Baidu anti-virus 4.0 original engine “eye”, how to network security innovation?

if baidu launched late last year “snow Wolf” engine let you shine at the moment, when you see that baidu kill 4.0 with independent research and development of the “eye” engine, will make you more exciting. Eye is the world’s first engine will be “deep learning” technology is applied to the virus killing the client’s product, is also the first application of the advanced technology of domestic PC products. Eye engine for baidu technology unique, its detection has stepped into the world’s top heuristic engine. Original advantages, based on the “eye” engine let baidu anti-virus 4.0 is expected to become an inflection point of global network security market, effects on the pattern of China’s security market is obvious.

baidu anti-virus 4.0 re-innovation, original depth neural network detection technology

in big ways, eye is a kind of heuristic engine, is based on heuristic rules engine, used the baidu original “deep learning” technology, greatly improve the surveillance of capacity of baidu antivirus software to find unknown viruses. Compared to the traditional detection engine, heuristic engine model is through the file information inference, the emphasis is on characteristic value of identification technology updates, solving the single feature code than defects. Compared with the traditional anti-virus eigenvalue scanning technology, advantage is that defense, against unknown viruses is qualitative leap feature value recognition technology.

second, “eye” engine “deep learning” technology of antivirus software can be used on a deeper level to understand the difference between the virus files and secure file, make the virus recognition more accurate and comprehensive. The human brain is a deep structure, the thinking process is a constant iterative abstract, conceptual and continuously thorough process again. However, the traditional “machine learning” technology can only do simple classification, due to a lack of thorough reasoning and understanding of the virus file, to identify the virus ability is limited, false positives are difficult to control.

last year, baidu antivirus to launch the research of “snow Wolf engine”. As a basis for killing the engine, local snow Wolf engine for the file identification provides unpacking, shells, and resolution of format at the same time, the ability to support the basis of focuses more on the type of repair of infection, popular Trojan and script virus killing. In the APT attacks popular era, malicious programs are generally designed for developed by target, and the sample change quickly, which requires the engine capacity of the unknown file prophecy. A new generation of “eye” based on a deep learning and big data technology, capacity and a senior analyst at quite a virus, so as to further enhance the long tail of unknown sample identification ability, eventually and snow Wolf engine’s ability to form a perfect complement each other.

together by antivirus with baidu baidu deep learning institute (IDL) jointly developed the “eye” of the engine, the original deep neural network detection technology, is the world’s first to deep learning technology application in the client’s antivirus engine, can say this is a “production mode” huge changes, also will bring the baidu antivirus “productivity” huge boost.

so, compared with the traditional way of virus killing, eye engine what is competitive advantage, and in what aspects has carried on the increase, industry insiders, why give baidu antivirus engine “eye” such a high evaluation?

by deep learning algorithm, improve the “eye” engine killing toxicity can

compared with the traditional antivirus way, in terms of Trojan detection, eye on the package, shell, intermediate language, a 64 – bit application types such as sample made a special optimization, to further improve the sample free to kill the difficulty and the recognition rate, intelligent degree and even comparable with years experience analysis of virus analysis engineer, to respond effectively to the virus samples changing and the number of files the rapid growth of the new situation; Insight to the engine’s low rate of false positives at the same time, the third party test data show that eye in the case of do not rely on other auxiliary engine, the rate of false positives & lt; 0.1 ‰, according to understand this is due to eye engine by deep learning algorithm, can be more intelligent to find out the relationship between the black and white samples and characteristics.

, by contrast, most manufacturers use the SVM and the decision tree of traditional machine learning methods, it is difficult to do in the case of without relying on cloud widely, low false positives out; And baidu anti-virus 4.0 even in a month without upgrade model library, detection will not drop, detection ability half-life to seven months; In addition, powerful baidu antivirus eye engine, the model of volume only a few megabytes, strong function, small volume for baidu antivirus consistent advantage.

based on brain antivirus + + baidu baidu baidu big data processing, layout baidu security ecosystem

eye engine for original, baidu technology combines the baidu three characteristics: the brain antivirus + + baidu baidu baidu big data processing capacity. From the perspective of the technical characteristics of the “eye” engine, baidu will deep learning with the advantage of big data is applied to the anti-virus software, even 1000 companies have such idea, but it can only baidu in the current Chinese to implement network security field.

and, in the aggregate, technology innovation and causes of the core of power. Objectively, it is baidu artificial intelligence input on the business end of a liquid, the basic premise is to have such a core technical ability. Whether Dr Wu En of joining, the establishment of the world’s largest Chinese neural network is optimized to become more “wisdom” of deep learning algorithms, let baidu the gall.

for baidu safety layout, and let it be to the fastest will be the core technology advantage into practical network security technology. It is because of the improvement of the ecological layout, baidu safety from deep learning technology to the safe application of transboundary more unobstructed, Chinese the function of the neural network can play to the largest, also more practical. A company’s technical transformation of two companies cooperation depends on spectrum, and with a more popular word explanation is that baidu knows the most deep learning in the field of security, in the company of master deep learning technology and more safety.

network security market need to innovation, baidu anti-virus 4.0 pathfinder first

to the user, use carry eye engine baidu anti-virus 4.0, not only can intuitively feel “computer faster”, even for a long time not to upgrade can safe, fast computer operation. Carry the “eye” of the engine baidu anti-virus 4.0, compared with the first independent research and development in terms of “snow Wolf” antivirus engine baidu 3.0 it is a big step forward, the pursuit of innovation in baidu antivirus, the mapping is baidu safety determination to breakthrough.

today, as the virus samples and file number of rapid growth, changing the traditional machine them engines have do not have advantages in detection, in a race against the clock with malicious programs one false move may lose the game carelessly a bit, but this is not how much a company can solve the hard, network security has storm, need a concept on the basis of innovation based on baidu antivirus original technology make the engine more “intelligent”, is in line with the current development trend of network security situation.

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