And the hall, founder of the barge xiao-ping xu – you don’t take “horse” fart

cloud network hunting note: domestic electric appeal ShangChunShui LinDeGang founder hall today issued a strong article, shelling prominent angel investors xiao-ping xu. LinDeGang says in his article, because xiao-ping xu misleading speech and entrepreneur, he had to a rebuttal. He also implied xiao-ping xu had set hall to buy horses, jia jia’s powerful feeling.

here are LinDeGang full text articles:

circle of friends were xiao-ping xu on February 26, in the “2015 venture geek BBS” entrepreneurship lecture transcript brush screen, including a third of the space to talk about “CEO to have marketing ability” as the correct – this argument is god. But the argument is “business is bad, the powerful ma jia jia is marketing enlightened masters to learn, sales $hall LinDeGang feeling is marketing an idiot you don’t want to learn” – this, I can say is this pig argument?

well, I’m LinDeGang, sex toys and the hall electric business founder ( A flower in the spring of tertiary, pen name carry a kitchen knife. I was with said to Mr. Xu.

the following black is xiao-ping xu speech activity, the scarlet letter is LinDeGang speech making brick.

the second, everyone know who Zhang Mengning is? Know the person I admire you. Really don’t know right? Know then put up your hands up, thousands of just a few people. Awaken your heart Zhang Mengning, I speak a case. On January 1, 2014, New Year’s day that night, my dinner is eat with Zhang Mengning Zhang Mengning have a pen name ma jia jia. I and Yang Ning, his angels, and entertainment factory zhang wei to have dinner with him. Then I was voted for ma jia jia, when her value is sixty million RMB, xu teacher can give a discount, I gave 300000 yuan, had a point. Why should I vote for her? I didn’t ask you what to sell, and we have had a lot of the funds, ma jia jia totally against my shots, then open our contradiction, but I still stick to vote for him, why? I told everybody I voted for him, and I am as proud. Others accused of ma jia jia, you see what you all have no, name. , in turn, I ask you, what you have, why don’t you known? Don’t know why the market you ( since Mr. Xu, so why only invested in the equity of a point? This serious abnormal ah, angel round investment at least 10 points in order to be normal? Even joint investment at least have to dot, intimdating crowd scenes like spring uncle suddenly remembered the shang shang Yang reform by the south gate of wood – state of lixin, 50 gold, reward for someone to put a piece of wood from the south gate to the north gate, you 300000 investment ma jia jia the equity of a point, that’s a meal, the tigers managed to let millions of 90 after a generation of entrepreneurs to believe that the teacher xu 50 after the uncle has a heart of coquettish after 90, and also especially good fool – no product he also no sales he also cast after a year he haven’t sales more than don’t blame you and praise you marketing ability is strong, than those who always want to promise results profit growth of evil spirit (zheng) pen (chang) investors, teacher xu is just give money you planned investment circles day (qian duo) make (ren sha), to take a business plan – close, so all don’t know fishing to snap do electrical manufacturers to bring traffic intelligent “silly child as long as five hair moneys”? Tao – where then open can we sand gold – shang Yang don’t need the second root south gate of the wood, so far I didn’t see investment the second ma jia jia xu teacher again — so the teacher xu you shouldn’t teach people learn to do the second root south gate of the wood, but teach marketing when study xiao-ping xu).

Peter teal. There is extremely important in the book of a paragraph, are in silicon valley, people will think that sales is fool ( spring uncle suddenly remembered was rui represent the Asian people ). In such an old capitalist countries, the United States for sale, for marketing, for promotion, also have prejudice, after this I saw blood boiling. Because I think this problem is very serious in China. Let the product to talk, or to speak for the product, it is the entrepreneur a very important proposition, you should not only let the product speak, you also want to speak for the product.

Bill Gates and Steve jobs have a famous argument, that movie you may know, the movie ends, Bill Gates had words with Mr Jobs, jobs finally said a words, when my product is better than you, Bill Gates, then bold said a words, you don’t understand. 20 years later, of course, is dominated by Microsoft ( at the same time, the “poor sales” Steve was deified as the existence of mobile phone iphone took 2014 90% of the profits of the industry. Starting from the imac to erect the apple still strong. Also, Microsoft’s products seems to also is very good, right? ), so I wanted to say here is that the product is better, of course, but must also good sales.

this things in all very serious fund investment projects, nearly 99% of the company for marketing, for promotion, marketing, PR is ignored, because it is deep rooted in our blood, our culture and concept ( is very serious fund 98% of entrepreneurs and investment project next door’s next to the Lao wang and if present, with certain – thousands of years ago to sell the melon Lao wang know that boast, but first you have to have a melon ).

so I see the valley has the question, I think we are going to set off a literacy movement. Everyone for promotion to the sales always say fool ( everyone who is it? Again on behalf of ) always belittle. In fact you want to do a good product, you have to let people know that if you want to sell faster, faster growth, there must be a powerful marketing ability. So every CEO should be one of the most amazing salesman, should go to the front, always dialogue with your target market and target users.

I just want to clear, I admit that ma jia jia she wasn’t products over the past year, but I think there are such sales ability ( the only standard to judge sales ability, is the sales? Sales million is superior in ) can make a good product ( the horse run fast, we will be able to climb the tree? Across the screen to eight star eight arrow up all over the world an unbeatable hand of solitude to the seas run dry and the rocks crumble when hou is always not more can make a good product worth the investment? ), or you can purchase one product selling ( is seemingly so far in adult supplies industry didn’t m&a didn’t make a good product into? ). In the beginning of we established in 2012, at that time to a man, you know who LinDeGang is? LinDeGang is China’s largest selling ma jia jia products ( you said ma jia jia products you let me sell what ), sell adult supplies. Here (force) of capital (zhang) zhang always thrilled threw them (the investment made six times a year later). He was looking for us, I didn’t, he left a book. He might have hundreds of millions of sales now, but you don’t know if he ( marketing is to let everyone know that LinDeGang, but to make target customers know that feeling of product safety force distribution and quick to be a secret ), if their market better, stronger, they can double sales? Can be more? I think this is a problem, it’s a pity. He did the practical work, of course, he is good the quality of the product ( xiao-ping xu teacher endorsement LinDeGang feeling hall product quality is very good, you come and buy ). At one point I thought the two of them make up, so that both the content, product and promotion and marketing ( the reader know why spring uncle now busy with work to thrust, egg pain to write this precious time never respond, was – I admit it’s a pity because with poly beauty indeed with millet than water church growth should be faster, but you holding sales of millions of ma jia jia told me this chestnut LinDeGang you made several hundred million the marketing ability is too poor, let everybody marketing when learn business ma jia jia mo LinDeGang, aren’t those sheep inexperienced young entrepreneurs to the failure of the Wolf ditch? As China’s second famous mentors, xu teacher you thousands of people are listening to the speech, tens of millions of people looking at your instructor’s value orientation, is about a lot of entrepreneurial small white from ssi the endowment money will lose a fool to bottom out, so, it must be with you to break off the red to break off the deficit. Xu teacher when you set me think about it, it is polite, but I didn’t not bashful say I didn’t accept your broker mergers and acquisitions, ma jia jia powerful – and the hall is the real cause of successful gene is “on” – product on work, first of all, I don’t want to sell water hall genes into miss zhao turn, at the same time I don’t think choose a business myself only one million yuan do marketers to lead hundreds of millions of yuan in sales and marketing scale and the hall is right choice, unless I am lack of oxygen to the brain after orgasm ).

throughout 2012, with a book on my desk LinDeGang wrote “wish”. I estimate that few people know this book ( print 8000 copies the first edition later reprinted a total of 30000 copies, two network serial tianya reading 1 million PV mop PV 3000. Then don’t LinDeGang troat uncle, also called carrying chopper ). I go to the office every day to see the book will have a boiling passion, thrilled. Because my work is also wants to help entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. LinDeGang also desperately want to publicity, also in the marketing efforts. Singles day I remember in 2013, when he think it is best to do publicity, send a weibo let me turn, how to achieve orgasm. I didn’t turn as a result, he said that let me call, I said I only know how to orgasm when speech ( you finally here help me turn the ha ha, you why can’t the good point home in front of the LinDeGang plus three words “and the hall?” After you ha ha, I remember feeling hall three word first thanks ). This sounds like not a truth, but is indeed our entrepreneurs ignore things in business. Think about new Oriental, new Oriental is doing the best marketing company in China, but no one think we are in the marketing, because of our promotion value. Very serious funds without office, in the absence of any investment, in 2011 by the end of the first thing we do? To speak, go to the eastern United States eight school entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneur contest sponsored to harvard, a $ten thousand, the ten best entrepreneurship competition team, this namely a marketing tool. I hope that every entrepreneur has Zhang Mengning the marketing ability.

( marketing is “let the target users know I give you good”, not “let the world know that I” – one of the most famous single women who are dating market? Feng will be listed first, feng has all men well-known celebrity also have enough heart wants to marry, but in the marriage market marketing yourself out? Feng in the marriage market is undoubtedly successful speculation but so far no doubt remain to be the failure of the marketing. Why ma jia jia is not adult products industry successful entrepreneurs, because she let the world know that she is “little girl” chest big bet, rather than “my stick is good” shopkeeper’s appeal, so the business is not enough success also is normal, you can say this is marketing ability high? Advised xiaoping teacher – don’t take “horse” fart, tree new bee! – from adult supplies project investment point of view, xu teacher investment ma jia jia to get listed at present is not successful, regardless of short-term metaphase also don’t see possibility and have no flange, but from xu teacher individual marketing and very serious fund marketing point of view, you earn the $300000 investment is already over, so you can almost translate this article “horse” fart son go, don’t spend another ma jia jia investment, because really have a problem, can let more entrepreneurs to lose the underwear. Suggest you the great tree new bee to the blundering world tree behavior – ChuShiJian old Ann defends monarch far land delicious oranges do of a product, this is the entrepreneurs should learn. 15 years ago, jack ma was far away from the hustle and bustle of Beijing to hangzhou near the small micro enterprise frothy and jiangsu do alibaba close to the customer, this is the praise highly of, while ma is hole gun ace but later it is later; Liu solid layout logistics to do service, this also is the study, although occasionally also play milk tea but it was later – business, eight jar lid eight, it is conservative; Six eight jar lid, that call marketing; Three eight jar lid, that call risk; Eight jar without the lid, it is not called marketing, it called fool, by the good faith for the business man shouldn’t fool, dont fool others become fool .)


1, how do I see ma jia jia – the problem is numerous reporters asked, my answer is ma jia jia’s smarter than most people. Where is the wise? – sex, is the entertainment circle forever beat layout, so that many artists have gossip from the barrel of the gun. As ma jia jia and all entertainment figures are still using this symbol to beat layout, but very clever and sex “supplies” among the media, and use their own flesh – use of sex symbols, but away from the gossip, but desperate to layout – than those who entertainment stars, ma jia jia cleverness really throw a lot of people a few streets. When ma jia jia you really need a selling sex products industry, when really drunk. As an adult supplies industry entrepreneurs and marketing people, ma jia jia is far from successful. nullnullnull