At the same time of around 20 I how to create their own company

the author Jay Meistrich, Moo. CEO and co-founder of the do.

a year ago, I left San Francisco, sold all my possessions, and take up a backpack, 40 l started my journey round the world. I walked past the 45 cities in 20 countries, three Disney World, and a coney island. At the same time, I spend 50 hours a week, to create and promote my start-ups. All of my cost a little less than rent in San Francisco.

travel and holiday is different

more and more “digital nomads” groups, they live a geographical position are not legally binding as way of life. This group of people including software developers, designers, writers, journalists, engineers, and all manner of passionate to work, want to experience the world.

I think the wandering life style is very efficient to create a real company. I am ambitious to start startups — Moo. Do. The reason why I travel, because travel than to live in a place to spend less, more efficient, and more inspirational. Travel to my company, financial situation and personal growth is the most responsible choices.

become a wanderer is chance

three years ago, I was ready to leave Microsoft to San Francisco set up a start-up. My friend asked me: “now that you can work in any place by computer, why do you want to go to San Francisco?” His question sounds very reasonable. After I began to question “normal life” assumption, that does not conform to the meaning of our modern society.

I dismissed the idea nine to five job. I want to go to explore the world, feel the sunshine, rather than waste precious time in the office, looking forward to the arrival of the holiday.

I rejected the idea of calm. I want to experience a new culture, taste new foods, rather than look at home.

I dismissed the idea of material. It doesn’t matter the size of the TV. The small home more fun than me.

I denied boring idea. I have been surrounded by new places, and different people and experience. Since I travel, I still don’t feel boring, I even there is no desire to watch TV or play games.

I dismissed the idea of a bucket list. I have in hand a listing, is achieve its plan.

so I set out, take me to the life of madness and fresh ideas on the road. I spent six months in Australia, Asia and Europe trip. But the situation is not so good. I give up, or moved to San Francisco. Travel is very interesting, but I have a great idea, need to fully complete the work. Which than in silicon valley and creating a more suitable for my company?

but soon I found myself become lazy, easy to feel boring, easily distracted, also often watch TV. I in front of the computer for 12 hours a day, but don’t feel efficient.

a trip in New York, my friend go to work during the day, I will go to a coffee shop to work, also can turn a turn in central park. All of a sudden I became very efficient, 6 hours work 12 hours than normal before doing more. The same thing also happened to me on a trip in London. Around me was full of new experiences and new things, my brain becomes more active, even come up with a better idea.

after the clarity of the situation, a year ago I left San Francisco, dedicated to my wandering life. This time, I feel that I finally figured it out. I’m very happy, high efficiency, meet more new friends, find the problem need to solve in the world, successfully introduced a Moo. Do. This is what I have learned over the past year.

travel more economic than stay at home

this is according to my personal spending habits calculation of real data. You are probably not the same. Here are my living in Seattle’s Capitol hill hotel for a year, San Francisco Upper dropped-out kids hotel living through 20 a year, a year, and the average cost of living in January in Bali hotel. Travel more affordable for me. Because most of my cost on trains and airplanes, so if I stay in one place will be more cheaper.

building is slightly higher than the average rent of $3120, San Francisco and Seattle’s rent is less than $1800.

I San Francisco and Seattle friends often ask me: “where are you often travel, so money burden?” Don’t travel for me is impossible. Now I founded the company in San Francisco was run out of my savings.

I travel around the world, realize the dream, the average cost at $2921 per month. In Bali, the figure is $1200. In Chiang mai, Thailand, the total cost is $641 a month.

travel makes me more efficient

the first began to travel, I is a great tourist, taking pictures, according to the travel guide to finish all of the project. Tired after a few weeks, I suddenly understand me this is not on vacation. Now, travel is my life. So I slow down, I realized that if I have a month to explore a city, there are some things don’t have to finish at a time. I could spend a few hours to visit, and the rest time can finish the work.

I was very surprised to find that I more efficient in the travel. This makes sense. If I only a week in Rome and wandering how can have time on Facebook? Has long been surrounded by fresh things, increased the joy of my life and focus, and even made me feel more healthy and creative.

in Seattle in June sales vs September trip efficiency, to RescueTime measure.

June I go back to Seattle to work with co-founder, formulate a long-term plan. Surprisingly, my development efficiency is much lower than when travelling. No change of the length of time working on a computer, but more easily distracted by Internet and television.

even if I went to six different cities in September, I will still be able to efficiently work 48 hours a week. More concentrated in the work, give me more time to enjoy life, this makes perfect sense to me.

nine-to-five isn’t the most ideal

than work in the day, evening entertainment, I prefer to enjoy during the day and night to work overtime. When I want to go out to play, get up also become more relaxed, I also don’t have to spend time on my way to work, so more part time in a day. I like to work seven days a week, flexible working hours a day, so that I can in the afternoon sitting on the empty the cinema at 2 o ‘clock.

when working in the office, I wasted a lot of time on the way to and from work, and often distracted by network. Now I will be done daily work into several pieces, use a lot of time to rest in the middle of the city, until I want to go back to work. Or when temporarily unable to solve the problems, I’ll go for a walk. Between play and work cycle, make my life easier, make me not easy to burnout.

in the days of Bali Livit is the most efficient period in my life. It is a residential complex space, three meals a day, so I can concentrate on work, don’t worry about other things. And only need to spend $1500 a month, it can be cheaper to rent than most of the city. This is a big trend, I’m glad to see such a lifestyle in Bali and rise all over the world.

travel let me increased cultural experiences to

now, my friends are everywhere in the world, they have totally different experience with me. They give me thoughts bring a fresh perspective. The way I look at problems become internationalization, this to my future is very helpful to become a better entrepreneur.

knew great people and learn from them is easy. A lot of cities have common office open to digital nomads, here to meet colleagues and partners from all over the world. Rangers in Reddit and Nomad BBS on communicate with each other, a member of the chat room has more than 1000 people (and growing), the group also meeting in organizations around the world.


like homeless life and the work is not so easy. To travel than stay at home more economic, efficient and inspiring. Work at the office has become a thing of the past. Digital nomads revolution has only just begun, I would be glad to help it grow. I want to with you, meet somewhere someday.