An installment founder wen-jie xiao: how can I win the DST brought $100 million

the author: jian-ping lei

the past 1 year time, college students stage market rapid growth, in a short time the rise, among them, the stage music also announced to obtain from giant DST led a $100 million investment, other investors for bertelsmann, partners China and perilous peak huaxing, etc.

the DST is the world’s top Internet investment institutions, Facebook, Twitter, in the United States investment company and other technology giants in silicon valley, in the Chinese investment giants such as alibaba, jingdong, millet, why DST will look in installment?

staging music founder wen-jie xiao said in an interview with tencent technology, DST contact stage music is mainly derived from the financial adviser to huaxing capital introduction. “The founder of the DST yuri? Milner had twice to meet to talk with me.”

wen-jie xiao said, staging music touched DST has several main reason:

1. Investment in stages before, DST team after five hours of discussion, the research concluded that consumer finance will be a trillions of market, DST bullish on China’s development in the field of consumer finance;

2. Yuri? Milner has deep understanding to the Chinese Internet, during the National Day in 2014, yuri? Milner to lead the team to visit stage music company, serious look at stage of every detail, every process, every user’s exhibition center.

wen-jie xiao said, yuri? Milner is not stay in the office, but ask each employee, user evaluation should be translated to him, each data represent what, in the stage of risk control picture represents what, yuri? Milner also ask very detailed.

wait to wen-jie xiao to DST financing price range, yuri? Milner has fully anticipation of staging music throughout the project, to stage a merry directly to the valuation, and spend five minutes led stage of decision.

to push team independent logistics distribution

staging of this kind of enterprise mode simply, is the platform and electric business docking, the other end of the docking people in financial investment. Students in these platforms, borrow to buy mark investors choose the borrower will lend money to each other.

after borrowing target was to fill, college students use the money to spend, to lenders repay principal and interest by the month. Borrowing the student personal information and purchase demand is clear on the platform. College students’ consumption main products are thousands of dollars worth of 3 c products.

stage mainly is to help the electricity enterprises do distribution, among them, the installment is jingdong campus largest distributors, however, installment le is all consumption scenarios must be emphasized in staging yaumcha units, namely stage does not support the manufacturer to provide product link, by staging distribution.

staging mode is oneself buy goods for resale, sells the most fire on the iPhone, in stages if out of stock would rather stop pin, when available for checking the user first, after the completion of the audit, then immediately from the system order, by staging offline personnel deal with college students.

transaction process, in order to ensure the transaction security, staging music will also verify college student id, id card and other basic information. Staging music would rather own personnel distribution, choose a third party distribution, important reason is that guarantee the consistency and security of service.

“goods distribution in the process of products lost, who need to responsible for this? Again, for example, how to verify user information to prevent fraud.” Wen-jie xiao said, to ensure that the last kilometer node distribution, including cargo security, distribution is the best choice to choose their own staff.

implementation is offline landing stage large across the country to push the team, the total scale up to 6000 people. Staging is in guangzhou first experiment to push out the standard model, in the first half of 2014 began to copy the five regional node city in the country.

staging le 5 node city is guangzhou, Shanghai, chongqing, wuhan, Beijing, set up to push the team work since April 2014, to the normal operation of the end of June, to push the teams to help in installment offline policy implementation, risk control management, and logistics distribution.

big company difficult birth of college students in installment mode

installment business operating key point is, rely on the ground team for business expansion. These teams are the rapid development of a very short time the size of the thousands of people, how to manage such a huge push my team is also a problem.

college students stage market entrepreneurial stage music why? Wen-jie xiao said that starting direction there are roughly three standards, 1, must be a large market; 2, do not rely on external advertisement flow import; 3, want to have a good business model, and not too far away from money.

college students in installment consumer market just meet these conditions: 1, this is a huge market; 2, the model go offline, can get traffic, get the user; 3, have a good business model, in the capital market to survive under the cold winter.

and, more importantly, offline mode can be standardized. Such as wen-jie xiao had spent three months in guangzhou run offline mode, the offline exactly match what people, what are the roles, match, how many people in different roles, respectively, to do what.

once, China unicom (weibo) brewing in guangzhou and staging cooperation, willing to hire a storefront, also do not need to be happy to pay by installments. This is a good thing, but was blocked by the wen-jie xiao. Wen-jie xiao, is the reason that can’t be copied elsewhere this promotion mode.

at the time, wen-jie xiao and marketing team in guangzhou delivery every day, every day of 500 km, abruptly established a set of system, sending leaflets has developed a set of rules – and even different places have different strategies.

wen-jie xiao said that in some places the aunt 10 o ‘clock in the morning every day cleaning, staging aunt sent leaflets were swept, stage requires that each dormitory schedules, aunt cleaning time down, to avoid the leaflets send failure.

to push mode research in guangzhou after, installment also developed a handbook, to push all staff in accordance with the manual operation, wen-jie xiao don’t even need to push people to think, under the logic behind this is that wen-jie xiao has been familiar with the process of each project specific.

this in a big company to push mode cannot easily produce, on the one hand is big company stability, the type of risk of a fully certified and study slowly clear business going to action, on the other hand, the big company financial processes are unlikely to go on.

wen-jie xiao to tencent technology, said the staging music please the tens of thousands of college students on campus to help distributing leaflets, is cash the check to them, and the big company to send money to invoice, light this big company will not be able to do it, and big companies also not necessarily can value these business.

for P2P business target is staging music

when competitors in other stage market, installment still in cultivating college students stage market, however, installment and aimed at the direction of a new business – launched P2P products orange money, its recently announced that raised more than $100 million.

staging le push orange finance is important goal is to reduce the cost of their access to capital. Stage music in the early stages in the process of college students do need to paid a lot of money, but a large part of the money that comes from P2P.

, for example, staging with P2P enterprises network, clap loans and other cooperation, staging music for the cost of capital for the annualised rate of 11%. Installment use its own funds to P2P guarantee enterprises, which makes the college students in normal reimbursement, once an annual interest rates by more than 20%.

this makes staging music to college students as usury. Now stage reduced to college students to provide instalment interest rates, and prepayment free service charge. One insider said the installment installment service actually at a loss, mainly is the market competition is intense.

to reduce the cost of capital for staging launched P2P business. Orange money belongs to the stage group, as opposed to a staging music, its sales of financial products, all from the staging joy to the young people in installment sales of products produced by the creditor’s rights.

wen-jie xiao said, staging in July 2014, has begun to do an orange money, companies want the source of funds dispersed, don’t focus on one, otherwise, as long as the P2P risk stages of business will be under a lot of challenges.

according to the stage of plan, orange financial capital increment is also very big, will be considered in group stages within its own business model closed loop. Future financial planning orange installment le funds accounted for about one-third of the money demand.

when it comes to stage the market competition, wen-jie xiao to tencent technology, said the market hasn’t officially began the war, the real challenge is to finance, tencent, ali now recruit consumer finance company is started, and even to do the staging music typical case studies.

$100 million in financing in place for staging a little feel secure, wen-jie xiao said that financing is mainly used in staging orchestra team operation, offline promotions, including sustained research activity and brand into the future, the daily operations of the company, etc., not to lend.