And who learn CEO xiang dong.he: point and the barriers in the development of online education trend in 2015

(text/Wang Saiying)

online education though in the past two years the field project, financing is increasing on the level of capital, but on the feedback of market data seems to be much cry and little wool, the acceptance of the client is not as high as I thought, and online education institutions may appear a large amount of annexation or deaths, 2015 online education the direction of the wind? Online education homogeneity is serious, the online education service platform to explore who learn what different? With these questions, hunting cloud network who entered the study, with an interview with the former chief executive of the new Oriental founder who learn with xiang dong.he.

in January 2014, xiang dong.he left with their growing new Oriental; In June the same year, founded the O2O find good teacher learning services platform and who learn. In accordance with the definition given by the xiang dong.he, follow who is not a common sense of online education App, but a O2O looking for teacher’s life service platform. Team’s vision is: as long as when the user wants to learn something by thinking and who will learn, like when people try to e-commerce will think about it.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, and who is a teacher as the core of education products, to provide one-stop service for teachers and users. Teacher come after checking through the information platform, the user choose according to their own needs in the platform of teaching resources and pay, trading after the completion of the evaluation to the teacher. Classification of the courses platform covers the knowledge and skills, comprehensive category, including the teacher teaching way to address and online teaching, students to come and consultation. At present, the platform is completely free, the background in the teacher is 50000, the highest turnover in 2 million. At the same time, xiang dong.he has revealed, and who learn has three online education company acquisition, did not make any specific information disclosure.

2014 online education under the impetus of the capital has a relatively good start, but it is still difficult to cover the whole education industry potential crisis, when the ladder mesh, the good net were slain of that a moment, but also caused the industry bubble controversy for online education. Online distance education market, then, how far is the real breaking point?

online education the main obstacle to the outbreak of some

a, products

we’ve been talking about education, talking about the outbreak of a new round of mobile products. Create good products, in the aspect of education in the field of each relevant enterprises are exploring, strive to design suitable for the user, meet the demand of users online education products. But in fact from the real breaking point that we have a distance.

flashpoint: do you have one of the best products, the most able to products that meet the moving scene.

this product is to allow users to scream, through the spread and word-of-mouth, finally produces the fission products. This is the core point.

2, the perfect fusion of cross-border team

good product is one of the essential factors of the team behind. Xiang dong.he says, since is a mobile Internet education, so pure traditional education and Internet industry talent, independently without method. There are some differences between really good team and mob. Team need is a crossover of top talent, they need to build trust together, usually need 12 to 18 months. In the 12 to 18 months, the Internet and the traditional education of talent can produce trust and consensus, common vision, benefit and win-win, and dealing with conflict, compromise, and seek common ground while shelving differences.

xiang dong.he says, in the beginning, in order to build a competitive team, he will personally diving operations, high-value, with team members in the execution of the specific details in each other. Nevertheless, he still believes that to spend time on the team never is too many. Slow is fast, sometimes in the controllable scope out a hole, for the cultivation of the core team is a good thing. It is reported, and who learn team at noon on Monday there will be a new employee communication exchange, xiang dong.he will personally communicate and the new corporate culture and values.

when mentioned leadership, xiang dong.he says, leadership is the most scarce resource. A team leader often stand in the forefront, ordinary people unbearable under pressure, facing the fierce competition of extraordinary imagination. In such a situation greatly test for the team leader can make the right decisions.

3. Capital introduction

today’s mobile Internet practitioners and relevant investors are talking about a lot of capital into the online education sector. In xiang dong.he view, education as a great event in life, it’s about to inner happiness, relates to the national overall development and core competitiveness. And at present, in the field of education capital is not enough, hope to pursue benefit maximization of capital can be more and more quickly into the education industry. More capital, which means to attract more talents, and then make the industry update iteration is faster. For 14 years, a large number of capital into the logo, xiang dong.he hope 15 years there are more and more high quality capital.

2015 online education market breaking point clearer

and mobile medical field, online education products of user psychology is different from social, games, video tool pan entertainment products such as the use of psychological. Audience of online education to stimulate the enthusiasm of the user to learn scene, because learning is different from beer and skittles, do not let a person feel happy every time. Take it as just that learning needs, need to have solutions to stimulate users, such as the entrance examination of university, studying abroad, take an examination of civil service. Xiang dong.he at once an interview also talked about online education business most of several directions – such as entrance exam and graduation.

xiang dong.he of opportunity in the field of online education is very promising. He said that there is no doubt that more and more users access to the Internet time, and used the Internet to learn scene has said. The mobile Internet market is growing of learning. The capital since 14 years, more attention to the online entrepreneurship education, attention to online electricity business entrepreneurship, a lot of business model has a chance to practice ways to test and trial and error, in 2015, some effective business model will be in product optimization stage, is expected to breaking point, this year will show more clearly.

in 2015, outstanding performance in the area of online education, enterprises, in 2014, they were in some areas completed a preliminary accumulation and exploration, such as the talented person, the team’s preparation, such as business model validation and optimization, or accumulated relatively substantial capital. Some people say that entrepreneurship is waiting for the tuyere, xiang dong.he says, the optimization of industrial chain is in order to promote faster the arrival of the tuyere.

he also puts forward the online education in 2015 eight trend .

first, capital power integration will be more and more; Second, the cross-border online education entrepreneurs will be more and more; Third, integrating acquisitions will be more and more; Fourth, O2O education more and more; F