An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 game teahouse Wang Jialun: based in chengdu, think globally

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about Wang Jialun, he has many titles: IT teahouse founder, sichuan Internet alliance sponsors, Chinese Internet 10 regional influence character… The Internet experience for many years, successively in Beijing, guangdong, Shanghai, chengdu Internet enterprise, engaged in the Internet marketing, planning and operation work, Wang Jialun has a mature way of thinking and doing things on the Internet. After the Internet blustery, Wang Jialun new business trip again, he chose the game industry as his starting point, again into my dream and enthusiasm.

Wang Jialun why choose to do the game industry? And from the north he, why has settled in chengdu business development?

with these questions, hunting cloud network interview the Wang Jialun himself, below is the interview Wang Jialun interview transcript:

hunting cloud network: in a word, please introduce “teahouse” game.

Wang Jialun: southwest region’s largest media and mobile game industry docking platform.

cloud network hunting: why did you choose the game industry? Founding under simple introduction.

Wang Jialun: used to be called “IT teahouse”. I do blog, do men stand before. And six years in chengdu, based on the sichuan side “teahouse” culture, took “IT teahouse” name with local characteristics.

began in 2012, the game industry began to “fire”; So in September 2013, the old name “IT teahouse” created “teahouse” game.

cloud network hunting: why is the “base” located in chengdu?

Wang Jialun: why choose in chengdu, the first is the game of chengdu circulation is large, we are based in chengdu, seize the advantage of chengdu, and development of the country. At present we have cities station reporter, overseas also has a foreign correspondent.

the second choice in chengdu reason is that the Internet has regional restrictions, but the game does not regional restrictions. In sichuan, you could say that the Internet is not good development, but the game is entrepreneurial industry, to make a game can be issued.

the third is the resources, both human and material resources, we can not reflect the superiority in Beijing, in chengdu is more valuable, more reasonable use.

hunting cloud network: at present, the team status (how much)? Seeds angel can reveal it to me?

Wang Jialun: on this side of the chengdu team about a dozen people. Seeds angel from a friend, is a private capital, hit it off.

cloud network: hunting “teahouse” what are the competitors? “Teahouse” what product advantage?

Wang Jialun: currently, there is competition is several media industry, 3 game gyro, grapes and so on. Competition is mainly to the first quote, influence on.

we compared with the media in Beijing, the disadvantage is mainly in an interview with bosses, such as tencent ah these; But also has obvious comparative advantage, such as interview “like to be with you” research and development, it is first submitted to the sole.

chengdu throughout the region have maintained a good momentum of development of the game.

cloud network hunting: what are the offline activities?

Wang Jialun: regularly held some DEMO SHOW, ccpit, product roadshow with the vendor. Recently have a activities, in tianfu software park inspiration in section D coffee, there have been many sign up for the company, and most are not in chengdu, each place has.

cloud network hunting: current earnings on?

Wang Jialun: most come from the sponsorship activities.

hunting cloud network: what about the heat down to mobile game today?

Wang Jialun: there are many reasons for this. Began in 2013 is in part because of the end of the first round of product research and development, funds transfer slightly. And the threshold of the mobile game is relatively improved.

for the entire game industry, I am still very confident.

cloud network: hunting met the biggest resistance or what is difficult?

Wang Jialun: difficulties at any time, of course also be harvest.

we are the biggest problem is “going out”, after all, is located in chengdu, on one hand information collection, you have to go to understand the chengdu area around. So I will go to many places, every year to participate in the conferences of the industry, understand the recent changes, for customers and users have a understanding and the grasp of the direction.

cloud network: hunting business can share the joy of moment?

Wang Jialun: is the moment when the periodic success. Such as the CEO forum held in last year, and in December 2014 to go to America to hold the DEMO SHOW, etc., are very successful.

cloud network: hunting “teahouse” in the next stage of development is how to?

Wang Jialun: at this stage is mainly to strengthen influence, had the basic user then do lateral extension.

after may also cut into the incubator, play the advantages of platform, using the resources of the whole. Actually the incubator is not easy to do, not doing very good at present, domestic need to draw lessons from foreign experience.

cloud network hunting: for entrepreneurship, do you have any experience or thoughts to share?

Wang Jialun: first of all, don’t by a passion to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial decision especially when calm, think it all sorts of results, if you can afford, to start a business;

second, don’t want to start a business, entrepreneurship, business card printing xyz company CEO actually have no what, is more of you really see the problem in a particular field, and find a way to solve this problem, to obtain business opportunities;


in the end, don’t do what you are not familiar with, even if you saw the opportunity, you may see only the surface, think more about themselves and partners before startup has what kind of resources, will be able to support the early development of the enterprise.

in the process of interview, Wang Jialun appear kind of modesty, and very talkative. Since the teahouse online game, not only to help tour industry, hand also hosted the “eighth sichuan Internet conference”, the staff nearly 1000 people, for the development of the Internet in southwest thrust is not much. At present, the teahouse is southwest region’s largest mobile phone game industry media platform, and tried to do the professional product docking platform, eyes also around the world, developing the market step by step.

tasted labor pains and joy, experienced the peak and trough, Wang Jialun mentality more firmness, planning for the future will be more feasible.

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