And science and technology media startups?

cloud network hunting note: hunting cloud network will be a month in the future roll out ceremoniously “taught you how to entrepreneurship” series. The project choose well-known venture capitalists in silicon valley, incubator tutor, well-known Internet companies CEO , entrepreneurial nova celebrities such as the founder of the company’s entrepreneurial experience, share of pervasive. In this series, the “entrepreneurial masters” will bring you from venture to venture financing, listed some columns such as set of instructions. Article 13 for the project in this paper.

this lesson YC invited Twitch co-founder Justin Kan for entrepreneurs to share the experience of the “communications”. The Internet age, “wine is also afraid of deep alley” the phenomenon is more prominent, how to make use of diversified media channels, and strive for more for our company and products, higher quality of the media exposure? This article pointed out the direction for you.

hello, I am Justin. I created a lot of startups, but think we should all tired of listening to the story of how “entrepreneurship”, so just going to talk about some new problems, people always bothering media is what? How to find the media? How does it work? It’s like in YC to talk about the content of the lite version. Hope can bring some enlightenment to everybody in this room.

when most people start a business, will be thinking of using media exposure (seems to be the media has a subtle magic ability). Sometimes, will also be active to contact window, the mining will itself as elite, but these are all surface.

find media before, do you want to know your purpose

before contact with the media, there is one thing you must consider to be clear about, what kind of media that you want to use, and personal real aim. But when I started thinking about been reported (in) in a news report, because it is an important enterprise can have privileges. In fact, no goal, achieve can only become a proverb (which is almost a business rules). Similarly, treat media, if blindly accept reports, company development also won’t have any improvement. Of course, if you don’t have a clear business objectives, so obviously time will not be fully used.

so do public relations to a certain purpose. Socialcam is Justin. The derivative of the TV (live video website), is a similar to the video version sets a application. Thus, when we are going to sponsorship, silicon valley investor will automatically find some science and technology media exposure, let them know we are popular nowadays social applications.

for us, the most important goal is to attract customers. Exec is a for local application of cleaning services, and our goal is to make people understand and use it in San Francisco. This kind of circumstance, choose a national media apparently unwise, because 99% of people won’t use. So we got in touch with local media, such as the San Francisco chronicle, and help us to efficiently find potential customers (also greatly reduced the cost). But as for you know Twitch TV, a bit like ESPN, accurately say it’s a game live online video viewing platform. At that time, our goal at the games industry. Who would have thought that a place in the game industry now popular platform (55 million loyal users), in the early stage of development. Although we are just a small group game, goals are not small, focused on setting its coverage to all the staff in the game industry, both developers and advertisers, can have a place, so we have to some of the game development blog and dynamic web site launched advertising industry. In fact, it is also true that expectations.

what kind of media like “story ?

before find the proper media, you need to prepare the “story” of the company. What is a “flesh and blood” of the story? I think the story there are many kinds of types, but often talk about the following aspects. (product releases and you release the new version of the application.)

it’s worth noting that the financing in the first place. Whatever the reason, the media reported all like financing situation, even if it is no fun. So if raise $1 million in start-up capital, you can report some more related content.

second, a milestone is evaluation indicators, such as the week turnover reached $1 million. Acquired a company in the Exec has announced to the public, their week turnover reached $1 million, and was widely reported. Business story, especially happened in successful businesses, “New York times, the New Yorker, or caijing are willing to report. So at first, you need not worry about these.

, for example, I don’t know if you remember, a few years ago, a YC incubation enterprise WePay poured dollars frozen in ice at the entrance to the headquarters of the PayPal, because PayPal froze the accounts of many developers. It is widely reported because it’s fun, but in fact, the whole story simply has nothing to do with PayPal.

in addition, there are job postings. If you have a big company, and recently hired a heavyweight figure, people will be willing to report.

in the end, the relevant industry overview or personal opinion of constructive articles, or a technology blog, will also get the favour of the media, because they can attract the reader’s eyeball.

basically, it can form a story. When you want to set up a startup or when you start a startup, you think you do everything is very interesting, but others may not think so. You really should consider is, if I’m not the founder of the company, I would read the story? So take the time to sell the story before, you need to take a step back, think about what, “people really want to read?” Always bear in mind that journalists and bloggers would really like to dig is a story of those who are able to attract readers’ attention.

you should pay attention to the other point is that your story doesn’t have to original, original factors is enough. Are you sure you don’t want to tell his own is the second melting on Kickstarter to $5 million, because the first one will be robbed of all eyes. First on Kickstarter, much attention has been paid to raise $10 million games consoles because they are the pioneer of the industry (even before someone on Kickstarter raise large sums of money). In short, you want to find a unique perspective to explain the whole story, make it become more reading.

step: how to find a media to tell a story for you?

in fact, not only to write business story has skills (arguably tactical guidance), if you want to gain media, can also follow the following a few steps. First of all, the media as a sales funnel. You can talk to many people in the media, but not everyone is bullish on you, so if not reported your story with a reporter, don’t be upset. In fact, you are the first thing to consider is to come up with a story, then again and want to report you the story of one or more of the reporter contact. If you have a broker, this process will be more simple, like to talk about business. Of course, it is better to face to face communication, try not to E-mail.

is the best way to find the TechCrunch exposure before friends or interviewed entrepreneur, let them to introduce you to the interview with them. That’s a good idea, because from the perspective of the entrepreneur, the simplest thing is to introduce you to visited their reporters. In this way, they don’t have to understand both the reporter, can also convenient with people (if the story is really interesting). This and you are looking for investment references or hired staff are not the same. And from the point of view of journalists, they through interviews with people who have interesting stories to introduce, someone for introduction, mining will be higher.

what do you want to find referrals are sent to your email, so if you want to contact the reporter to set aside enough time to write the story and to inform them a week or more ahead of schedule, because they can not just for the sake of your reports and put down all things recently. Many people, especially first-time entrepreneurs, will come, “Justin, I tomorrow want to release the product. Can you let me on TechCrunch dew?” Such requests are unlikely to be achieved, unless you have the background. So it’s best to have lead time, advance “recommendation”.

so, once you have set good news publication date, product also should strike while the iron is hot, fight for listed within two weeks. Of course, this is another story. You have introduced artificially, arrange meeting, hope journalists can spend their time on you because cost effect will play a role. In general, the higher the time cost they spend on you, and the more attention to you, the more likely to report your story. Is the best way to exchange a face-to-face meeting. Some bloggers, however, may not like this way, that it doesn’t matter, it is also a good idea to call. With E-mail communication is one of the most unknown value, because it would be easy to forget or ignore each other.

the next step is to control the communication. Thing you should do is to write the story in the form of points, and remember the content. When you communicate with each other, don’t get him by the nose. According to their previous proposed a good outline, dialogue, what’s the important thing is to speak, speak slowly, by reporters take notes on Outlines. According to these points again after they write stories. So basically, write their own content will be converted to an intriguing story. In addition, you need to control the scene, and don’t forget to some key problems, such as mentioned the name of the co-founder or product applications have great features.

if it is on the phone, I’ll make sure the outline list is in front, and in strict accordance with the content of the outline for dialogue. That is to say, you speak content, they remember the message, and then they finish the whole story. Next, you need to do is follow up in a few days before the report issued. You can give them an email, confirm the details, “at that time we publish the application; Thanks to his busy schedule to attend the meeting; Here are some supplementary material, may be you need video, photo or screenshot; Co-founder and spelling of my name. I will provide your concern all the information that the content of the “next just today. Once the products official appeared in the market, they will be promptly published an article on TechCrunch, in this way, you are world famous.

startup media pr is best not to outsource to a third party

some people consult me, looking for a pr firm to do this? I shook my head. Personal think startup, do you want to do, self-reliance, and this also facilitate with those who want to explore new technology communication media and bloggers. Here, I strongly recommend you give it a try, without intervention, others familiar with the operation process. In fact, I want to point out, pr firm can only be in dredge and contact the media to help you, and to help you to understand the company “story” can’t, at least I haven’t met [someone told the story of my company unknown]. They will only give me a list and contact list with all the relevant media. So still want to rely on yourself, through the understanding of the core product, write story, want to tell the audience company to impress the reader.

moreover, pr firm price does not poor, need $5000 to $20000 a month. The money for many companies, especially start-ups, amount is too large, and early of little value, capital utilization rate is not high also. And public relations work is a huge business project, so make sure you pay is worth it. Sometimes. It’s like a vanity metrics: it will make you feel like “be successful”, for many of the successful companies like Facebook has always been reported, but that doesn’t mean that you are successful, doesn’t mean you can earn money, win the favor of the users or clients to bring pleasure.