Attention: sole 】 【 5 million angel investment knowledge trading platform

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site founder said: “the vast majority of human knowledge is not yet on the Internet, in the form of experience stored in the brain, or exist in only an expert can read books and papers in”. Site is the ancestor of q&a sites, created the question and answer community method abroad, then have a stackOverflow, stackExchange vertical website; Domestic community q&a sites such as zhihu and Google, Yahoo, Baidu, 360, sina and so on various search engines, have opened up a q&a site/community/zone, these sites, the core is to match people’s knowledge and skills, bring convenience and value. Everyone in the imitation, but in market point of view, is not enough.

attention is a paid precise professional knowledge trading platform , on February 12, 2015, the attention is launched operation, hope to realize the fine management of professional knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge and the expert’s exact match. Focus on enterprises development, including program design/software engineering/industry application software, open source software, embedded, automation, mechanical electronics, Internet, hardware, smarter planet, cloud computing, Internet of things, and so on.

in matching accuracy, attention to knowledge through a detailed identification of classification and labelling, identify the more meticulous, more accurate find the expert to solve the problem, the higher the efficiency of problem solving, people improve the efficiency of learning, research and development and business will be higher.

search is related to knowledge, social relationships between people, and the market is to realize the knowledge to the people. OuYangXiong tell hunting cloud network, want to build a more reliable virtual community, the trust relationship between the two users is passed on the trust of the middleman between them, no trading can also be evaluation. Experts of self-evaluation and the user’s evaluation, information is passed to the user’s trust. The establishment of the trusted community, help to encourage users on the platform in a professional manner. At the same time, the in order to guarantee the professionalism of the knowledge transfer, market exchange process of exclusive monopoly, experts can not provide service for more than one user at the same time, users also can’t to multiple expert advice at the same time. Is to reduce the user’s turn to choose, but to ensure the quality of every turn .

in addition, users share interaction also determines the efficiency of interaction, which lead directly to the user experience and retained. Attention to provide remote desktop sharing and control, share the research object of the means such as video, audio and video, and text communication, through efficient online interaction to improve the efficiency of knowledge sharing.

of the team are from huawei, rich experience. Founder and CEO OuYangXiong laid the foundation of huawei cloud computing, successive cloud computing development department minister, cloud computing global sales director, such as position, who dominated huawei ten thousand desktop cloud, zhejiang a cloud operators at large cloud project implementation. Joint founder and CTO deng less before winter for huawei design department minister, operating system, chief expert signaling system experts, there are more than 20 years system design & amp; & amp; Coding experience.

when it comes to do the original intention of this product more, OuYangXiong told hunting cloud network: “one day, the classmate of the core technology personnel turn-over, upcoming products, but there is a serious Bug, struggling to search on the Internet for two weeks, to solve the problem. I said to him, “brother, this problem I happen to know, does your zha don’t call me earlier! ‘, he said, ‘early know, you know, I am willing to pay even if 100000 yuan! ‘

knowledge sharing, transfer of domestic websites, APP has a lot of, including search engine, search engine of the encyclopedia, know, vertical industry websites (spring rain, the law of dog doctor, online education), programmers website (soil cubic, CSDN), BBS (loris sailing), etc. But these are two big problems facing search: ( 1) does not give specific answer; (2) the need to study, identify and analysis, cost a lot of time and energy, low productivity.

at the concept level,, different from the existing question and answer site, community, the important thing is the paid fees. Question-and-answer site to obtain a wide range of development, in-depth development, the first thing to solve the problems of the answer need to pay, this is the core, is the g-spot. After all, this is also a process of qc and virtuous circle.

in addition, attention to the job sites, task to undertake sites, philosophy is not the same in nature. Pig eight quit, for example, a user experts cannot leave contact information, can not be private exchanges, for business content is clear boundaries to undertake the task of type business. Make inquires the connotation and denotation of all range wants wide, deep than the latter, with the convenient means of interaction.

overall, market includes two forms: q&a with job class. Is a question-and-answer website, but it charges; And job sites, but it provides a convenient means of interaction .

knowledge skill experience sharing it has been so, since the emergence of the human into the information society of efficiency first, it is particularly important. Network carrying the assembled crowd, provides the high quality of the mission of knowledge, experience and skills. OuYangXiong convective cloud network said: “in the process, the Internet is the basic of bearing, the search engine Google is the first generation; Wikipedia website, q&a site is the second generation; Attention will is the third generation. Is called the third generation, because the job, q&a site will include among them, supplement each other, form a new knowledge sharing transmission model.”

profit model, the market will be commissions experts platform used, deduct the 10% from each payment deal, but no more than 200 yuan RMB. Product development process, the application of 11 patents of invention, has been the Patent Office. Will include computers, the integrity of the product form the client, Web and mobile phone App. Computers now client has officially published and opening up, the phone App, Web version also are developing, will soon be available.

OuYangXiong tell hunting cloud network, at the present stage, for 5 million yuan of angel rounds of financing. Future plan according to the registrar of industry analysis, select and custom make inquires the son of the nature of a series of industry products, such as: takers programmers, legal advisers, more attention seeking medical treatment, takers tutor, takers language school, and so on, also open interface, allowing secondary development. OuYangXiong also admitted that the cultivation of the concept of product promotion, the user habit is currently facing the most difficult to overcome problems.