Android ordering system Cyanogen plans to raise $110 million m, plot is to think from the Google Android

note: hunting cloud Android mobile flash upgrade to scratch Cyanogen, but always want to get rid of the barriers of Google Android, the scale is small is not cause enough attention, Google now, Cyanogen finishing a new round of wholesale funding, both competition and strategy is worthy of attention in the future. The following is a translation of sina science and technology,

Beijing time on March 14th morning news, bloomberg quoted sources as saying that the Android ordering system developers Cyanogen finishing round of $110 million in financing. From Cyanogen custom version of Android is being used in more and more mobile phone. Cyanogen current investors including Benchmark, Anderson – horowitz and RedPoint Ventures.

sources said, Wipro’s investment arm PremjiInvest chairman archie, Azim Premji, Azim Premji) will participate in this round of Cyanogen financing. Microsoft and after talks with the company decided not to participate in the financing. Right now, seems to have no hope. However, Microsoft is still interested in business cooperation with Cyanogen, make the company’s customized version of the Android system with the application of Microsoft.

Microsoft and Cyanogen spokesman declined to comment on the news.

a source in January this year, said valuations of Cyanogen in this round of funding will be $500 million. At present, the use of Cyanogen customized version of the Android smartphone manufacturers including one plus mobile phones.

although Microsoft and Cyanogen’s failure to reach an agreement, but the two companies’ negotiations shows that Microsoft is trying to integrate applications and services to a competitor’s operating system. And this is Microsoft CEO Satya nabarro (Della Satya Nadella) for Microsoft’s new strategy at present. Microsoft has previously said that Google stop Microsoft applications into the Android system.

for Cyanogen and co-opetition relationships between Google, quite interesting, the following is a lei feng network translation manuscripts, the Cyanogen plot: from Google that take Android, for readers reference:

if you want to one of the world’s biggest technology companies planning a complex “robbery”, of course, you won’t let the world know that from the start. All this will not stop the Cyanogen, however, an alternative Android software startups.

Cyanogen is very discontent, Google also openly complained that Google is not as open as their claims. Although Android is open source software, but most Android phones are dependent on Google’s proprietary services, such as Gmail and Google Play app store. Cyanogen hope to provide an alternative.

the CEO of Cyanogen Kirt McMaster said:

“we are thinking of Android away from Google.”

therefore, Cyanogen to Microsoft, amazon and yahoo for help, want to create a more inclusive their Android versions, and other company within three to five years to set up a Google Android substitute.

Cyanogen ambitions at first glance seems very ridiculous. In addition to the Chinese market, in other places it’s hard to imagine such a Android: do not rely on Google services. In recent years, Google introduced all the authorization policy service binding together, it makes a no Google support Android handsets sold it devilishly hard to it. Think of amazon, it FirePhone dying all the time.

but if you talk with McMaster for the company’s future, will find that he is very convincing, the company plans to create a truly open Android substitutes, also become not so ridiculous.

no Google Android

the company recently struck a deal with chip giant qualcomm, the Cyanogen software for reference in design of mobile phone. The deal for everyone is a win-win situation. Qualcomm can give mobile phone dealers ready-made unlike ordinary Android mobile phone software, mobile phone maker, won a commitment, Cyanogen update software and Cyanogen get more users.

Cyanogen in its current form is no threat to Google, it is still on the phone with Google’s service and the APP store, so the experience is not appear different from Google’s original Android. But after size bigger, Cyanogen decided to escape to freedom, have a better chance.

Cyanogen part of the overall plan involves the cooperation with Google services substitutes, for example, imagine a automatically put all the files and data backup to DropBox, or use the services as the standard for music playing mobile phone. Cyanogen to establish an open platform, let these services than they are now as a standalone application play a bigger role.

if company created a new mobile phone, or Facebook create Facebook phone, DropBox really developed DropBox mobile phone, we will see the APP now there will be more innovation ecosystem.

, for example, if you tell an Android mobile phone to play music now, by default search results from Google music playing. But in the future, we should be able to talk to equipment, said put a song, the song should go through the company in the SONOS play in the sitting room.

Cyanogen wants to be similar to Google Now or apple Siri’s virtual assistant software manufacturing small companies of the Gospel. Even if their technical superiority, but is still unable to compete, because they are not linked to the operating system. The best opportunity to their success is just to get acquisition. In addition, they need a lot of data, and these data only in deeper in the operating system can be, especially the company is engaged in machine learning and artificial intelligence, without these data, the model will fall apart.

Cyanogen are still trying to figure out how to include all of these services, the company hopes to cooperate with a handful of companies first, they may be the default is part of the platform. Other companies can pass a software development kit to participate.

app store

assumption Cyanogen can mobilize up a series of supporting service, it still faces a major hurdle: cutting the core Google services, means that lose Play store, and at the same time losing the whole Android application ecosystem. Google requires all of its services bundled trade, it is impossible to keep Play store, and go away with other applications.

McMaster had earlier vowed to create your own App Store in 18 months, and that is still expected to do this. Cyanogen’s plan to assemble multiple App Store from multiple suppliers. McMaster is pointed out that the Chinese market has multiple APP market prosperity, the same pattern in developed markets will also work.

McMaster thinks, because Google’s dominance, in mature markets have not seen this model, but does not mean that it does not exist. Although the details are still unclear, this sounds like Cyanogen to create small retail stores, with Google Play such a giant wal-mart a spell, each store to provide different services. Given in large-scale App store today find new application is difficult, the idea seems to be pretty good also.

“we have some ideas, and we know that the partner also have some very good ideas, so that everything will be realized, no doubt.”

The concept of open

no plan is quite safe, only when the Cyanogen can Google’s service, bringing in the first-class substitutes to replace plan will succeed, and in any case, use a no Google Android phone, a lot of people will have a difficult adjustment period.

even if Cyanogen can connect to a variety of App store, provide a lot of choice, but this is not an ecosystem. In order to compete with Google Play, Cyanogen need to come up with a unified billing system, a united front against malicious software, as well as less troubling method of record and restore previous purchase history.

this is Cyanogen hope may not be completely sever ties with Google. McMaster said:

“as a company, we like Google and its services. I enjoy every day of Google’s services, we want to cooperate with it that but if we need to cooperate with Cyanogen depends on Google.”

Cyanogen opposed the idea of Google, it seems that it is difficult to understand. McMaster said:

“the Android from Google that the concept of ‘independence, is more of a surrounding the openness of the Android, and an open computing platform, and the battle cry, we are not naive to think that you will have the Android, and all 5 billion users.”

in addition, Cyanogen also don’t want to be a similar monopoly power, it is not good for everyone.

“we want the user to have a self-service option, and that is what we are fighting for. This is a fight, we do not see, we will shake it.”