Are you ignore the potential of technology: qr code “new tricks”

cloud network hunting note: according to most people, it seems, qr code has been the relics of the old age. However, there are still some people believe that qr code if used properly, can still be an effective way of communication. In this paper, a variety of qr code related applications, use of little-known higher-order also mentioned, slightly to the mundane qr code technology put on a new meaning.

Internet users in general can be divided into two kinds, some way of knowing how to use the Internet of things, others with regret on the use of the Internet of things is not so flexible. Two levels of differentiation between the user, to some extent due to different users at different levels on how to scan the qr code to master this skill.

to qr code really work can take some more time. For example, most of us should have seen the VCR (family video machine) kept blinking 12:00, always display on the electronic clock. Although we clearly know the clock is to the VCR, but we don’t know how to do to make it work. In the same way, although qr code contains the information or a link that we more or less, we do not know how to apply the content of which contains the real to the Internet, in order to obtain more comprehensive information. Or, in other to light words, most of us don’t know how to make use of the qr code.

the fall of the old qr code, witnessed the emergence of new qr code

according to most people, it seems, qr code has been the relics of the old age. However, there are still some people believe that qr code if used properly, can be an efficient way of communication. In 2011, the United States market institutions comScore MobiLens service issued a report says one-third of the qr code user annual household income is more than hundred thousand dollars. In order to attract the high income people, Taco Bell Taco Bell) with ESPN successful cooperation held an activity, the activity during the scan the qr code for more than 225000 participants. According to the report of the BI SnapChat has also invested $51 million in the field of research and development of qr code, to expand the use of the service people. Another reported that song identification service Shazam is qr code technology focuses on research and development, in an effort to expand the range of application software.

qr code is not universally accepted, and the reason for this is not the qr code and the limit of the function itself. Qr code can be said that identification is extremely high, and almost everyone know to use by scanning the qr code. In the foreseeable future, we will gradually realize the qr code is not only a campaign to provide website links to chicken ribs, but an efficient multi-function information carrier. However, the only problem is that most people don’t know the specific how to use in practice. If for those who don’t know how to generate qr code scanning and the people, the introduction of the application will be of great help.

traditional qr code application essay:

RedLaser, a focus on improving the user shopping experience iPhone application free of charge. RedLaser able to scan qr code at hand, to compare the with online data in the database, to look for possible matches. By comparing online millions of commodity information, RedLaser can compare the prices of the goods, search and provide online coupons, and reviews for us to find related products. In addition, the application also allows us to sort out from individual scan a shopping list, to share with others.

QR Reader, is a can in the mobile terminal directly generate a variety of styles of QR code iPhone application free of charge. The application built in all sorts of qr code related functions, just scan with qr code is generated. In addition to scan the QR code, QR Reader can also scan and identify the words appear in the camera lens. Only need to put the camera on the text, the text on the slide fingers, QR Reader will change the text on the photos into plain text information. In addition, QR Reader can also scan in the QR code in the photo is stored in the camera film. QR Reader free version of the built-in ads, but can be removed within the purchase $0.99.

Scan, is a by the online service as the axis of the cross-platform application of $1.99. It can track the generated qr code usage. The application can be generated qr code for a small range of WiFi, help friends and family more conveniently connected to the WiFi. All this, landing only scan. Me website and select the corresponding qr code options can be implemented. Can Scan scanning and summary scanning qr code history. And it concise interface convenient the use of qr code and recognition to the greatest extent.

novel application of the qr code article

private ordering carbonated drinks: a fast food restaurant guest may have noticed that in recent years, the choice of soft drink taste has become diversified exceptions. The Coca-Cola company of self-help drink machines technology innovation, make consumer custom fit their tastes a mixture of soft drinks. To order drinks, first of all need to use and drink machines synchronous launch of the iPhone application Coca – Cola Freestyle (free) scan drink machines at the bottom right corner qr code (pattern in most of these drinks have marked). Choose no more than three drinks and adjust the mixing proportion of various drinks. For example, consumers can choose mix 10% of Sprite, raspberry flavor zero fanta and 20% to 70% of the Hi – C orange juice.

COINS wallet application Hive: the currency is a P2P trading currency, the use of this currency trade consumption is relatively cheap. But the use of this service requires a currency called Hive wallet application. Hive the free and the application of multiple platforms, just meet this demand, its principle is the use of qr codes as a way to identify and sharing coin purse ID. Before that, the qr code in this field has been a lot of use. A Hive, we only need to show others the currency wallet ID qr code, while others use their phones to gently sweep can complete recognition and traded, since then no longer write ious.

SnapChat sweep out Snaptags add contact: different from the traditional QR QR code technology, sweep out chat software SnapChat Snaptags new function of QR code USES a different way. You can easily use this function to family and friends and colleagues to add to your address book. Compared to traditional QR codes cold two-dimensional square pixels, Snaptags looks more like an identifiable common symbols. Use this function to expand your list of contacts, can choose to proprietary Snaptags upload to share with others, or choose to print in social distribution of card.