Believe it or not, now samsung has produced the biggest sincerity

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not surprisingly, already have stripped off samsung flagship 2015 – samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge as samsung The Next come on March 2, they are samsung for The first batch of 2015. Both products, shoulder the task of samsung in 2015 to build, on the samsung challenge apple’s hope, also represents the samsung’s ambitions.

brilliant reshape

samsung on 2014 S5 self-confidence, too, lost jingzhou, with lack of industrial design, relatively backward not screaming hardware configuration and the price of the happy feeling to tempt consumers still tolerance of toothpaste type to upgrade its products can reach the height of the apple, but the results are obvious, profit shipments both fell, samsung shengshi crisis in 2014. The decline of 2014, samsung became the spotlight; While apple and domestic became the biggest beneficiaries of samsung 2014 careless. Apple in the high-end market will be a release backlog domestic demand, in the first quarter alone had $18 billion in profits; Domestic is harvested in the mid-range market belongs to them. Samsung products are flanked on both ends, between apple and domestic brands is submerged by the news of the samsung recession. Under this background, domestic manufacturers have grandiloquence, seems to do the on samsung is a few minutes, samsung seems to have is the sunset, so wall when they push, a look of the dying.

to a crisis of the 2014, samsung natural dare not neglect. The latest S6 department is to determine whether the samsung 2014 bad luck will continue into 2015, S6 is natural also hosted the samsung reshape the hope of glory. The industry earlier rumours, samsung after the 2014 crisis oath in 2015 to make new changes. Zero, in order to in high-end thrive with apple tied; Concise line, in low – and better cope with competition from domestic brands. But the good news is that on the S6 department, we see the samsung in high-end changes.

samsung change firstly embodies in its industrial design: the industry of the changes in the industrial design is satisfied, the praise, have said this is the most beautiful samsung ever flagship model. Indeed this is the most beautiful flagship samsung ever, samsung in the Galaxy S6 is abandoned since the Galaxy S3 has continued on design style, also no longer use the material of plastic band-aid type; Instead to use better for consumers like double glass and metal box, S6 system integration of ultra-thin metallic glass sealed fuselage design make the product more young, more show vitality and fashion; And also to join in a more high-end S6 edge industry alone has the hyperboloid side of the screen, more add a lot of sense of the future. Is for samsung, these changes are welcome, although in my opinion, samsung S6 series product is far from perfect design in industrial design, the back of the camera projection cause abrupt perception, the design of the new lost removable battery and three prevention function. But just as apple launched domestic iPhone, has made the consumers hope of change over the years, other also don’t have to do more hard on.

samsung’s second big change is in the built-in applications: android industry in the past, there is a common fault in the mobile phone back has been pre-loaded with a large number of applications, and whether the application of practical, is a popular consumer favorite? Handset makers are not ignored, samsung also like other brand, naturally in the mobile phone back will come with a lot of application, and uninstall these pre-loaded applications also carries the risk of cell phone lose the warranty qualification, android users suffer, it is no wonder that there will be a android vendors will be pre-loaded with a cellular phone as an important selling point. In 2014, the android this situation is improved a lot, this year, samsung has changed the turn. Samsung in its latest S6 are sharply reduced the pre-installed application on, compared with 40% fewer S5. Their application S series were excluded, placed in the app store of samsung, handing the user whether the application installation option, is responsible for the user, is also a good selection of self product evolution.

samsung’s third biggest change is to focus on the work function: samsung this change actually began in 2014 on the S5. I have said in the context of the “to:” in two flagship samsung this year conference for its agency are exciting signal, he marked the beginning of samsung abandon slick gimmicks, no longer use luxury configuration packing products, instead focusing on the practical experience, the experience with the actual work of ascension. Composed the upgrade of products, reflect samsung’s confidence in myself. Samsung also more and more for their own pace, on the concept of mobile phone also has its cognition and, for samsung, this is a great deal of good.” Although there are some error know exists, but on the flagship samsung abandoned ever show flashy bells and whistles, turned in the photo, improvement and progress to do the actual life, etc. This yes for consumers for a more honest.

challenge apple, whether tied

the most beautiful industrial design, less pre-installed, more focus, let the S6 became the most beautiful flagship samsung’s best ever. But of course, want to assume the burden of samsung remodeling brilliant, for samsung, samsung is one of the best the most beautiful is not enough, he needs to be in the hands of many competition to achieve outstanding, to achieve a consumer’s heart again. And at this stage of the high-end market, vertical in front of the samsung dashan is only the apple. S6 conquered the apple, to conquer the consumer also won’t be easy.

apparently, samsung also think so, only apple S6’s strongest rivals, so the focus of the samsung the contest of nature also lies in the apple. In this battle, samsung products implemented in the design of the challenges for apple and parameters on the rolling and follow up strategy.

Design challenge:

of ridicule on the iPhone design again this year, which would seem to give a good chance of samsung a beyond. On industrial product design, samsung enable new design, 6.8 mm double glass metal box design, pioneered in corning gorilla glass, the fourth generation and S6 edge is used the sole hyperboloid side of the screen, the sense that gives a person is also better than the iPhone 6 plus more sexy and future-oriented.

rolling parameters: on the product parameters, samsung S6 is 2560 x 1440 resolution adopted 5.1 inches of Super Amoled screen, 571 ppi. 3 g RAM memory, start the 32 gb storage space; 14 nm samsung exynos 7420 eight 64 – bit processors, 2600 mah battery, the double standard wireless charging and fast charging technology; 5 million pixels front-facing camera and 16 million pixels optical image stabilization rear camera, F/1.9 large aperture design, fastest camera start with 0.7 seconds left. These iPhone6 is compared, on the parameters is comprehensive.

Keep follow up

: in the field of samsung failed to seize, samsung keep the follow up strategy of fast. Apple’s Touch ID press type of fingerprint identification compared with samsung used on S5 sliding fingerprint identification has a better experience, the samsung then on S6 is to join the press type fingerprint identification; Apple first launched Apple Pay mobile payment, Samsung also follow up quickly on S6 launched their own Samsung Pay. In their own TouchWiz OS competition experience, but apple’s iOS system is used more close to Google native Android 5.0 system. Samsung this quick follow up, although the lack of the initiative, but with these, can give consumers a reason will S6 into the shopping list.

this time, samsung design with apple again although there are still a little gap, but the gap has more and more small, and on the parameters, it is implemented for apple full beyond and show all of their supply chain advantage, on the shortage, is quick to follow up. Combined with samsung on product optimization capability, samsung S6 is the power of what can be said to be strong, in 2015, the release of the domestic demand of apple may be facing more pressure and more challenges from samsung.

samsung’s ambitions

samsung at the conference, not only to the consumer and media reporters introduced the latest samsung’s flagship product, also is not only once again showed its self-sufficiency is more powerful industrial chain advantage to balance, but also the important signal of released samsung in the future.

1. samsung to get more in the field of the core components

samsung or as rumors gave up between two ship, break up with qualcomm, like their own Exynos attentively. In the core processor, samsung and change their traditional and qualcomm mixed use habits, to abandon the use of qualcomm latest use 20 nm process Xiao dragon 810 eight 64 – bit processors, to adopt their own production of 14 nm process Exynos 7420 eight nuclear 64 – bit processors. Samsung to on the core components from qualcomm, than for their own this processor self-confidence is also high. (of course, this 14 nm process Exynos 7420 is by far the most elaborate on the process to move the processor)

if we pay attention to, you will find the samsung S6 screen, processor, memory, camera sensor, batteries, and almost all the core components are all in the samsung of their products. Once again, the samsung show its powerful core industry chain advantages. Samsung to incorporate these their core components in its latest S6 series products, on the other hand, samsung the conference is also a large exhibition series products of its own core components.

it is well known that samsung is OEM and OEM components industry chain upstream suppliers. In the upstream components industry supply chain, samsung’s Super Amoled screen is widely used in the industry has been samsung himself, while the samsung 5.1 inch screen with 2 k hyperboloid side of the screen above can lead to more exclusive to samsung. In memory, battery, samsung is also the important force. But in the field of processor and cameras, samsung in share listed laggards, qualcomm and SONY is the industry leader; In processors, although manufacturers such as samsung Exynos series processors have been meizu began to use, but relative to qualcomm, samsung’s market share is too small, samsung needs with its latest Exynos 7420 for more. On the camera components, SONY is the undisputed industry giants, in addition to a few manufacturers such as nokia, including apple, almost all of the vendors are using SONY cameras. Samsung apparently unwilling this fat is exclusive to SONY. In 2014, samsung launched their own ISOCELL sensors, has gradually get rid of the dependence on SONY. ISOCELL sensors in samsung had begun to use on their products, and in the evaluation and the actual performance has achieved good results. Samsung also apparently also hope to better achievements in the field of the block.

2. cooperation dispute resolution

samsung this time also to bring a change is to reduce unnecessary trouble in cooperation way. Samsung recently over patent disputes with Microsoft, and the latest application pre-installed on Microsoft’s three flagship product – Skype, OneOnte and ONeDrive, and rumors will come with Microsoft Office applications, we don’t know whether this is an agreement with Microsoft over patent disputes. But I think it is a good phenomenon, with productivity applications, some end unnecessary disputes, this is a win-win cooperation, samsung, I also think that the future will take more and more similar strategy on product.