An entrepreneur has a reference value of comprehension: an ideal team

note: hunting cloud startups in the early days of the most difficult is how to build team, keep fighting spirit, how to more effectively implement and continue, the end of last year into the field of social entrepreneurs to share their do thinks, reference for other start-ups, authorized:

author introduction: graduated from tsinghua university in 2003, 23, CCP games China division, 10 years working experience in international game company in China, administrative management, business development, product operation and team building and so on various aspects; In October 2014, a team entrepreneurship, the direction for the social product, is still in polishing, recent consider another round of financing. If you have the development of Internet products and operating experience, welcome to make friends (WeChat horacex, please make self-introduction, curious without, chatting without, A list of actions enthusiasts do not add)

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(inspiration in this article will be sent yesterday of a half-joking self-deprecating weibo , since set up IFTTT is synchronized to my Twitter , and forward a lot of joy, estimation is triggered some interesting resonance)

I recruitment has been forced into this now: start your resume to candidates and team members, see you. Are you interested in doing things together with a group of such standards, and then I get the opportunity to interview you. This method, screening values and style is high enough to attract people, works. The other methods such as sun sun hardware office, still stay in 2005, is only suitable for elementary children.

this is, indeed, in recent weeks, then spent several hours to write out for individual team should have the characteristics of thinking in the heart, very one-sided personal, just as a kind of preference. Since said it is “ideal”, means that this is an imaginary standard, does not mean that our team has reached to the reality. Friends don’t return to see only for entertainment.

1, entrepreneurship

before talking about this topic, to enumerate the following behavior, we call it A list A:

every day for the first time to read a dime a dozen in the media reports of entrepreneurs to personally and how “XXX”, “XXX is the secret of how to yyy”;

is keen on participating in various road shows, games, parties, media events, and famous angels, and get some sort of aura and “accomplishment”;

without restraint, without strategy, indiscriminate meet investors, learning all kinds of exotic curiosity-a solution looking capture hot emerge in endlessly, guess their ideas, racking their brains to conquer their seemingly professional questions, and the answer itself as the correct answer;

recruiting party or candidate as a team, too much publicity/concern office decoration, hardware configuration, types of snacks, type of tourist destination, gift and the opposite sex ratio;

about pay, equity financing, valuation, such as “key words” more than the value of the thing itself thinking and interested in one of the challenges.

the some technology, language, development way, product methodology (such as lean startup, MVP, from x to y) as a sacred and in violation of the obligation, to burn incense clean body after bath change clothes fall back such as flow, and ignore the other options and the complex reality behind;

in social media and friends spewing (yes, I use the word is in scope) of various must-read entrepreneurship sayings, secret, shortcut, awake at night with excitement, as if enveloped in a revelation.

to enumerate some behavior, we call list B:

after think carefully weigh, quit stable high-paying job, quietly and remember colleagues to keep good relationship with former boss (necessary delay to inform relatives), but the key efforts to convince a spouse or partner to support the decision, and make long-term preparation on the economy;

deep thinking and its challenges, from macroscopic to microscopic study, consider how to strategically, begin to see the difficulty and complexity;

after see the difficulty in its long-term value, requirements on equity than on pay, and even offered to reduce wages;

between greed and fear, hold to a delicate balance;

to all with “if… Just…… Reports of sentence of “lose interest, it is see amateurs can’t see the loophole, the other is busy really tricky problem, too busy to review;

to start planning schedule strictly, not only thinking about execution order, also weigh its value. No longer content to the surface of the busy, and pay more attention to effectiveness, strategically lazy, especially when alone;

as a team member, start thinking about the efficiency of money, including hardware in their work and not to be too luxury travel budget concern;

on public holiday began to feel embarrassed, the composition of social welfare in pay more sceptical.

in fact, the two list can continue to long, as to what you watch or A column of team performance behavior more or the B column behavior, as well as their respective meanings, I left for you to use their judgment.

my ideal team behavior, B list should be the majority, especially in the early days.

it is important to supplement that list A behavior is not worthless, in many cases even necessary and correct. But the value of high and low, depending on how much you performed B list and think about the nuances of AB two lists. In fact, they are all tools, see you how to do, when to use.

2. Mental maturity

once had the opportunity to contact a few developer of a certain age “popular”, also looked at several very active reds, appreciate the clever mind and “ability” or “marketing skills”, often was quickly exposed the basic character and shocked by the comprehensive quality. Some facts out of respect for the parties in this should not be disclosed, but believes that some contact with friends should understand.

in true to show the human nature, in addition to business, perhaps only in the amplification effect of lottery tickets, can be comparable, of course, in the present environment, which is sometimes hard to define, 🙂

here are a few indispensable quality, I think it’s very important for me to “grow” standard.

integrity: be honest with yourself, can see the truth, and then can find the problem, and find a solution. This is everyday with the team the basic quality which effective cooperation. Defective in this respect, the type A behavior is often enthusiasts, colloquial English is: “as long as… Just…… “. There are two possible: they know they are lying but continue to choose to lie, because their successful investors chose to lie with them; They don’t know what they’re lying – the case is not much better than the first one.

friendly: contrary to popular understand, this is actually a “technique”, rather than a “attitude”. In a long-term education only people “look up” or “down”, to “head-up” others in proper way, is the need for a period of time in the right environment to cultivate the ability. The first thing to realize that in most cases we are not in a “zero-sum game” option has no we since the childhood education (or threatening) so scarce. Second, a lot of problems, not black and white, but there is a huge amount of possibilities, which means that you’re dealing with people in addition to too high and too hostile to, has a broad space. In whether a person have the ability to “friendly”, I can almost with three minutes to the next.

independent responsibility: I’ve seen people thinking more than 30 years old still stays at the age of 18, have seen 20 mental independence far above their peers. That have correlation with age, of course, in general, but it is not absolute. In this matter, and the meaning of independent first means for their sense of responsibility, no one will stare at you from behind you screen (if you are in such a team I’m worried about you). You should be mainly responsible for the all of your choice, you should be mainly responsible for the work efficiency, you should be mainly responsible for the planning of your time, you should be mainly responsible for the product, you should be mainly responsible for the salary and income, you should be mainly responsible for the career growth. If you think your investors, CEO, product manager should be responsible for you, you is still a child.

communication skills: sorry, I know that you are a talented programmer/designer, this does not mean that you have the right to refuse to collaborate with others, or should be refused to work with another group of talented designer/programmer. If you think that as an independent developer or freelancers can live quite moist, then you are not suitable for entrepreneurial teams. I know many people read this began to despise the word “communication”, think the real Daniel should not deign to interacting with people as oneself. Multidimensional nature of the ability, however, decided the cooperation is the high probability of optimal strategy – under the highly competitive market, individual soldiers can win, of course, for example, but more and more rare. Business itself, it is full of compromise and exchange business. In fact, I believe that good communication ability with genius can achievement the height and number of the total, much higher than the sum of the lonely genius unwilling to cooperate. Even simple from the Angle of the IQ challenge, you should also consider the high return on investment opportunities.

the last stressed: this is mostly a “technology” can be learned, rather than to simply “personality” or “gift” (so please stop to use “I is poor communication” the lame excuses). There are a large number of professional books provides a simple study skills, they than some of the world’s best programming language, it’s much more simple to learn,; -)

flexibility: this is probably the most rare but usually on entrepreneurial team’s key quality. Itself you decided to do it, it has some stubborn persistence as a driving force, you won’t be able to break through layers of refuse, many people don’t believe in and investors push things forward.

but remember to always took three steps back look at themselves, including the team, and prepared to overthrow their yesterday at any time. That sometimes very harm self-respect, but this kind of self-esteem in the “right” in front of no value.

performance on individual members, the flexibility is exposed more obvious: whether can efficiently when necessary to deny himself, in time to admit that you consider errors and omissions, and very quickly switch to the “how to correct mistakes or adjust the strategy”.

we often forget that entrepreneurial teams relatively mature big company’s biggest competitive advantage, it is this flexibility.

3. Effective and small

a five people guerrillas in the mountains, clear division of specific responsibilities, back-to-back sita sita cable stumbling in the dark in the forest in a certain direction. Carry food and ammunition is limited, only enough for a week, but the next replenishment points, don’t know is in a few tens of kilometers or a few hundred kilometers away. The darkness hides don’t know how many well-equipped enemies and unpredictable red beast.

this is may be most of the team’s initial state, but in reality, I see a lot of different situations.

don’t remember in the previous mentioned, most ordinary friends and relatives, including experienced investor, ask just understanding of entrepreneurial team the first sentence is: “how many people in your company?” .

instead of “your team effective?”

is not a “complementary experience in your team?”

it’s not “how much each of your team to support the user?”

why? Because the number is a is very lazy and easy superficial assessment index of a team value scale.

“300 people in our company” sounds more than 6 of “we” powerful.

“we have 1000 people”, it sounds almost 50 times better than “we just 20 people”!

as drucker says, the old economic era, the company’s size and productivity are often defined by the number of factory workers, and in the knowledge economy era, in the field of the Internet, and with this thought it was funny. 2011 sets for 6 team support 10 million users, this kind of case of scarcity belies its deep value, but it doesn’t mean that this advantage should be neglected.

from the perspective of rational thinking, if the same is 10 million users of two models, the value of the six men team, should be more than 60 people. Because:

team size is small, its high degree of automation and technology value;

a small team, members often contain a lot of versatile, individual quality is far higher than the big team, the quality doesn’t just mean efficiency, also means thinking across different areas of technology crossover (a have multiple domain knowledge and skills in the brain), people say “are better than one” two heads are better, but three zhuge liang, beat the probability of nine heads are much higher;

small teams with less cost to achieve the scale and big team the same user, explain the service efficiency of funds is higher (in most cases), less mistakes, unit capital higher ROI;

small team unit time consumption (burnrate) is far less than the big team, normally for a longer means that the same resources, higher margin of safety.

a small team, its internal communication cost is far lower than the big team, means that all meeting, personnel, administrative and other edge activity time consuming less, has a higher percentage of time that can be used for the core value creation;

a small team, has become a stronger team strategic space, and the big team to close and improve cost and risk;

of course, different product form (pure network products vs. products containing the offline part) team size between different natural existence, but in the same products, higher potential members of the unit output value is bigger, such considerations should be included in the overall size of the comparison.

it’s also worth pointing out is that there is a minimum effective team: the concept of team members’ skill set and work efficiency, should be able to support the development and operation of health product rate, and resist the potential risk. On this premise, the size of the team to stay lean, ensure that the highest efficiency.