An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 bubble laundry CEO trapping: the future lies not in the width of the laundry O2O but vertical depth of field

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it is known, is also a level of billions of market, and the size of each year can continue to grow the growth rate of 10%, along with the Internet application in all walks of life gradually thorough, laundry O2O is becoming the present a tuyere; In addition, the laundry in the domestic consumption driven by rigidity, emerge for prosperity e bag wash washing and teddy start-ups and successively won tens of millions of dollars of investment, such as you can see multiple dimensions, laundry O2O, investment market is becoming entrepreneurs one area of concern.

in chengdu area, however, also in the market perspective of laundry O2O “bubble washing”, in the beginning of entrepreneurship has attracted many people’s attention. In a bubble laundry in less than a year, became known throughout the southwest region, than 1 order in water, the accumulated hundreds of thousands of fans, the beginning of the project was established in the well-known investor Mr. CAI millions of angel investment for. So, in the eyes of bubble laundry CEO trapping, laundry O2O what’s future? Bubbles and follow the principle of what kind of the development of laundry? Also what is the way out of the burning money war? Along with these problems, following the hunting cloud network to go to today’s interview.


O2O future lies not in width but the depth in the field of vertical

trapping first throw a laundry O2O future lies not in the depth of the vertical width but field. Back to, the essence of O2O model is online for offline training, product is a part of, of course, but more focus on the user experience should be offline. From this level, simple to pursue the speed and blind expansion, instead of the user experience and the improvement of quality of life is an act of putting the cart before the horse. Because also the localization of attributes is extremely strong, when involved in regional users trust and habits, and extend brand localization and high-end users and low-end users group differences and so on various restrictions, lead to laundry O2O geographic expansion will bring greater limitations. Here, trapping and convective cloud network smiled said, “of course this is not a rejection of laundry O2O market extensibility, and the more important is to say O2O highlight vertical depth, real user experience from the entrance, slowly but surely the deepening field of a brand.”

in fact, the Chinese laundry market a lot of problems, such as bad user experience, and laundry are of variable quality, energy conservation, environmental protection, store rent and labor costs lead to price is on the high side but weak profitability, etc. Many people saw the market, a lot of venture capital into the market, many of them could really just stood on the tuyere of the pig, heat up in the market, they enter, perhaps did not think about how to position, how to develop, even some people itself is with go get a vote, but the wind when we do, in tuyere gradually after the transfer, what pig again with no wings to fly? Trapping and convective cloud network said, bubble laundry and don’t want to make a stand on the tuyere pig, we hope to build its own wings, even if there is no wind, also can fly.

then bubble laundry how to build their own wings do vertical depth?

apart from the independent dry cleaners micro or small laundry chain micro letter letter editions of the pseudo O2O, online laundry can be roughly divided into three modules, one is the online order platform, two is washing service providers, third, logistics distribution. The first point without any controversy, as long as it is to do laundry this online is indispensable. In the washing so bubble laundry focus on supplier and build their first wings logistics providers.

the transformation from the traditional laundry industry online how much laundry has an embarrassment, the existence of its traditional stores and online services cost of irreconcilable contradictions; Part only do platform, let the offline joined online platform model of all kinds of dry cleaners, looks very good, but is unable to solve the traditional laundry industry cannot be standardized service, laundry quality problem.

bubble laundry in the washing solution is to suppliers, set up efficient scientific management background, formulate unified norms and standards, based on this standard to build its own central washing factories, at the same time invited accord with standard of bubbles, word of mouth, large chain of dry cleaners to become their own brand washing suppliers, follow-up will also provide specialized service in high-end users in star laundries. Bubble laundry has been advocated to extreme user experience, so bubble laundry is very emphasis on elaborating management, two simple examples, for the central washing factory and supplier adopt what kind of detergent, allocate the details what kind of detergent concentration bubbles made clear stipulation, in addition to the vulnerability on the clothing accessories, bubble would specifically remove laundry in the washing process, again after washing is completed. Bubble system in a laundry also arranged a special quality management and control, a day to travel between each big washing factory and supplier.

on the other hand, on the household service ability, bubble laundry also made some attempt. Through self-built logistics team, community free, self-service access garment intelligent wardrobe the three dimensions of service capacity has carried on the comprehensive building. Self-built logistics team both efficiency and cost, the community free agent with strong response capabilities, improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, while intelligent wardrobe let users have more flexible choice, for time is more important than all the users, without waiting for the logistics personnel from door garments to send clothes, mobile, hang the clothes into the community/company intelligent wardrobe, waiting for the notification of the service and then retrieve the clothing, simpler process, apparently, to make people more cheerful. Including the laundry service providers, laundry invited to join the bubbles bubbles laundry will be a comprehensive logistics support. Compared with other online laundry brand a single dimension of logistics distribution, and even some laundry brand online only outsourcing logistics, bubble laundry undoubtedly provides users with the choice of more and more flexible.

single wing cannot fly, another wings and laundry the bubbles in where?

look from traditional laundry industry users, in the high-end users is the absolute mainstream, but at present, almost all the laundry products online or intentionally or unintentionally overlooked this part of the user, the user habits phase, for low-end users understandable, but when the low price, a red envelope, subsidies flying, in the high-end user?

here trapping and tells a story for us, “at the end of last year, a bubble bedding washing laundry in a few high-grade village do activities, then we found a very interesting question, many customers for our final aroma and washing steps steps interested, asked a lot of related problems, don’t say online laundry, even if the traditional laundry, few such fine level of VIP service, then we just wonder if you actually were prick silk economic impact of the mobile Internet era. We need to user classification, according to different users with different services. As previously mentioned star laundries.” Bubble laundry does not give up the low-end users, for bubble laundry, low-end users is to change people’s consistent view, such as do laundry to wash the outside is a rich man.

however, bubble laundry from the very beginning, there was a series of high-end users against layout, even bubble laundry never ignore the growth of low-end users itself, many online laundry products to develop low-end users are gradually grow up, they will find more fit their fine, the concept of environmental protection, convenient alternatives. Bubble laundry’s goal is to provide one-stop household cleaning service platform, the scope of services include clothing, household goods, follow a footwear, follow-up will be gradually developed luxury of more sophisticated services such as washing and maintenance.

in addition, trapping to hunt cloud network, according to “bubble laundry in and the insurance company to negotiate, recently has reached a preliminary and subsequent in bubble laundry washing, there will be insurance company accept insurance! This, I believe we are the first to eat crab!” That said, a clear product positioning, clear development and refinement of the services, shall constitute another bubble laundry wings!


the O2O fundamental way out is not in a costly war

however, hot money is very big part of the Internet is now the burning money war, each dozen of bee, of course, also is not exceptional also, do only a “cheap” cover easily mass all requirements for the laundry? In trapping and point of view, the price war is effective, because the vast majority of Internet users are price sensitive, but this “loss-leader” burning money behavior is not virtuous behavior of the market, is not a long-term solution. Laundry O2O want to win, the most important is to establish a healthy market ecology, make the ecological environment from subsidies can also become the inevitable choice. This is about to return to the nature of the O2O demand, cultivate the consumption habit of the user, in product and service experience. When hunting cloud network asked and peer competition, trapping and said with confidence, bubble laundry is ready.

laundry O2O entrepreneurial boom and the influx of capital such as multiple dimension analysis, it’s indisputable laundry market is promising. With the deepening of market competition mechanism, the inevitable mergers and acquisitions and even death for entrepreneurs, of course in this field will startups that occurred in the 123 rankings, is that as for rongchang e bag wash, teddy washing, or bubble laundry, let’s wait and see!