Apple Watch will start at $349, log in China in April

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said, before the product quick reference:

1. Further introduces the new Apple product line Apple Watch. At the same time released iOS 8.2. Apple released Watch for information and launch date. On price: sports section 38 mm version starts at $349, $399 42 mm versions. 38 mm standard edition version will start at $549; 42 mm version of $599. And the trench was more like custom limited edition price for start at $10000. On April 10 accept reservation, on April 22, starting area contains the mainland and Hong Kong. Trenches, on!

2. Update Mac product lines, introduced a new 12 inches of all metal fuselage MacBook, Intel Core M14 nano process processor, USES fanless design, using 2304 * 1440 resolution Retina display screen, use a lot of new designs, such as keyboard with butterfly structure, layered battery design, etc., the USB – C interface, with silver, grey, gold 3 kinds of color. 8 gb of memory + 256 gb SSD hard disk, on April 10, goods, the price of $1299.

3. Based on Healthkit launched specifically for the software infrastructure – Researchkit medical research. Reveal its ambitions in health care.

4. Apple TV, announced the price to $69, and introduce the subscription channels such as HBO NOW.

open stuff, eyes fixed on March 10, 2015 — “on March 10, 2015, lunar January 20, on Tuesday, b not years, [should] sacrifice, healing, broken house, bad huan. Things don’t avoid 】 【 avoid.” Also difficult to sleep tonight, 1:00, the yerba buena center in San Francisco, Apple updated many product lines, of course, more important is that Apple had removed Apple Watch all the veil, a year’s plan at this time, Apple Watch is also a time to meet with all of you sincerely.

Apple Watch as the most popular on the market at present intelligent wearable devices, in fact, as early as September 10, 2014 American cooper, flint theatre of Apple conference has unveiled with iPhone6, bring an end to the heart of the consumers of YY. Around the Apple but Watch the suspense is still too numerous to count. , of course, the most attention is still Watch Apple’s ability to rewrite the wearable equipment market and bring the iPhone to be subversive, written Apple myth, become Apple’s next growth pole, and add to cook on a remarkable innovation manager of honor.

we are first combined with the basic information of the past all information to watch Apple do a summary:

Apple watch with silver, gold, red, green, white colored, common, motion, custom three series; And according to the dial can be divided into two different size 38 mm and 42 mm, dial square front is a piece of 1.65 inches 2.5 D have waterproof function sapphire cover screen, frame is stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and 18 k gold three kinds of color material, digital crown on the interactions of the core, by turning the digital crown can enlarge or shrink the screen display content, or select the feature list. Using magnetic MagSafe plug, support wireless charging; Built-in speakers, tactile sensors, the heart rate sensor, speed sensor; In order to better perception and remind, apple joined Force for its Touch, Glance and called Taptic Engine linear actuator; Carrying S1 chip, cooperate with built-in sensors, make its have active sensing function, support wi-fi 802.11 b/g protocol and bluetooth 4.0, support for NFC. Running Watch OS operating system. Its support for telephone, voice back to SMS, Apple Pay, connecting car, the weather, flight information, map navigation, play music, measuring dozens of functions such as heartbeat, step, and now owns thousands of applications. On price: sports section 38 mm version starts at $349, $399 42 mm versions. 38 mm standard edition version will start at $549; 42 mm version of $599. And the trench was more like custom limited edition price for start at $10000. On April 10 accept reservation, on April 22, starting area contains the mainland and Hong Kong.

a, why Apple can Watch exclusive privilege of

Apple Watch may be Apple’s products over the years, the only enjoy the benefits of the two conferences such super luxury products. Apple conference at the flint theater in the past year, she is the leading role, apple spent a lot of time to show this product. Today, she is still a leading role, apple once again to show her to consumers around the world. Why she got so love apple? Because she has shouldered, she is the apple the key of wearable equipment market; More important is that she is the apple had high hopes of the next growth pole.

for the wearable device market leadership

since April 2012, Google will Google glasses into reality, wearable device the fresh markets immediately are famers, and is regarded as the most potential after the smartphone market. Major technology companies have tried this hasn’t been to control water mining of gold mine. For all kinds of bracelets, watches emerge in endlessly. But so far, none of gratifying achievements in wearable equipment market. Therefore, the market needs to be a better guide, need a real leader. A new definition for wearable equipment market, and as the consumers’ mind innovation model of apple was high hopes. Expect their products to redefine wearable devices, bring the iPhone to be reversed. Naturally, the Apple Watch by Apple also given such a mission. She will be the apple for a wearable device market the key to the leadership.

apple had high hopes of the next growth pole

but Apple Watch by Apple’s value more important reason is that it is Apple had high hopes of the next growth pole. Though as the most valuable technology company apple, but apple is not rest easy. Through the first quarter of 2015 of the latest results we can find that the iPhone has founded apple absolute core business, accounted for 70% of the revenue of apple. The iPhone is the key to support apple standing the skyscrapers, apple’s south sky pillar. Apple has the iPhone business has a severe dependence. But for a single product transition rely on, is a for apple and its signal of danger. With the advent of innovation bottleneck period, smartphone homogeneity is more and more serious, rivals to follow the pace of progress faster and faster; Apple is hard to get out amazing innovations in the iPhone, lead to a lot of friend of apple’s innovation. Along with the latest iPhone6 & amp; Six plus the launch of apple depression for years to its domestic market demand for a one-time release, so after the release of apple will face the more revenue uncertainty. Apple needs to get rid of the dependence on the transition of the business, create new product lines, to create the next growth pole. But in terms of Apple’s product line, and sales, Mac’s share is not enough, apparently, Mac cannot undertake the task, only the latest Apple products Watch Apple’s hope. So the attention, nature is taken for granted.

cook, 18 k gold version of the Apple Watch selling price will be $10000

2, Apple Watch the positioning problem of

conference in September last year, we can know that Apple Watch along with gold, silver, red, green, white five kinds of color, is divided into ordinary, sports, custom libraries in three series; But have two kinds of size, different sizes have different prices, from the most basic $349 to the level of luxury, this could be you see apple ever give you up to the choice of a product. Always give consumers only rarely choose Apple, it in the Apple on the Watch shows like MOTO can be customized options. Obviously, apple wants to provide consumers with a wider choice space colleagues also attract more consumers to choose this product.

and throw this complicated choice, Apple Watch positioning, but also another mist hanging over it of her. Is she a cool technology or luxury fashion products or the intersection of technology and fashion, the intersection products?

from Apple in 2014 conference invited a lot of fashion people to Apple, and Apple series of poaching fashion company executives, and a series of fashion magazine will wear Apple Watch models on magazine covers. Measures, can we seem to have concluded that Apple will be more willing to Watch Apple into a fashion product (it may be a luxury) conclusion. Or on the basic elements of wearable devices for Apple Watch fashion products, given the function.

but from the perspective of the conference of Apple today, the emphasis is Apple Watch functions, such as the traditional timing, or with other products similar to the support of the telephone, SMS notification, weather, stocks, flight information, Apple Pay, map navigation, play music, measuring the heartbeat, step, etc. What want Watch as Apple Apple, perhaps, the intersection of technology and fashion, is her way home.

three, innovation prover

may be the light is too bright, jobs that his successors will be slightly dim. Seem the most profound may be to take the jobs of the mantle, at the helm of apple’s cook. In fact, the cook’s achievement is extremely outstanding, his apple, value hugely increased, creating unprecedented prosperity. But with the advent of smartphones innovation bottleneck period and the centralization of the industry supply chain, and the security measures more and more difficult a variety of reasons, apple’s product line has been more and more difficult to bring the past consumer big surprise, more and more consumers are not satisfied with apple’s innovation ability. Cook’s apple, has received the unprecedented challenge on the innovation ability. Which Watch, after four years of the following the release of Apple really new products, will become the Apple responded to the question of the weapon, and if the weapon has strength, you will need to see how his performance. Of course, this product is of great significance to cook personally is also. Apple has been at the helm of Apple’s first Watch is cook new product. Apple Watch the performance, will be the best indicators of Apple and cook innovation capacity.

4, Apple, Watch the road ahead?

based on Apple’s strong brand appeal and strong fan base, we have reason to believe that Apple will Watch a beautiful success, will win at the starting line, for the industry, it has made a more optimized, the step of the larger, for smart wearable equipment market is also a strong boost. But the relatively high prices, can only be used with apple ecological sealing ability, as well as its core, or in a match as the iPhone parts, a substitute, is he not function status; And it is unable to solve the weak battery life for consumers such as crazy things and bring him more slots. Specific performance, but the market remains to be the answer.