Best uav companies jiang discuss the silicon valley venture capital, the valuation to the billions of dollars

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according to foreign media source of science and technology, xinjiang is and silicon valley’s top venture, discuss the financing issues. In the new round of financing, big valuations of xinjiang will achieve “billions of dollars”.

although we don’t know this financing specific values, but we may infer from the xinjiang last year’s sales. It is understood that the xinjiang total sales last year reached $500 million, that figure is four times the size of 2013, in addition, xinjiang also plans to implement double sales in this year – $1 billion.

big xinjiang was established in 2008, the founder of Wang Tao graduated from domestic professional automatic control technology and robots at the top of Harbin institute of technology. After media reported that the big consumer of xinjiang aerial drones, global civil small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market share of about 70%.

xinjiang the secret of success, is for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the field of consumption market, provides the reliable advanced products, and can control the price to an acceptable range. , we present the Phantom Vision + 2 aerial drones selling price is 6499 yuan RMB, only is basically an entry-level SLR camera prices. But the Phantom 2 price is 4699 yuan only. Xinjiang new enlightenment of series unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the main high-end, sells for 18000 yuan.

all the current total number of employees in 2800, the main market in overseas, especially in the us market. It is reported, “with the number of competitors (facebook, amazon, and 3 d Robotics, qualcomm brought $50 million), the xinjiang will use the new technology research and development and expand the international market.

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