An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 please he taught CEO Chen Yuanhe: more than ten years consecutive record, entrepreneurship starting from the sleeping grass for the first time

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Chen Yuanhe, called “SAN MAO”, the industry more than 10 years of experience in Internet startup, early grassroots webmaster, who is known as the king of fujian traffic, continuous successful Internet entrepreneurs, who founded the southern famous since the media organizations, control technology, the Internet traffic operation, the media, and other fields with strong competitiveness.

now, his identity is he taught, founder and CEO, please. From a new company was founded in October 2014, after Chen Yuanhe is plunged into entrepreneurial path.

please he taught is one of the O2O mode K12 start-ups, tutoring industry flagship “send good teacher to the door,” traditional family education, it is to think in the Internet challenge “extreme user experience.” Now please he taught has been completed two rounds of financing, but he did not disclose the specific amount.

, nevertheless, Chen Yuanhe person with too much mystery, therefore, let us together into its unique entrepreneurship process and the heart.

early hard working, sleeping grass be chengguan when tramp

2000 years or so, gave up the original Chen Yuanhe relatively stable work, a man came out to start a business. Started home or to compare against, he placed “earn money, don’t go home.” this sentence after leaving home, and is really two or three years didn’t go back, because no money.

at the beginning in order to save money, he slept on the grass, eat steamed bread, all day long in order to save more money to Internet cafes operating their own web sites. Let a person sad scene is, during this period has even been chengguan as a tramp, which sent to clean up the streets of small advertising.

start until 2003 have got better. Chen Yuanhe do pictures, movies and other traffic came up, earned some money by advertising alliance and so on, about twenty million. But in the later try making music content transformation project encountered setbacks, result fails, the money is wiped out.

then Chen Yuanhe with 700 pieces back to xiamen. This doing is a since the media alliance, including many weibo, WeChat large, rapid development of the east wind through the media, development is relatively good, have the team in management at present.

sorry tale, ups and downs. This is Chen Yuanhe before founding “please he taught” entrepreneurial experience. One of the hard and lonely onlookers may be difficult. However, when he said these things, tone is very natural, and light laugh.

let education return to the nature of purity, resolute don’t burn

online education under the boom, many start-ups burn war is pouring capital, competition is intense. Hunting cloud network by querying the information learned, at present the tutor O2O sector has been more than 10 companies for parents or teachers subsidy policy execution. Tutoring industry follow the take-away, crazy subsidies land-grab model is feasible in the field of taking a taxi? There exist differences in the industry.

, supporters say, parents and teachers can accept tutoring O2O trading logic, continuous subsidies helps to cultivate the habit of teachers and parents. And homogeneity serious platform, subsidies to help quickly seize market, have the opportunity to realize the corner overtaking, and can eliminate most of its strength is not strong players.

opponents argue that education and take a taxi, take-out, no comparison, a low frequency high, a high frequency low price. And, taking a taxi, take-out standardization degree is high, but education is not a standardized service.

Chen Yuanhe expressed, blindly copying software by successful model, there is no distinguish the nature of education and take a taxi. “Teachers need to be a good students, parents also hope to find a good teacher auxiliary children improve grades, is one of the most important quality, the price is not the primary consideration. The taxi driver is no good or bad, but education you have, we won’t subsidies to a penny, make education to return to nature.”

hunting cloud network also learned that while no follow up part of the practice of competing goods, but please he taught team effort in quality control and many, every order has a team to follow up the control volume. And, recently asked him to teach is the initiative to change, the original 4000 teachers gradually reduced to 400, reduced to 1/10 of the original, Chen Yuanhe said platform is how many teachers, important is how many teachers can complete service with good quality. Traditional education institutions. There are 100 teachers, running water can be $1, platform hope all registered teachers can receive list, rather than just a name.

the current things perfectly, the next step will appear natural

a startup project: what is most important? Yes, it is people, is a team. Have to admit, Chen Yuanhe has quite strong in team building ability and consciousness. Direct embodiment is that since the author added Chen Yuanhe micro letter, every hair of dynamic basically is help to improve team dynamics, popular point said, playing chicken blood ability is not in general.

Chen Yuanhe, asked him to teach team is currently no rest day, early to get up at 8 o ‘clock to go to bed late, basic it is in a state of work. Formal so, team development speed is quite fast, officially launched in Beijing from November 14 years please he taught project, probably spent about 3 months time team rapidly expanding to more than 60 people, including several traditional tutoring bright young founders, Peking University, the regiment ace team, etc.

more difficult to understand is that the team members’ treatment compared with competing goods enterprise is not high, that is to say, these people are not paid, but rather asked him to teach mode and to believe that the future potential, please he taught so Chen Yuanhe personal charm and team building ability.

in the writing, the writer Chen Yuanhe also sent information, according to the original good future ZhiKang founding patriarch of education group, good future, general manager of Beijing zhigao kang 1 to 1, who co-founded Yang officially join please he taught, majoring in education, as a co-founder and COO, and will soon announce major personnel news recently. In addition, he stressed that the current things perfectly, the next step will be to show up in nature.

platform, brand operation, not to alibaba, do only Vipshop

in the field of tutor O2O melee since the second half of last year, didn’t stop. This time is very important to how to stand out. Did the media industry Chen Yuanhe gives the future “ask him to teach” vision – small and beautiful. “We don’t want to ask him to teach as tutor in the field of alibaba, and hope to be Vipshop.”

when the teacher in the traditional off-line training institutions, has been restricted by the high commission, personality education is restricted at the same time, the essence of education from the start. Parents, although there are many training institutions to choose, the teaching quality is the most concern for parents. Some institutions in order to compete for students even fake teachers prepare the phenomenon of false information.

based on this, he taught through the establishment of tutor O2O platform, is committed to solve the embarrassment on both sides. Play the characteristics of Internet information transparent thinking, parents can understand the teacher’s teaching experience, qualifications, teaching evaluation and other information; The teacher can also be based on “zero commission” to implement financial promotion, let more valuable knowledge, at the same time introduced teacher order, class, income, really let the teacher be freelancers.

the branding, Chen Yuanhe with early operation and the resources of the experience, the introduction of “please he taught” promotion, the main brand operation. Specifically mentioned above would reduce platform teacher 4000 to 4000 are based on this purpose, of these will form the teacher collective “elite circle”, to strengthen the “send good teacher door” brand slogan, also helps to improve and expand the asked him to teach in the parent group brand reputation and popularity, attract more parents to please his teaching platform to find a good teacher.

the teacher aspect, the Chen Yuanhe used an image analogy, he said: “every teacher like fishing, when the inside of the fish pond fish big enough, the teacher will come naturally.”

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