Automatic friends “classifier” : PPLKPR discern who let joy who let you sorrow

if you don’t know your opinion about someone around? Now with iOS app PPLKPR, when they can see themselves in the face of someone with a heart rate monitor won’t be the heart beat faster.

this app with bluetooth heart rate monitor, monitor when certain people around you when your body would react. The equipment will be your biofeedback record such as happy, angry or sad, and upload a meaningful emotional responses for application.

then PPLKPR can determine who will make you feel pressure, who can help you to calm down, and suggest you to stay away from negative people, or even delete it think bad for you people’s contact information.

on the other hand, the application will remind you to good friends send text messages, or time with someone who makes you feel good to go out to play.

designer Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald are artists, they for a quantitative test project came up with the idea of the self. Before PPLKPR, they had the idea and tested in some similar projects, including us +, Social Turkers and Conversnitch.

McCarthy and McDonald at Carnegie Mellon university for one group of students were tested. In a week’s time, they use a wrist strap, benefiting subjects of emotional response and stress levels, manipulating them on social media interaction and monitor their reactions, in order to determine whether PPLKPR effectively.

heart rate monitor as other health monitoring and wearable equipment standard, PPLKPR issued. In addition to used in the tests, benefiting, other price lower heart rate monitor wrist strap and built-in Fitbit Surge and Charge, the Basis Peak and the upcoming Apple Watch.

even if the above equipment you a all have no, you can also use PPLKPR, as long as you and someone interaction in the application record for the people it is ok to have what kind of feeling.

Pplkpr website said in a video of this application will automatically adjust your relationship, don’t you do it yourself.

on the whole the purpose of this application or to help you and can give you increase the happiness of people stay together, avoid contact with people who make you full of pressure, and need not you to make this possible some tough decisions.

PPLKPR won’t tell you whether someone was blocked by others, or you will make others feel very stressful, but it will give you a good reason to away from someone.

you can say to them: “I’m sorry, but my application let me don’t go around again.” But this reason is far-fetched.