Because of taste: breakthrough guide “to the store as the core” catering, directly from a single cut

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a lot of people don’t know what to eat, routine is the public comment on any shops near view, or open Meituan check what’s the discount coupon, the traditional way of thinking is through the “shop” dimension to search for food. But want to carefully, eating at ordinary times, in fact, the most direct think of a single food, such as want to eat steak, so why not directly near the information about the steak directly to consumers?

however, hunting cloud network recently focused on “App for flavor” is alone. Taste is a gourmet content for sharing App, users can browse or multi-dimensional search share food information, sharing of food they have eaten or view the related food project. Guide in fact, because of the taste is also aimed at food and beverage, but logic breakthrough “to shop as the center” the normal play, but directly through a single food dimension, more directly to help users to search the demand of food.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting for flavour is queuing network, a product. Originally do a call queue cuisine App, because this App too dependent on the company’s line products, development is relatively slow, so do a online related to catering “taste”.

specific terms, for both tool attribute and social attribute. For taste, recommend food and cuisine project for users on a regular basis, so the user does not know what to eat to a more direct reference; Then users can share food, also can give food grade, about food do an objective evaluation to guide the user consumption; And because of the taste such as labels, cuisine, ingredients, flavor dimension to find food, the same food as the core, meet the needs of user to hang out with looking for food. Team leader told hunting cloud network, due to the latest version can take food to share video, and temporarily haven’t seen the similar system in the field of food has the function of video sharing.

look from another Angle, because of the taste can be understood as a food photo sharing App, but it is different from the food color, write the pie and so on, due to taste not only care about the quality of the food pictures, is a food flavor, cooking, food and other related elements blend in. Team head hunting cloud network interview said that “due to the smell of the main characteristic is to pay attention to the taste of the food itself, is not only the presentation, the user can through the description, grade tell other friends this dish tastes. Because of taste also through food feature from the festival, regional, a healthy diet, such as dimension, organization and enrich our content. In addition, for food will “move”, recorded video to share food, than ordinary image sharing more vivid and attractive.”

cloud network that hunting for flavour is the biggest value for users to search food provides a new point of view. Alone by itself in terms of function, because taste provide users more directly the taste buds of share, save user screening food process, direct feedback the dietary needs of users; Secondly because of taste to label, cuisine, search food ingredients, taste, and other dimensions, the user can own food demand are structured, more reasonable and accurate to help users find their favorite dishes. But there is no denying the fact that the conventional “to shop as the center” the dining environment has become the consumption habits of most people, and for the new play “taste”, the user’s habits to become one of the biggest challenges.

at present, because of the taste is still in polishing stage of the product in the absence of marketing, 2 months activation volume 30000, conversion rate of 24%, 94% month activity. In terms of the cultivation of the stickiness, due to taste group 2 ~ 3 times a month each type of activity, attract users to participate in, through the integration of the prizes and measures to stimulate users share content unceasingly, improve the user viscosity, accumulation of content.

team leader convective cloud network, “because of the profit pattern of taste from the merchants diversion of food and beverage and for the food industry customers (such as beverage producer) to promote cuts two ways. For taste experience of product also need to constantly strengthen, honing, lateral extension module “discovery”, in-depth and joint share user requirements to improve the process and content of, to help users find wanted to eat the food; Also extended to social content, such as: group meal in the App, discuss with friends what to eat, where to eat.”