At this point that: the main concept of custom, the jewelry can also O2O

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at the moment, people can think of almost all industries has been on the road to the electrical contractor O2O, among them there are many successful cases, from to, again from to, such as time O2O entrepreneurial frenzy, but the new e-commerce business model in the jewelry industry has yet to appear, become O2O a gap in the market.

however, cloud network found hunting a product called “at this point that”, aim at the O2O is the jewelry industry, mainly USES the C2B way to complete the product design and production. At this point that joint founder xu before startup, a former law website marketing director of green dog. Left after the green dog, xu in an electrical contractor President Office for Peking University lecture met sail in the traditional jewelry industry for more than 20 years, the two men decided to set up a new online jewelry brand. “At this point that DIY with light, light the luxury of wind for the product concept, is committed to be China’s first” to commemorate the jewelry brand “, as memories, with temperature jewels.”

it is understood that at this point that adopt the way of C2B between designer and user to complete the product design and production, at this point that many products are designed according to user’s idea. At this point that the platform of planning, not only provides the platform for the general good jewelry designer, but also the user into the platform system, gives the user the right to vote. At this point that the designer platform, users love which designers can vote directly, when accumulated to a certain number of the votes, at this point that these popular designers will be put into production.

cloud network understanding, hunting in the winter of 2014, at this point that officially released its latest series product, the deer series series (LU). On the basis of “bending” and “details” fashion elements, the little deer series four category 6 item is the “play” the two popular elements to an extreme. Art of “bending” the visual effects, antlers rotation and arc line that is creative, the most attractive part of the reserves in detail, the overall simple and almost look extremely complex diamond, a low-key but can not cover up the collect inside individual character make public. At the same time, replaceable stone buckle design, add the practicability of the jewelry.

in fact, jewelry is different from traditional electricity product, it may need more real feeling and experience, but at this point that main O2O concept is how to do jewelry door-to-door service?

according to hunt cloud network, considering the operating time and the limitation of traffic, at this time that choose modified a saloon cars, as a small store can run everywhere, users in the online order, choose the car delivery value-added services, car open to users in the office or home downstairs, user downstairs can “into the shop, the choose and buy. At this point that the mobile experience center moved to the user home, this kind of marketing model to the real economy and online resources through fusion, let network entity economy extends to the virtual world of the front desk.

at this point that a new business model, as well as other O2O concept, the marketing concept is clever combination of jewelry brand value concept, design inspiration and fashionable element, the new marketing model will be the traditional marketing model to jewelry industry have a huge impact. It is understood that the traditional jewelry industry from design to product manufacturing to sent to customer, is expected to take 2 ~ 3 months. But at the moment that jewelry after a series of process optimization, and have their own factories and supporting team, coupled with the understanding of user requirements, design ago that jewelry design, production to delivery at this time only need one and half months time.

but at this point that due to restrictions of the rv operating costs of jewelry guest unit price is higher, at the same time also limited to the scope of business services. So the team plans to extend rv in June number, and enter the Shanghai. Hunting cloud network understanding, at this time that will be after raising the number of users, then the rv route optimization, to deliver a saloon cars often in the same area.

it is understood that at this point that has been completed A round of funding in the millions of dollars. Next, at this time that from a strategic height to further broaden the financing channels, expand the scale of enterprises, improve the development pattern. Validation team will continue to build brands, “rv jewelry take-away” business model, and copy the popular business to other cities.