Big data + artificial optimization, hiring a treasure to become efficient intelligent search

(text/Yang Sihui)

how can the right talent with the suitable job opportunity match? This is all recruitment platform have been strive to solve the problem. Hiring a treasure (pinbot) based on the algorithm and the combination of artificial way, provides a set of their own solutions.

hire treasure focused mainly on the Internet industry in the high-end talent market, based on the technology of data analysis, understand the recruitment requirements, and provide personalized talent recommendation for business users.

employer treasure CEO garden to hunt cloud network, said: “in fact, what we do, and headhunting is very similar. We play a bridge role of docking recruiters and job requirement, but we are also a new role, through systematic, digital, copies headhunting, and do better and more efficient.”

made search all know, in headhunting company usually 3, 4 years career will encounter bottlenecks. When the master a certain amount of information, resources, and search skills, have the ability to start a headhunter. It is for this reason, the Chinese market as many as 300000 head-hunting team, more than ninety percent of them are small search.

square garden tell hunting cloud network: “we hope that through systematic, intelligent solutions instead of small and medium-sized executive search firm, hope after five years the domestic only less than 3000 headhunting companies, the executive search firm with yourself and enterprise and job seekers long-term cooperative relations, to maintain their market share, service is the most of enterprises and the on job seekers.”

for corporate users, simply login to hire treasure for recruiting requirements of information input, employment will treasure parsing, matching demand for recruitment, and recommend suitable candidates to enterprise, each recommend only 3 ~ 5 candidates resume. Producers have recommended, optional direct download links, confirm or send to the objective.

for talent, how to make their position in the environment of private choice also hire treasure issue of concern. On contact, adopt the method of step by step, first, by means of E-mail communication for candidates to understand company, enterprise’s intention to invite candidates received mail, can choose “interested” or “not interested”. At the same time, the employer will treasure records user behavior analysis, user preferences, so that the next recommendation conforms to the position of user requirements.

the current employment of C end products fit all mobile end page. Next, hiring a treasure will pick up detail letter, when you have new job selection is a micro letter will receive messages, users can choose to collect, interested, not interested.

on the talent service, hire treasure take the way of quality activities in combination with high-quality supporting services for high-end talent in the service. In addition, square garden, said for job seekers to find suitable for their work is the most important part of service. Before hiring a treasure to focus on applicants resume, through the analysis of the position is expected to help job seekers affects the possibility of post delivery, the degree of competition, the matching degree, success rate and other data, in order to improve the job search accuracy.

square garden, said: “most is currently looking for a product is considered to have a role at the moment of delivery only, but we believe that people do a lot of decision-making behavior, before the CV so we also want to job seekers to guide and manage expectations in the workplace.”

hire treasure version 2.0 at the meeting the following functions: tell the user which position is suitable for yourself, which position is challenging, which position will not succeed. So, hiring a treasure in the expected before delivery management. After this step, the resume the deliverer accuracy, compatibility, the success rate will be higher.

before the Spring Festival, hire treasure launched a side product called “calculate salary”. Users with education background, working years, job experience, such as labels, they can calculate the current average salaries and wages. This little tool in 0 cases, pv has reached the daily average of more than 30000. Another called “competitive” small products, according to the situation of job seekers to analyze its competitive, to apply for a job, and good results have been achieved.

in terms of competing goods, hire company President history but think, hiring a treasure compared with yesoffer, 100 offer recruitment software will pay more attention to the recruitment to apply for link moved to online, simplify the offline process, save time and effort to save money. In addition, hiring a treasure to focus on job seekers expected management position other recruiting companies not involved.

at present, hire treasure team already had 23 people, including senior product from alibaba, tencent, IBM, senior technical staff, including senior HR. Hunting cloud network understand, treasure in July 2013 to complete an angel round, has launched A round of funding.