Amateurs “decent” position to learn the piano: only sell $99 play the artifact

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learning to play the piano seems to be a very professional thing, Opho development Keys to provide you with a decent way of amateur learning to play the piano. Use Keys to learn the piano, simple operation, can also like a notebook into the bag, but it is so powerful that can be used to make music or professional performance.

those who seems to want to learn the piano now have a new option – Keys. Is a kind of intelligent keyboard Keys you can connect it and mobile phones to get new songs or connect it with your computer can make your own music.

Keys is made up of 24 key and the size of a like 13-inch laptop keyboard composed of aluminum plate. Connect the Keys and your iPhone, you can use an interactive interface like Guitar Hero and Rock Band Keys applied learning to play the piano.

color point on the screen from top down and hit the bottom of the screen keyboard, set below the keyboard LED lights will make the same color, so that you can quickly learn to play a new song in this way. When you become more confident, you can need not this simplified interface and interface directly with like music. It is like a mechanical version gTar, gTar is Opho in at 2012 as Incident Technologies. When you want to learn more songs, the application has a classic public domain, as well as relatively new library you can free download songs, those identifiable play the songs you can also download, each $1.

In addition to the

Opho through most of the components to simplify the keyboard instrument. If you want to play a different octave, proximity sensors can let you done by rock or move up and down the keyboard.

if you like more Keys, you can add a Keys. Opho for Keys set up his own wireless technology to allow them to add any number of instruments and control, as in other electronic music application a knob to adjust the various Settings.

the majority of people think Keys especially for video demo units need external power supply, but the CEO Opho Idan Beck said Keys about average height is due to the development team added a lot of batteries, these batteries to ensure that each unit power consumption of a few days.

the price of $99, Keys is not only a decent way to learn a new musical instrument, and it is also a most affordable MIDI device, you can easily put it and notebook in bag for music production or performance. When installed demo for us, Beck showed me a video of a DJ use Keys proximity sensor to adjust he is playing songs, through the play to add a note at the other end of the keyboard. Expect more attachment Opho as Keys for these users have developed a new module, for example, turntable and slide block.

Marketization of

to push it to satisfy different audiences is a difficult thing, just like you don’t want to those who can make full use of Keys professionals think it is a lack of motivation for beginners of equipment, at the same time you don’t want to give away a beginner because too much attention to its MIDI applications. Beck said they would try to find a balance by doing well-known artists use it to promote video to let the Keys looks impressive but it is approachable.

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