Android taxonomy: can’t shake the Android with Chinese characteristics

cloud network hunting on March 31,

hunting cloud network note: on the market of Android is multifarious, who is clear all kinds of characteristics and the difference? Why choose this kind of Android, what kind of user can choose which kind of system, you all understand? Mobile phone maker, in particular, clear user requirements? It’s time to organize our thinking, the development of the future will still be a long way to go.

, often people will discuss the Android. So what is the Android? It can mean a lot of different systems, which caused a lot of confusion, such as “castration version of Android, millet Android, Android, AOSP with Chinese characteristics, as well as the value of the” next billion “project of Android. And these problems is today I want to analyze problems in this article. First of all, in today’s market, we at least six so-called “Android”, they are:

1. The “Stock” Android (native Android operating system), for the Google Nexus series product, contain Google provides full service (but little sales);

2. The “Modified” Android (Modified version of the Android operating system), common in samsung, SONY, LG and so on brand mobile phone, also built into the services provided by Google. Overall, these modified Android each have their own characteristics, but also in the range of Google’s license;


3.” AOSP or open Android alliance “, this in the Chinese market the most common – essentially installed this system of mobile phone and a mobile phone almost the same, just can’t provide the Google service, all of the applications require the channel such as the app store to download from a third party. Therefore, samsung, SONY, etc in China to sell mobile phone besides no Google services, other are all the same;

4. “Android” with Chinese characteristics. In China, the system does not support Google’s service, but fully supports Google services in other places.

5. ROM users, Cyanogen, for example, in these systems, Google may or may not be able to access the service. But, easy to optimize and improve the system, so it is more the favour of people.


6.” castration “version of the Android system. The Kindle Fire on the phone system belongs to the Android system. In order to provide the use of different experience, the original characteristics of the Android system is a lot of change, and it is not the Google services run on the system (in addition to the original web search function) very much. And millet and Cyanogen apparently does not belong to this type of “castration” system.

in the above six Android system, if the equipment manufacturer’s perspective, the first two (or three) I put them collectively referred to as “closed” Android, after the rest of the three is “open” Android. The first two systems (especially the second) outside China has more than billions of users. The third and fourth system there are about 400 million to 500 million users, most users come from China. According to a rough estimate, 5 kinds of system in China and other regions have a number of users probably at around 50 million (this estimate is not accurate), and several other users of the system or overlap among them. As for the last one who has been emasculated by number of users of the system, have to go and ask the amazon.

in the same way, we can be classified according to the principle of the Android system users to distinguish:

1. ROM users (i.e. flash users, a rough estimate for 50 million people);


2. Some applications on the iOS have been banned, but not on Android, so you need to these application user naturally choose the Android system (but it can be run on iOS application more actually than the Android system, such as the application of gambling);

3. Is the user preferences, have obsession for Android. These users are not interested in flash, also don’t care whether the application on the iOS banned (strictly speaking, this kind of the boundaries between users and the former kind are not very clear).

4. They don’t care Android or iOS, they just need a smartphone. Perhaps because of appearance design to attract them, or because the Android mobile phone can provide a larger screen, and more often they may switch back and forth between Android and iOS;

5. These people, probably because the iPhone series mobile phone is too expensive, or unable to pay other high-end smartphones, so I had to choose cheaper Android;

6. This kind of people, they even don’t care whether mobile phone is smart phone, for they just need to buy a cheap mobile phone “(or, with a high quality camera phone). And because most of the mid-range phones Android, so choose Android is understandable. But in fact, they do not depend on the entire Android ecosystem;


7. In emerging markets, there are a lot of people can afford only about 50 to 100 dollars of Android mobile phone, but it is still very satisfied with the smart phone all function;

8. Same as above, but here the data package cost is relatively high, the coverage of 3 g network is limited, even not to charge their phone anytime and anywhere, so the next billion worth of projects it is difficult to deal with the number of users).

the user classification (of course not all classification) are also applicable to distinguish between iOS users. But with the latest model of the iPhone sold only $600, between iOS and Android user base is gradually towards unification.

in the above two lists, huge geographical differences is a factor that cannot be ignored. Youth in Jakarta for cell phone with youth, in the San Francisco using cell phone is bad than for sure. But the two list, the key want to express, the technology and the development of the mobile phone in today’s already no longer is the past the situation of the single market. You can communicate with every one of us, however, not everyone like you, and have the same idea, be fond of and the actual conditions.

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