All teacher: run! The furniture service delivery

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

all the master does not name, in the product, “he” referring to the national thousands has the skills to master. The master is not a people, “it” is the development of shenzhen small billion network technology co., LTD. A professional furniture service: free national furniture service information, and to provide users with the delivery, installation, maintenance, maintenance and other one-stop service.

shenzhen Tian Xiaozheng has created the idea of the master furniture electricity produced in and do a gathering of friends talking. “He is all over the country furniture distribution installation maintenance after-sales problem puzzled, every month more than 50% of the order because no suitable master provides door-to-door distribution installed or not. Promise one year warranty is basic to implement.” Tian Xiaozheng convective cloud network said. Through investigation and research, they found the problems not only the electrical contractor in furniture enterprises, in the household (sanitary ware, lamp decoration, wallpaper, carpet, water purification machines, etc.) electricity enterprises also exists.

“furniture furniture industry nationwide after-sales problem to solve, need to build a via the Internet to achieve the unification of the industry, resource optimization, resource sharing platform, to meet the needs of all industry chain,” the last kilometer services to professional service personnel, this is the most efficient way to solve.” Tian Xiao said.

in December 2013, the master was formally established. Since the launch, it has provided more than seventeen thousand furniture masters credit service system. Tian Xiaozheng, Yi Leping two teams from the beginning, it has been 46 people, and given priority to development, operations and customer service. The CEO of master Tian Xiao is before starting a business, has been in shenzhen since nine communication technology co., LTD., served as a senior product manager, responsible for the company’s “words with” products. Yi Leping has worked at shenzhen gionee communication equipment co., LTD., and other enterprises, is now the master platform COO.

master platform with two kinds of service providers. Is an individual teacher: to conduct online transactions, they need the wan master’s real-name certification, and in the later pay sincere margin; Second, the enterprise qualification is the industry service providers. Two types of service providers for different requirements and types of users to provide targeted services. Registered users can publish tasks on the platform, thousands of teacher through data quickly and match the most suitable for (from distance, skills, service time, the consideration on the price) of several teacher, users according to score and other factors to select one of the complete guarantee deal on the platform.

about teacher’s future development, founder Tian Xiaozheng convective cloud network said, “master positioned to service, and provide services to people, to make the service more simple is our vision. , from the perspective of the furniture industry, our service will gradually to home, family, business, cars, education, health, such as wedding service type expansion, let users find master professional skills to provide services like to buy things on taobao, jingdong simple.” According to understand, the company was founded at the beginning of the angel financing has got 5 million yuan, is now in a new round of financing.