrew’s leave does not mean the end of an era of called blog, but had to admit, it makes me calm down and think seriously about the nature of blog and its the future.

one of the reasons I hold this opinion is (individual as a friend) Andrew said he decided not to write a blog, mainly because of the daily post multiple posts of progress has been made him tired is already a limit (15 years), and people are old, cannot afford STH over and over again. When read his bio, I suddenly realized that although they do a serious blogs so far only about 10 years (published in the past, I have a link to the website, but personally think that this is not), have a solid is a year older than he. But it is also a crying!

mixed commercial blog

the other is a thought-provoking thing for Andrew to make a decision by a variety of reactions, someone says it’s only a matter of time, because he had become a parody of his own (individual creativity declining), but also somebody said sorry, can’t see him having a unique style. Of course, some people also think that blog in itself becomes commercialized died (precise, such as the product of American technology blog mobiles and other contemporary TechCrunch and the Read/Write Web) at birth. But many people argue that the blog spirit through like blogging pioneer Dave Winer, Jason Kottke, and Andy Baio the hand of the kind of person is continuing.

some blogs give up gradually in a larger “ecosystem” of the idea of a place (where they can be Shared with other blog resources and links), begin considering setting up a personal independent media entities. In fact, they are self-centered, more focus on the content of their own sources, to establish a specific fragmentation circle of readers, and develop this into commercial operation.

session against the spread of “viral”

in Vox, co-founder of Ezra Klein (Ezra, Klein) when it comes to accelerate the shift of other factors, that is similar to the number of Twitter and Facebook social networking site and platform to rise significantly. , he thought, the core content of marketing is to give personal information to get the spread of the virus type, and blogs in the past not specialize in the field more and more “popular”, its essence is various network session (at the same time, the value of blog comments significantly reduced also becomes one of promoting the cause of this phenomenon).

“now in the media world, access to scale means that the social network traffic. So poached from other blog links (from readers circle “precept”, inherit the blog the arrangement, the nature of the conversation, the instinctive quality) just can’t help it win as Facebook users. A blog is a conversation, however, essentially hard so-called viral transmission. Informally, we will share with partners they understand things, but this kind of thing does not include those things you need to see more posts to grasp.”

and another senior and respected blog Ana Marie Cox (American popular site Wonkette founding editor) in the daily beast (news) writing, think Andrew’s decision is a kind of literary style choice, he wrote later may continue in other genres. At the same time, she confessed to her difficult to understand the phenomenon of online articles are necessary. In her view, “a blog is a tool or a medium, rather than the things themselves.” In other words, it is just a particular genre of term or style, as we known prose, fiction.

authentic personal admits

however, I don’t quite agree with Ana Marie. I have been in love and will continue to worship some blogs, such as, Jason and Andy and John gruber, and extensive investment, Fred Wilson, founder of the posts they wrote many classic, fully meet the Dave, wenner on to the blog: the original individual admits. To be honest, unprocessed (and by other bloggers as handheld devices) blog, to me is always a piece of mysterious land, even though it is now more mainstream than the past.

but it is undeniable that the Ana said on the components of a so-called blog around us with a variety of ways. Blog just this world, no other platform can publish and share ideas, not to mention the interaction with other authors or readers, really is a dominant, but now is such a platform, or a dime a dozen. We can started on Twitter, Snapchat and sets, can also on Facebook, Google +, Medium, or on other sites post, talent. As she tells:

“nowadays, those who let blog of its own advantages and limitations of ceased to exist, although it was once a one-to-many Posting of the reigning king. Other options, such as Facebook (early in the age of blogs is limited to the campus education institutions), sets, Vine, Twitter and Snapchat, there are some children idiomatic but I was informed.”

blog spirit still plays a light and heat

the Ana thinks, adhere to is similar to a genre of your blog’s behavior is against the trend of The Times, is like wearing shoes, or abandoned warehouse perfect porsche, choose open t sports car, or open t also thought cool out (no problem). And she also pointed out that in the Medium or Facebook Posting the convenience of comparable in the peak stage of blog, and may even exceeds, win the favor of the more and more people. According to observation, such as the New York times newspaper has also been streamlined a lot of blog writing, will these content into one page.

however, I was very miss the digging well in the blog post or comment on certain people. As I earlier nostalgia theme “recall the past good times” mentioned, in the most let a person want to stay a little of that era, that is you have your own real estate, rather than to Facebook, Twitter or Medium leasing. That is why I have a special liking to like Indie Web site, only because they are committed to a repeat of the blog section characteristics and correlation between early blogosphere.

it is also the Ana said is correct, that is the spirit of blog (or share your thoughts, links, and absorbs the desire or comments, sometimes strongly in the need of real-time communication) is still alive, and than there used to be more popular and practical and effective. This is definitely a good thing (even if sometimes you will feel unbearable noise). However, when we learn that admire the guy decided to suspend its business for 15 years, step back, the old man like me all feel very sorry.


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