Alibaba support Taiwan youth entrepreneurship and development fund set up nearly 2 billion yuan

alibaba group announced today that plans to offer a non-profit fund to foster creative young Taiwanese entrepreneurs and potential. Is expected to total nt $10 billion (2 billion yuan) investment funds, will be used to support more entrepreneurs development in Taiwan.

fund’s core purpose is to help Taiwan young entrepreneurs in the electrical business ecosystem of alibaba group, the market and platforms was set up and develop their own business, so that they can to expand our products and services to the greater China market.

fund will appoint by professional investment management, investment in a start-up by Taiwan’s young entrepreneurs. In the profit of investment will be put into the fund, to ensure that the funds to maintain a sustainable operation. Relevant work application will be in accordance with the law, hoping to get the Taiwan authorities to allow, in the second half of this year to carry out the plan.

at the beginning of last month, alibaba has also announced the formation of a set aside 1 billion hk dollar fund “” Hong Kong youth entrepreneurs, support Hong Kong youth career, cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurs.

alibaba has said, the fund’s core purpose is to assist the Hong Kong young entrepreneurs in the alibaba group’s e-commerce market and platforms, and business products and services, sales from Hong Kong to the mainland market. In addition, the fund will also be selected from the university of Hong Kong each year 200 outstanding graduates, to alibaba group or other company internship.