Baby’s urine is “to know” intelligent diapers, hemp that don’t have to worry about the red ass

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LeiJunCeng said that “99% of life’s things need to be redesigned”, the traditional combination of cotton + talcum powder from diapers to replace the cotton cloth, powder for red ass is still needed, if the diapers are intelligent, can be changed? , hunting cloud network take you to see whether the “content” as the name implies.

smart cicada diapers through mobile phone APP and intelligent hardware connected to “pee remind + data + distance alarm” function, at the same time, in line with “the urine is in” philosophy to redesign the diapers: 0.09 cm thin, PU elastic waistline, S guide groove. Both, greatly reduced the time be in damp environment for a baby’s butt, so as to solve the problem of red ass.

smart hardware + phone APP

the pee remind intelligent hardware, with military level sensor, can detect change diapers humidity sensitive, it and cell phone use bluetooth connectivity, baby after pee, can quickly to mobile phone. Size of 7 mm x 25 mm round, the waterproof processing, also can prevent acid and alkali erosion at the same time, the built-in button type batteries in convenience stores, supermarkets, can work continuously for 1440 hours. Its design inspiration comes from Chinese classical “inset jades”, so has a light green jade.

we know that the baby’s pee happen when undetected cases, when the crying, inevitably because too damp, let the baby uncomfortable, in the long run, finally the talcum powder or ointment on the turn, but there are risks of inhaled powder, ointment has toxicity concerns. “Pee remind” is equivalent to the baby crying, “mommy, my urine, daddy, I piss”.

at the same time, the baby’s every micturition, also can generate statistics on the mobile end, including pee frequency and time, etc., may be able to let parents know baby toilet habits. But hunting cloud network don’t think the function is more practical, because, after all, is the child, “random nature indefiniteness”. , by contrast, cloud network think hunting “share” this wonderful: “hey, my kids today, a flood of urine four times”, “five times” my home… Parents, the child is a bit by bit joy.

in addition, also can realize out of range, immediately report to the police function, to go out when you can have a try. Hunting cloud network, however, always feel that such a small thing, it is the probability of loss is higher than the probability of lost children, will be careless daddy mommy even accidentally thrown into the trash. The core of the intelligent diapers is, after all, this is like a bridge, if carelessly discarded, the diapers will be instantly back to prototype, mobile phone APP would be meaningless.

now, than the slightly larger objects of a yuan of coin is crammed into a small bag of diapers, if small bag can make it transparent, or external stretch out a little reminder, then the probability of abandoned is greatly reduced. Or a change of perspective, to join the temperature sensor, and at the same time it has the function of the temperature detection can detect even a heartbeat, if exceed a certain amount of time, temperature, physiological characteristics, such as not detected maybe can remind users “I lost my, quick to trash can find my”.

redesign diapers “is urine is in”

the above mentioned “the urine is in” how to implement? Cicada cicada is an alias, this smart diapers have take the meaning of “as thin as cicada”, only the thickness of 0.09 cm, uptake in 650 ml, can do a promise not to leak, but given the permeability, so suggest a change at a time. So the question again, sometimes, baby’s urine is spread, so, if there is absorption percentage is shown in the mobile phone is better. Hunting cloud network in taobao found in the raise “may be the world’s most thin diapers” description. What, even the diapers are like smart phones with the concept of “thin”. Nature is the purpose of doing that in order to reduce the “wet” time.

you might consider frequently changing diapers cost problem, according to the prices on taobao, the raise 129 yuan contains cicadas intelligent diapers a pack and pee remind a smart hardware, each pack due to the type, roughly around 60 pieces, an average of 2 yuan per piece. But, can’t only buy a pack of average household, 10 bag on taobao, the raise of the raising price of 699 yuan, so calculate down, an average of 1 yuan per piece, the price is reasonable.

hunting cloud network also noticed that the cicadas intelligent diapers in U.S. imports two natural native wood pulp, cotton soft non-woven material, no ink does not contain fluorescent agent zero formaldehyde, visible quality is no discount. My heart, to do so just because of the product team, is a group of 80, 85, just after the marriage, pregnancy, production of new parents. BeiYou technology focus on maternal and infant intelligent hardware in the field of design, research and development, promotion, launched a series of maternal and infant intelligent hardware solution.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting, initiated by too firebird “2015 China innovation conference in intelligent hardware eggs and intelligent hardware challenges guinness solicitation”, the cicadas intelligent diapers also won the China intelligent hardware TOP100 in eggs, and storage into the time capsule.