Ao the car wash: grasp the southwest market, do washing O2O platform service first

(text/He Yuying)

about why want to do car market O2O platform, Li Zheng think the idea began with a joke. Graduated from the university of yanshan Li Zheng did four years in the splash network technical director, he found that in a market survey of southwest washing market basic or a traditional industry in the world, the Internet has not yet been entered. After he and colleagues at that time a proverb says if I go out and then start from the car wash, did not think of Christmas “whoa car wash” is launched in 2014, at the beginning of a joke into reality.

the ao the washing product form by PC and WeChat subscription number of two parts, the user directly click number WeChat service menu “immediately wash the car”, choose the nearby or like the wash, according to the corresponding car prices after successful payment for car wash code can enjoy full service.

Li Zheng tell hunting cloud network, because there is no choice products just launched independent APP, but use micro letter subscription number as a service platform, the main service just need such a high frequency. As the customer’s development and offline washing line increase gradually add car maintenance, beauty and decoration services, the final construction into one comprehensive auto service platform.

the traditional car washing market there are three major pain points: a, handle card system result in the user needs to undertake the risk of collapse of the wash, and no extra options, a membership card bound for customer choice; Second, the car wash service are greatly influenced by the weather, washing line in severe cases, waste customer time; Third, from the standpoint of the wash, low profits, new traffic not guaranteed is a long-standing problem.

Li Zheng against these pain points are also put forward some solutions, and apply to the project development of ao the wash. Ao the car advocate hit single car wash below member price preferential policies, and without the timing issue coupons, let the customer in the case of not handle card can also get preferential service, avoid the risk handling card system. Team are developing car wash queuing system, and improve the offline washing line coverage, we should try to be quick within three miles car wash, car wash service is online, help complete high profits into offline merchants, eventually reach customers, merchants, platform tripartite win-win situation.

Christmas is launched in 2014, opened in March 2015, ao the washing in the washing O2O platform has just started, when it comes to competition and market similar products, Li Zhengyou his own opinions. E little products such as washing the car, maintain a good momentum of development, occupy north wide market, but also has yet to form monopoly situation, expanding in some cities also encountered different problems. Because of the market itself exists obvious regional division, the traditional industry long wait for a reason, O2O hard dominance.

according to relevant data shows, in the latest ten big cities in China, ranked in car ownership, ranked second in 3.998 million, chongqing, chengdu in 3.361 million, followed by southwest can wash the car demand is big. Li Zheng hope to avoid the north wide, represented by chengdu, chongqing, wuhan in southwest China as the main market and development starting point, the main service in advance, don’t be too demanding customer traffic but put the main focus on the service, design the user evaluation system and user complaints mechanism, through the details on the perfection of improve service quality.

Li Zheng told hunting cloud network, ao the car is in angel rounds of financing stage, for the preparation of rapidly expanding market and users. In the development of the future will be introduced door-to-door car wash service, and to build offline store experience, cultivate their own car wash craftsman, do use services to retain users.

“if you choose a competitor in the field of all have no, you can only prove you wrong.” Li Zheng hunting cloud network interview, domestic car wash O2O platform is still in an early stage, industry monopoly has not yet formed, entrepreneurs are also in constant exploration, the struggle in the market competition is inevitable but not imagine, can wash the car market development space is very big. He thinks now washing O2O market like three years ago the ticket market, but three years later, how many people are in the cinema movie ticket?